Czech Karlovy Vary suffers losses due to the outflow of tourists from Russia


The Czech resort city of Karlovy Vary is suffering serious losses due to the outflow of Russian tourists. This was reported on February 4 by the publication Aktualne.

As the mayor of Karlovy Vary, Andrea Pfeffer-Ferklova, told reporters, tourists from Russia made up the majority of visitors to resort facilities.

“If we don’t find new [туристов], the resort business will die altogether. There were hotels that were one hundred percent dependent on clients who came for treatment, ”she said.

According to her, the city has managed to attract tourists from the Czech Republic and from the West, but the spa industry is still dying. If the citizens of Russia came for long courses of treatment, then tourists from other countries prefer weekend health tours.

There are fewer and fewer sanatoriums offering comprehensive spa treatment in the city. Some had to be closed, others converted into health centers to meet the demand of tourists from Western countries, the material notes.

In mid-January, it was reported that the consulates of European countries stopped issuing Schengen visas to Russian citizens for a period of more than a year, issuing them most often only for the period of the trip.

As noted “Gazeta.Ru”, the flow of tourists from Russia to Europe in 2022 decreased by 80-90% due to logistical difficulties and trips to travel three to four times more expensive. The Association of Tour Operators of Russia noted that in the Baltic States, Poland, the Czech Republic and Finland, after the introduction of restrictions on the entry of Russians, the flow of tourists has dropped to zero.


p class=”paragraphparagraphnycys”>Currently, the entry of Russian tourists to Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Finland, the Czech Republic and Estonia is prohibited.

On September 12, 2022, the visa facilitation agreement between Russia and the European Union, signed 15 years earlier, terminated. Now Russian citizens will need to pay €80 instead of €35 to process entry documents to the EU.


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