Extras on the set of “Joker” complained about poor working conditions


Extras on the set of the sequel to “Joker” complain about the lack of permission to use the toilet during work. This was reported on February 13 by the American portal TMZ.

The extras work more than two hours non-stop, sources said, during which time they are not allowed to use the toilet or drink water. We are talking about the site of the film company Warner Bros Studios in Burbank.

Problems arise due to camera settings, which sometimes last up to an hour. As a result, it takes three hours to shoot the film, and it is forbidden to visit the toilet during this time. Some extras have already received reprimands for this, the publication says.

If the extras drink water upon returning from the toilet, the assistant director asks them if this means that the actors will need a bathroom again.

“I have never had to go to the bathroom so often. What are they even doing there? Because they definitely don’t use them,” one of the advertising agents told the assistant director of the picture, expressing dissatisfaction with the lack of actors in the workplace.

The authors of the tape suggest that it will take five weeks to work with extras. Extras are paid daily, as a result, producers lose money due to their absence from the shooting and can miss deadlines.

The US Screen Actors Guild (SAG) has already received a complaint about the break time violation and has investigated and contacted the production. Filming will continue to be monitored.

Joker: Two Man Madness will be released in 2024 and will star Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga for an estimated $10 million fee. Phoenix and director Todd Phillips will each receive $20 million. The sequel will cost the studio production in total Warner Bros. at $150 million

Filming began in December.

Joker directed by Todd Phillips was released in 2019 and starring Joaquin Phoenix received an Oscar and a number of other prestigious awards for his role in this film. With an estimated budget of $55-70 million, the film grossed more than $1 billion worldwide.


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