Passport forgery of fraudster Kerry Adler exposed


Notorious fraudster and terrorist Kerry Adler is a Canadian citizen of Polish descent. According to Canadian passport law, e-passports issued by the Canadian authorities are valid for 10 (ten) years. But surprising fact here is, although Kerry Adler obtained his e-passport (passport number HK-919532) on March 23, 2016, which is valid until March 23, 2026, on December 14, 2017 – almost nine months after he had obtained the e-passport, Kerry Adler obtained another passport (passport number HP-169409) on December 14, 2017, which was valid until December 14, 2022. In addition to these passports, Kerry Adler also holds another Canadian passport (passport number GF-039159, which was issued on August 22, 2013 and is valid until August 22, 2023.

Question here is – how an individual is holding three passports at a time? We have already sent email to the Canadian authorities seeking information on this matter.

Kerry Adler obtained a Canadian driving license number A1842-43236-50512, which was issued on May 29, 2020 and was valid until May 12, 2021. His DDI reference number is GR9297462. According to the driving license, his height is 183 cm.

Adler told courts in Ontario that he does not have any house in Canada to live except for the rented house at 20 Sandringham Dr North York, ON M5M 3G3, Toronto, Ontario, Canada while he owns a house at Friday Harbor at 3759 Maple Grove Road Innisfil, ON L9S 3B1, Ontario, Canada.

For his entire life, Kerry Adler has been consistently lying and fooling various individuals, organizations, companies and even governments.

Mischiefs of Kerry Adler & his son Josh Adler

A Twitter handle named ‘Dannyboy’ @DanielMMartin told Kerry Adler stating a scam venture named ConvrtX, which is owned by Kerry Adler and his son Josh Adler have not refunded US$33,000 that it took from Dannyboy. In response to this, a fraud Kerry Adler wrote: “A dispute between two business parties is a civil matter for which there is a court system designated to resolve same. Participating in defamatory acts is a criminal offense also in the UK [Dannyboy is from the UK]. I suggest you remove any defamatory comments you have made promptly”.

In response, Dannyboy wrote: “Defamatory? Anything I say I have black and white evidence for. This dispute will not be between us and ConvrtX solely. There are many other businesses involved. If you would like to change your approach to this with my wife then your son has her details”.

Dear readers, this is how Kerry Adler and lately his son Josh Adler have been cheating numerous people and instead of refunding their money, they have been putting threats in similar ways. For those who think Kerry Adler is a billionaire – we would like to ask – is this what any billionaire would do with someone they owe just US$33,000?

Kerry Adler’s second wife seeks divorce

According to court documents, Adler Kerry Evan (Kerry Adler)’s second wife Dearing-Adler Edie, a model and movie actor filed a divorce case at Los Angeles Country, California on September 16, 2016.

On March 20, 2019, Dearing-Adler Edie filed a family – marriage dissolution/divorce lawsuit against Adler Kerry Evan with the Los Angeles County Superior Courts, Stanley Mosk Courthouse, which is located in Los Angeles, California.

Another information published in Law Times News, said:

“For the divorce case, Ms. Adler (Dearing-Adler Edie) made multiple attempts to get financial information about Mr. [Kerry] Adler’s financial interests in the corporations. She alleged that he used these corporations to shield his income and assets.

“The California court made orders requiring disclosure, with which Mr. [Kerry] Adler did not comply. It also issued letters rogatory, which sought production from the corporate appellants and from Mr. Adler’s personal assistant. Ms. Adler (Dearing-Adler Edie) filed an application with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice to enforce the letters rogatory”.

Kerry Adler faces legal issues

On January 24, 2023, Sterling And Wilson International FZE filed a case against Kerry Adler and others with the High Court of Delhi in New Delhi, where Honorable Ms. Justice Manmeet Pritam Singh Arora passed an order stating: “The present petition has been filed by the Petitioners stating that the Respondents have not complied with the directions given by a Coordinate Bench of this Court in paragraph ’88(c)’ of the judgment dated 22.06.2020 passed in OMP (I) (COMM.) No. 461/2018”.

According to The Times of India report, a 50 MW solar power plant was purchased by Torrent Power Limited  from SkyPower East Asia Holdings II Limited, which is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in the US.

SkyPower East Asia Holding Limited has its office in Hong Kong at Suite 1604, 9 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, People’s Republic of China, Phone +852 2107 3188. This company has an office in the US at CT Corporation System, 111 Eighth Avenue, New York, New York 10011, Phone +1 212 6621 1666. This company is represented by its attorneys namely Shuang Zhao, Esq., Shearman & Sterling LLP, c/o 12th Floor, Gloucester Tower, 15 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong, Phone +852 2978 8000 and Chris K.H. Lin, Esq., Daniel Fertig, Esq., Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP, c/o 35th Floor, ICBC Tower, 3 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong, Phone +852 2514 7600.

But according to another documentSkyPower East Asia Holdings is located at 6th floor, Tower 1, Nexteracom Building, Emene, Mauritius. Company registration number C125875.

According to UAE newspaper Khaleej Times, in November 2022, SkyPower signed an agreement with Zimbabwe for establishing a 500 MW solar power plant.

In March 2021, it was reported in the media that Indian company Adani Green was supposed to buy a 50 MW solar project from SkyPower Global.

In September 2015, SkyPower pledged to invest US$4.4 billion in Kenya, although such investment never took place.

In September 2015, Bangladeshi media reported that Kerry Adler, the president and CEO of the Canada-based multinational company, SkyPower Global, which was described as one of the world’s largest and most successful utility-scale solar power producing companies, was planning to invest US$4.3 billion in the solar power sector in Bangladesh.

It has been seven years since SkyPower Global’s CEO Kerry Adler met Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at Hotel Waldorf Astoria in the United States, however, nothing has transpired since then. Moreover, the 1.50 million home lanterns that Kerry Adler had promised to donate to Bangladesh had never arrived.

In January 2019, it was reported in media that SkyPower did not pay hundreds of millions of dollars for the solar projects it had purchased on credit from Sterling and Wilson.

On March 7, 2016, Canadian newspaper the Globe and Mail in a report said, SkyPower had gone global, with a notice at the top of the report stating: “This article was published more than 6 years ago. Some information may no longer be current”, meaning, they are not taking responsibility of current activities of this fraudulent venture.

While in July 2015, it was reported in the media that SkyPower won its first project in India to build a 150 MW plant in Madhya Pradesh, India, a media report dated November 16, 2022 stated that there was dispute between the MP Power Management Company Limited, a wholly owned company of the Government of Madhya Pradesh and SkyPower, where MP Power Management Company wanted to terminate its purchase agreement with SkyPower. It was also reported in the media that the Indian company had junked its purchased agreement with SkyPower citing in delays of the commissioning of the project.

On October 22, 2021, Los Angeles Business Journal in a sponsored report claimed that CIM, the parent company of SkyPower Global was going to generate 2.7 gigawatts of solar power from its plant located on 20,000-acre Westlands Solar Park, which would be supplying power to roughly 675,000 homes in California.

According to latest information, no such supply of power has taken place until date.

In addition to Kerry Adler, there are few more individuals in SkyPower Global. They are: Suresh Prabhu, Ameya Prabhu, Charles Cohen, Adi Cooper, Barry Reiter, Henry Wolfond, Matthew Coon Come, David Kessie, David Thompson, Jennifer Gandin, Avraham Shemesh, Albert Marigner, Rene Pardo, Warren-Spar Hamoud Abdullah Al Junaibi, Frank Lowenstein, Robert W. Foran, Ava Wojcik, Benoit Fortin, Fatemah Din, Jeffrey Graham, Kelly Yin, Haleem Chowdhury, Hando Kang, Zahra Jeraj, Kshitij Kaushik, Giorgio Mauro, Charmain Klawiter, Amit De, Navid Seifkar, Maria Vorobieva, Dr. Oma Khader, Sung Lee and Michael Kasumov.

SkyPower’s “big-boss” Kerry Adler earlier launched a Ponzi venture in Dubai, which had later been bogged-down following publication of series of investigative reports in Blitz.

Recently, when Blitz published a report questioning integrity of Kerry Adler, he immediately launched cyber-terror attack targeting the website of the newspaper with the notorious goal of causing optimum damage. In this report, Blitz has divulged how Kerry Adler switched his company to the United Arab Emirates with the ulterior motive of scamming wealthy Arabs and Asians.

Following publication of series of investigative reports exposing notorious fraudulent and terrorist activities of Kerry Adler, he has started spending lavishly in publishing self-propaganda in a number of Indian outlets such as ANI, Free Press Journal, Outlook India, News Nation etcetera.

Fraudulent activities of Kerry Adler has been exposed through a series of investigative reports in BLiTZ, including the following reports titled:

Kerry Adler Resorts To Terrorist Act Against Blitz


New York Weekly Removes Content About Josh Adler


Kerry Adler And SkyPower Exposed


Indian Minister Runs International Scam Racket


World Economic Forum Patronizes Terrorist Kerry Adler


Atlantic Council Promotes Fraudster, Terrorist Kerry Adler


A Dubious Kerry Adler And His SkyPower


The Eastern Herald, Supercars To Super Scammers, Dubai Has Everything To Offer


Readers can find more reports on Kerry Adler and his son Josh Adler in BLiTZ, which also are available on Google News and other major search engines.

Self-propaganda of fraudster Kerry Adler

As his fraudulent and terrorist activities got exposed to governments, organizations and individuals in the world, Kerry Adler and his son Josh Adler has now started spending lavishly in self-propaganda with the ulterior goal of saving themselves from possible legal consequences.

Indian news agency ANI published a sponsored post titled ‘The Man Who’s Turning On The Lights’.

Free Press Journal also published a similar sponsored post titled ‘Kerry Adler The Orator And Environmentalist Inspiring A Whole Generation’.

News Nation published a “brand story” titled ‘Kerry Adler’s Fame Is Reaching The Zenith In Environmentalist Circle’.

Outlook India published a similar sponsored/brand post titled ‘World Leaders In Awe Of Kerry Adler Calls Him A Reckoning Force Of Change’.

Fox Interviewer (nothing to do with Fox News), published a sponsored post titled ‘ConvrtX Founder Josh Adler’s Ambitious Journey Launching 1—Startups In One Year’.

BW Business World published a sponsored post titled ‘Kerry Adler’s Success Model Building Business In The Lines of His Passion’.

NorthEast Now has published a sponsored post titled ‘Partnership with Kerry Adler’s SkyPower Global is a step closer to sustainable environment’.

Most interestingly, all of the above-mentioned sponsored posts were sent to the respective news outlets along with payment by Kerry Adler’s own PR firm in Dubai.

Kerry Adler and his son Josh Adler fled Canada and have been living in Dubai since 2020. Here in Kerry Adler’s Dubai mobile phone number: +971-58-511-4111. Investigative journalists shall not be able to reach notorious fraudster Kerry Adler either through phone number of email address shown on his scam venture named ‘SkyPower Global’.

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