Serious criminals, jihadists entering UK through English Channel


While UK is witnessing massive growth of radical Muslim population and London heading towards becoming ‘Londonistan’, “Monsters in our midst” is an accurate way to describe many of the illegal, mostly Muslim migrants “who sneaked into Britain on small boats” via the English Channel.

An investigative report in the UK tabloid the Sun, those who are entering Britain through English Channel contain serious criminals, including murderers, terrorists and rapists. It is also reported, drug dealers, gangsters, fraudsters and child sex offenders are also entering Britain through the same path. But it seems, British government is not much bothered about the situation, which shall one day become a massive security threat to the country. Instead of stopping the migrant influx, UK authorities are facilitating them. Most of these illegal aliens are living in taxpayer-funded homes and receiving cash hand-outs while working illegally.

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The Sun said, an Albanian who murdered his wife cannot be sent home on human rights grounds amid fears his victim’s family will hunt him down and kill him. The thug now runs a cash-in-hand car wash next to a Waitrose supermarket in Northamptonshire while claiming benefits and fighting for asylum through the courts with taxpayer-funded legal aid.

One serial pedophile from Iraq has targeted children in Surrey and an Islamic State fighter from Iran was recently arrested for carrying a weapon in West London.

Most of the offending arrivals cannot be deported because they claim they will be mistreated in their native country, with many fighting asylum claims through the courts at taxpayers’ expense. Many of them also claim to be suffering from mental or physical illnesses that can only be treated on the NHS — meaning that returning them home would breach their human rights.

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One high-level whistleblower, who asked not to be named, exposed what is going on while talking to The Sun.

He declared: “If people knew the truth about these people, it would provoke national outrage — and it should.

“Hundreds of serious criminals are living all over the country, with many continuing to commit crimes, work illegally and claim benefits. And once they get to this country it is almost impossible to get rid of them.

“This is mainly due to various legal barriers, including lengthy appeals, human rights issues and a large backlog of cases.

“Our security services are stretched so thin, they don’t have the resources to monitor everyone properly.

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“Senior Civil Service incompetence and political correctness also play a role.

“The only real way to solve this crisis is to stop them arriving in the first place”.

It may be mentioned here that, unvetted, illegal migration is very different from responsible immigration policy, despite the globalist gaslighting that tries to make citizens equate the two. The open-door insanity of the globalists will increasingly erode the cohesion of Western societies and tally up more innocent victims, not to mention the loss of freedom. How many people feel safe walking after dark in high crime areas? Crime and poverty are growing in the UK, due largely to bad migration policies. Ditto for the US and other irresponsible open-door societies.


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