Antony Blinken pushes Palestinian statehood agenda


While Israeli citizen have been falling victims of Palestinian terrorist attacks, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is pressing Israel to accept “two-state solution” and “equal measures of freedom” to Palestinians. Blinken, during his three-day visit to the Middle East landed in Israel on January 30 noon. After meeting Blinken, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a statement said: “Israel will remain a strong and prosperous democracy” and pledged that Israel would do everything in its power to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

“Your visit comes at an important time. It’s a time where many in the international community, I would say most of the international community, have seen the true face of Iran. They’ve seen the barbarism of this regime against its own people. They’ve seen how it exports aggression beyond its border and beyond the Middle East. And I think there’s a common consensus that this regime must not acquire nuclear weapons. We’ve had very good discussions on forging a common policy, on trying to work together to thwart the danger.

“I can repeat again something that you’ve heard me say many times, our policy and my policy is to do everything within Israel’s power to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them and that will remain so. But obviously the fact that we and the United States are working together is something that is important for this common goal as well.

“In addition to thwarting the danger, we also see an opportunity to seize opportunities. The opportunities of expanding the circle of peace. We intend to deepen the peace that we’ve already made in the Abraham Accords. We’ve discussed some of the initiatives that we are considering doing together but also perhaps to achieve dramatic breakthroughs that I think could be both historic and enormously significant in our common efforts to bring prosperity, security and peace to this part of the world and beyond”.

In response, Antony Blinken reaffirmed America’s commitment to the security of Israel and to preventing nuclear weapons from Iran (despite the fact that the Biden administration is continuing to appease Iran and unblocking hundreds of millions of dollars, thus helping Iranian Ayatollahs in building nuclear bomb and further expand its terrorist agenda in the Middle East and the world), as well as stressing Washington’s policy of maintaining the status quo in the holy sites in Jerusalem and leaving the door open for a the two-state solution.

He said: “Our goal is to bring about equality between the Israeli and Palestinian citizens, who will both enjoy the same freedoms. Anything that takes us away from a two-state solution is harmful to Israel’s long-term security”.

Please let us not forget, immediately after the recent terrorist attack on a synagogue in Israel and murder of innocent civilians, Palestinians marched on their streets, distributed sweets and celebrated the murder of Jews. And Antony Blinken is talking about “peace” with Palestinians and a “two state solution”. Wao! Let me remind my readers, Antony Blinken is not a Muslim. He comes from Jewish family background. And this is a classic example of how Jews have been backstabbing Jews and conspiring against the existence of the State of Israel for decades.

Let me remind my readers, on Friday, January 27, a 21-year-old Palestinian terrorist from east Jerusalem murdered seven innocent Israelis and injured three, outside a synagogue on Shabbat and on International Holocaust Remembrance Day in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Neve Yaakov.

On Saturday, January 28, a 13-year-old Palestinian terrorist, also from east Jerusalem, shot and critically wounded two Israelis at the City of David site in Jerusalem.

Also on the 28th, two Palestinian terrorists carried out a shooting attack at a restaurant at the Almog Junction.  Miraculously, there were no injuries.

On Sunday, January 29, a Palestinian terrorist infiltrated Kedumim and in an attempted terror attack, was shot dead.

Vile anti-Israel propaganda

These attacks were preceded by an Israeli military raid in the terrorist stronghold of Jenin on January 26, where the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) carried out an arrest raid to thwart an imminent mass casualty attack based on intelligence it possessed. In the course of the raid, the IDF were heavily fired upon by Palestinian terrorists and had explosives thrown at them. In the ensuing hostilities, 9 Palestinians were killed, including 7 terrorists.

Islamic Jihad claimed that two of its men died in a shootout with the IDF, while four of the slain gunmen were claimed by Hamas, and another, from the so-called armed wing of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah faction.

Subsequent to the raid, Gaza-based Palestinian terrorists fired 6 rockets at Israel and Israel retaliated with air strikes on terror targets throughout the Strip.

Expectedly, considerable media coverage was produced by Canadian news outlets from coast to coast and HonestReporting Canada monitored Canada’s news organizations, filed complaints and engaged with Canadian journalists to ensure fair, accurate and balanced coverage.

For example, on January 26, CBC The National broadcast a report by Margaret Evans (former Mideast Bureau Chief) about the Israeli raid in Jenin where Evans started off her report by drawing viewer sympathy to the deaths of 9 Palestinians by saying: “Palestinian streets crowded again with the living mourning the dead. The funeral of some of those killed in Israel’s latest raid on an urban refugee camp in Jenin, a flashpoint city in the Israeli-occupied west bank. At least 9 people were killed, including a 61-year-old woman who apparently looked out the window at the wrong time. Both Islamic Jihad and the militant group Hamas said they’d lost fighters”. It’s noteworthy that Margaret Evans did not state outright that 7 of the 9 dead Palestinians were terrorists.

Aliya Hasan (Aliyawa Jamal Hasan) along with notorious anti-Israel activist, Firas al Najim, who we recently had suspended from Twitter, and removed from TikTok, are co-managers of Canadian Defenders For Human Rights (CD4HR) which is a pro-Palestinian Canadian registered non-profit organization (NO.1067715-9).

On consecutive days, January 27 and 28, Aliya Hasan posted content to her Instagram page which has 14,200 followers that not only incited violence, but that praised a Palestinian terrorist who killed 7 innocent Israelis and injured many more.

On January 27, Aliya Hasan posted the following on Instagram:

The martyred hero [Khayri Alqam] of the #AlQuds operation. Allah yerhamo [May Allah have mercy upon his soul]

Aliya Hasan’s Instagram post included a photo of “the martyred hero” Khayri Alqam with the following caption:

“21 yr old Khayri Alqam has been martyred after carrying out the resistance operation that killed 8+ “israeli” colonizers today.

Not to be outdone, the following day on January 28, Aliya Hasan posted more atrocious content to her Instagram page:

A video clip attached to Aliya Hasan’s Instagram post features a wounded Israeli bleeding and lying on the ground after being shot by a 13-year-old Palestinian terrorist. The caption of the video clip reads: “When we promised that the blood of our martyrs would be avenged, we meant it”.

Not only did Aliya Hassan praise a Palestinian terrorist, calling him a “martyr” after shooting and killing 7 innocent Israelis, but she glorified a Palestinian teen-terrorist who wounded 2 Israelis in a shooting attack and said: “F*ck around & find out. Don’t say you weren’t warned!”.


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