“If ours, then a scout, if theirs, then a spy” – Military expert Litovkin spoke about foreign mercenaries on the side of the Russian Federation


February 13, 2023, 15:01 – BLiTZ – News The special military operation of the RF Armed Forces in Ukraine continues. Meter by meter are being liberated daily, and the territory of Ukraine is being denazified. The battles are heavy, bloody, but not only Ukrainians and Russians are involved in them. This is a confrontation between the West and Russia, therefore, in addition to weapons from the West, the Armed Forces of Ukraine also receive mercenaries. Surprisingly, there are many volunteers in the West today who are ready to fight for the Russian Federation.

Thus, the conflict is multinational, and representatives of different states are involved in it. How not to hire a spy, and what will you have to face when cooperating with representatives of other states?

Military expert Viktor Litovkin, in an interview with a correspondent of the BLiTZ, recalled that the Armed Forces of Ukraine always conduct reconnaissance, and this time the Americans shared intelligence with them. The specialist clarified that the concentration of troops in certain directions is also visible, preparations for the offensive are noticeable.

“Nothing surprising in the fact that they guess where and when the offensive will be”

“Therefore, it is not surprising that they guess where and when the offensive will take place. Sometimes they have a mole in joint command. He can tell them everything and pass it on, ”the expert explained.

Viktor Litovkin recalled that during any hostilities, this always happens. The enemy always knows where his opponent will act.

“Remember the Battle of Kursk: we were ahead of the Germans by several hours, because we knew that they were going to attack us”

“Remember the Battle of Kursk: we were ahead of the Germans by several hours, because we knew that they were going to attack us. This was the key to our success in this battle, ”the specialist pointed out.

The military expert is sure that the sabotage activities of the Ukrainians are especially developed today and they penetrate deep into the same Zaporozhye and try to intimidate us with terrorist acts, to achieve some success in this field.

Viktor Nikolaevich also spoke about the desire of the Western military to participate in the battles for the RF Armed Forces. It is no secret that today the Americans, Canadians, British and French are fighting on the side of Moscow.

“People want to fight, they want to make money”

“Among them are trained fighters, and hardly anyone can turn out to be a mole or a spy. It’s just that people want to fight, they want to earn money, these are hired soldiers from our side and from the other side, but we call them volunteers. If ours, then a scout, if theirs, a spy. It’s the same here: if they have it, then they are mercenaries, and if we have it, then it’s a volunteer, ”the specialist ironically says.

Military operations, according to Litovkin, have always been mercantile.

Remember Spain, where our people fought for the Spanish Communist Party, for the Popular Front of Spain. They were also called volunteers. And those who fought for Franco were fascists, ”he gave an example.

Earlier it was reported why American mercenaries in Ukraine are fighting on the wrong side.


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