Beautiful world where love blooms, future grows


Every human wants to have a harmonious family. But family concord never comes true of itself.

It is important in promoting family concord for a husband and wife to respect each other’s characters and truly believe and sincerely help each other.

Conjugal relations in our country are not the relationship between a superior and subordinate, but the one of comradely love with which to devotedly help each other.

A typical example is the couple of Kim In Bok and Ri Ok Sil who were respectively awarded the title of Labor Hero, the top honor for DPRK citizens, at the same time.

They are artistic motivational team members of an enterprise for winning great admiration by singing well.

Though they were engaged in intensive motivation campaigns from early morning to late at night and sometimes several days or several months away from home, they would always work in close cooperation sending a smile to each other.

There was no distinction between a housewife and a householder. They always left for their workplace and returned home together. Back home, they vied with each other to be the first to wear an apron and do kitchen work and finished domestic chores while helping and leading one another forward.

Ri Ok Sil still remembers the happenings in the past when her husband went to the kindergarten carrying their child on his back in place of her lest she should lag behind her workmates and helped her with vocal exercise until late at night shaking off his sleepiness.

Their colleagues are envious of Kim In Bok and his wife Ri Ok Sil, who have led a worthwhile and happy life as a harmonious couple and proud hero artistes as they have continued artistic motivational team activities for nearly 50 years.

The harmony of a family is represented by the love between a couple and the love for their children.

The most valuable being in a family is just the children.

All the parents on this land want their children, a main source of pleasure and smile to their families and their future, to be successful in life and grow up fairly as honourable pillars of the country.

That is why many parents always pay deep attention to the education of children and lead them with their practical example.

Among them, there are parents of Jang Yon Gyong, pupil of Pothonggang Primary School in Pothonggang District, Pyongyang.

Yon Gyong is loved by villagers and her school as a source of pride as she is polite and exemplary in study and life.

Her father, who has been working as the doctor of a hospital, regards it as an infallible routine to be acquainted with her study though he is busy with treatment, while her mother spares no effort for the education of her daughter while strengthening contact with her teacher in charge with the help of family liaison pocketbook.

Her father who has been acknowledged as a man of ability indispensable to the hospital and her mother who is an innovative woman of a factory exert much influence on Yon Gyong.

Parents devote affection to their children and attention to the growth of them as much as they love their families.

A family is a beautiful world where love blossoms and future flourishes, and such a family can be built with great efforts.

Ri Sun Bom, Pyongyang Times


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