Senator Pushkov reminded Burbock of Germany’s mistakes


Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov called “clumsy” the explanations of German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock “about the state of war with Russia” and recalled that Germany had made enough mistakes that cannot be corrected. The politician wrote about this on February 12 in his Telegram channel.

“After clumsy explanations, German Foreign Minister Burbock nevertheless admitted that her words about the state of war with Russia were a mistake,” he wrote.

According to the politician, the head of German diplomacy must realize that there are uncorrectable mistakes.

“There were many of them in the history of Germany,” he recalled.

A day earlier, in an interview with the German newspaper Tagesspiegel, Burbock admitted that her words that Europe was “waging war against Russia” were a mistake. She stressed that Russia allegedly attacked the European peace order.

Speaking about the “mistake” made, the head of the German Foreign Ministry added that “he who does not live is not mistaken.”

On January 24, Burbock said that the countries of Europe were “fighting against Russia.” However, two days later, the German Foreign Ministry pointed out that the support of Ukraine allegedly does not make Germany a party to the conflict.

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, indicated after that that the German Foreign Ministry should clarify its position on the status of the country in the conflict in Ukraine.

Pushkov, in response to the words of the head of the German Foreign Ministry about the war against Russia, said “what is on the mind of some, on her tongue.”

On January 28, the head of the Alternative for Germany party, Tino Krupalla, demanded Burbock’s resignation. According to him, his unprofessional behavior Burbock endangers the very existence of Germany.


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