Berlusconi called the attacks of the Kyiv regime on the Donbass the reason for the special operation


It would be enough for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to stop attacks on the republics of Donbass so as not to force Russia to conduct a special operation. This was stated by the former Prime Minister of Italy, the leader of the party “Forward, Italy” Silvio Berlusconi on Sunday, February 12, after voting in the elections of regional governments in the region of Lombardy.

“I wouldn’t talk to Zelensky if I were prime minister, I wouldn’t go to him, because we see the ruin of his country and the extermination of soldiers and residents. It was enough to stop the attacks on the two autonomous republics of Donbass, and what is happening would never have happened, so I assess the actions of this gentleman very negatively, ”he says. iL Mattiono.

Earlier, on January 25, Berlusconi expressed regret that no solution had yet been found for a peaceful settlement of the conflict in Ukraine. He stated that as long as the conflict continues, the world is “paying an unbearable price” and suffering enormous economic damage.

Last November, former Japanese Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori said Zelensky had made many Ukrainians suffer. He also accused the incumbent Prime Minister Fumio Kishida of being one-sided.

Since February 24, Russia has been conducting a special operation to protect the Donbass, whose residents refused to recognize the results of the 2014 coup d’état in Ukraine. The decision to hold it was made against the background of the aggravation of the situation in the Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics due to shelling by Ukrainian troops.


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