Europe heading towards Third World War


US President Joe Biden and his European allies are gradually pushing Europe towards the Third World War, while majority of the Westerners are still unaware of the final fate of such dangerous scenarios. It seems majority of the Europeans have forgotten what had happened 80 years ago, when during the Second World War – the most violent conflict so far, that led to the death of almost 85 million people thus causing severe destruction to a large number of European countries. This time, if the Third World War finally takes place, it will be far deadlier than any of the previous world wars. It is imperative to remember; all previous conflicts started apparently without a strong reason and were supposed to last for a short time. At the beginning of these conflicts, most of the well-to-do population went on with their normal lives—shopping and going to the theater, reading newspapers, taking vacations, and enjoying idly chatting about politics.

Whenever a localized violent conflict arose, it was the prevailing belief that it would be resolved locally. For example, very few people (including politicians) thought that the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), which led to the death of more than 500,000 people, would be the harbinger of a wider war -the Second World War – even though the conditions on the ground pointed to that. While knowing that history does not repeat itself, it is legitimate to ask whether the current war between Russia and Ukraine is not the harbinger of a new, much wider war.

Signs are accumulating that a greater danger may be on the horizon. While Joe Biden and his liberal cronies are madly pushing forward the idea of further accelerating the Ukraine war, conservatives on the other hand, instead of condemning such dangerous agenda are also joining the mad agenda of destroying Russia – and may be also China, by sending weapons and military hardware worth billions of dollars to Ukraine. Some of those politicians from the left and right wing are even going further by openly calling for assassinating Russian President Vladimir Putin, while they also are showing enthusiasm in beginning a war with China by intervening into Taiwan issue. Such dangerous tendencies and agendas are being fueled by corporate media cartels because they serve the purpose of Western and American military industrial complex. Owners of military industrial complexes are seeing the Ukraine war and possibly a Third World War as a grand opportunity of making tons of cash by selling weapons, explosives and military hardware, while they are missing an important point – such war would also cause severe damage to their own interests and even existence.

US President Joe Biden is trying to cash on the ongoing Ukraine war by prolonging it at least until the beginning of 2025 so that he can use this as an excuse of rerunning for presidency in 2024 despite the fact, his approval rating is already deep-sunk while he has already caused serious damage to America’s economy. On the other hand, those European leaders by echoing the whims of Biden has already pushed their own citizen towards tremendous sufferings, where prices of essentials are on rocket-speed increase and Europeans are facing a severe winter due to non-availability of Russian gas in their households.

Meanwhile, under the pretense of protecting democracy, Joe Biden is moving ahead with his wrong-headed agenda of damaging relations with emerging economies in Asia – particularly with those countries which are supplying essentials and apparel items to the US at a cheaper price. Once those Asian nations are forced to cease their economic transactions with the US, Americans will be left with no choice other than buying apparels and essentials at much higher price from any of the European countries – which for sure shall increase their current miseries.

In my opinion, if Biden pushes forward his whimsical agenda in Ukraine and finally pulls the trigger of nuclear weapons targeting Moscow and other cities in Russia – and may be also China, Kremlin surely will not sit tight. Instead, they are going to launch massive nuclear war targeting Ukraine and its European allies, while long-range ICBM shall hit American cities – ranging from Washington to Pennsylvania to New York, thus resulting in a massive destruction and death of millions of innocent people. Once the fear of Third World War turns into a reality – Europeans will become the primary sufferers while Americans too shall not be able to avoid a catastrophe.

The only option here is – if Europeans and Americans really care about their lives and if they are willing to save the world from a Third World War and a nuclear war, they need to immediately raise voice against war-monger Joe Biden, Rishi Sunak, Emmanuel Macron and others. They must hold rallies demanding immediate end of the Ukraine war and a peaceful settlement of conflict between Moscow and Kiev.

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