Day of the State Flag of Russia 2023: when, history and traditions of the holiday


Every year on August 22, Russia celebrates one of the most important holidays of its symbols – the Day of the State Flag. In 2023, the celebration will take place on Tuesday. Read about the history of the tricolor and the traditions of the holiday in the Izvestia article.

Day of the State Flag of Russia 2023: date, history of the holiday

The history of the white-blue-red canvas dates back to the end of the 17th century, when the banner was raised on the first Russian warship “Eagle” under Alexei Mikhailovich. However, scientists cannot agree on whether the three colors were arranged in the order we are used to.

Russia owes the official introduction of the white-blue-red banner to Peter I. In 1705, the emperor issued a decree ordering the use of the tricolor on merchant ships. With his own hand, the monarch drew a pattern and determined the order of the stripes.

So, until the beginning of the 19th century, the tricolor banner remained an attribute of navigators. On land, the tricolor migrated along with the geographical discoveries of the Russians. In 1805, for the first time, a case was recorded when the conquest of a new land was marked by the hoisting of two banners – the St. Andrew’s flag was intended to honor the exploits of the Russian fleet, and the white-blue-red canvas symbolized Russia’s belonging.

However, until the end of the century, the flag in the colors of the empire was used as the main state symbol – black-yellow-white. The tricolor known to us came to replace it only on the eve of the coronation of the coronation of Nicholas II in 1896.

At the same time, the interpretation of flowers was also given. Red meant sovereignty, blue was considered the color of the Mother of God, under whose cover Russia is located, and white symbolized the independence and freedom of the country. The unofficial version says that white stands for nobility and purity, blue for honesty and loyalty, and red for courage, courage and generosity inherent in the Russian people, and the blood shed for the Motherland.

However, very soon the power changed in the country, and for more than 70 years the red banner of the USSR with a yellow hammer and sickle became the state flag.

Finally, on August 22, 1991, the historical tricolor was restored as the national symbol of the Russian Federation. It was this event that gave rise to the establishment of the date of the holiday. The celebration itself was established by decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 1714 of August 20, 1994. The holiday, among other things, is designed to educate the current and future generations of Russian citizens with respect for state symbols. At the same time, the State Flag Day in Russia is not a day off.

Holiday August 22: traditions

The national tricolor is constantly raised above the buildings of official government bodies of Russia, diplomatic departments, public associations, as well as in places of deployment of military formations. But on August 22, the white-blue-red flag can be seen literally everywhere.

The celebration day begins with the raising of the banner to the Russian national anthem in the Victory Park on Poklonnaya Hill in Moscow and other cities. The banner is hung over the roofs of residential buildings, on balconies and along the walls of buildings. Celebrants take to the streets, in whose hands you can also see small copies of the flag.

A number of cultural, musical and sporting events honoring the state banner take place throughout the country. Russians take part in competitions, motor races and flash mobs. In some cities, white, red and blue balloons are released into the sky.

The President of Russia and high-ranking officials speak to fellow citizens. They congratulate the country on the holiday, remind of the importance and meaning of the state symbols of the Russian Federation. Also on this day, state awards are presented for achievements in various fields.


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