People express outrage at BBC for promoting ISIS bride Shamima Begum


The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), which is known for its extreme bias towards anti-Semitic forces has once again exposed its nasty face of being a jihad appeaser. According to media reports, BBC has given ISIS bride Shamima Begum huge platform through a 10-part-podcast.

The 23-year-old, who packed mint chocolate for the trip to Syria to join the brutal death cult, says ‘I’m just so much more than ISIS’.

Critics accused the BBC of ‘wasting license fee payers’ money’ and said the families of ISIS victims would be ‘mortified’. Wasiq Wasiq, a fellow at the Henry Jackson Society, tweeted: “While the victims of grooming gangs are still trying to be heard and get justice, Shamima Begum manages to land 10-part podcast on the BBC”.

Meanwhile, people are expressing anger at outrageous behavior of BBC. Here are some of the comments:

Brad: BBC Total disgrace why people are paying there DD license fee is beyond comprehension do not renew your license defund Bias Broadcasting Corporation now.

Andy: Great to think our forced license payments are being used in some form to support terrorism.

Emily: Come on Rishi Sunak. Stop obligatory license. I don’t want to subscribe to this mob, who employ terrorists.

Nelly: Who’s surprised? The lefty BBC donated money from Children in Need to her lawyers. THAT is the reason why I would never donate money to an organization that does that.

Monica: Headline should read “BBC funds terrorism”.

John: Fred, the point is that the tax payers are the BBC’S customers. Their customers have approved keeping this woman out of the UK because of her previous actions and words against the safety of the tax payers. Now they are spending customers’ money trying to sell them a sob story. The lack of accountability by both the BBC and by Begum is the problem.

Mark: What do you expect from wokes?

Kristine: Sick of seeing that face. Political suicide if there’s even a chance of her coming back. She renounced Britain, loved ISIS. Play those tapes, remind everyone what she is.

Nicolas: Here we go again. Let’s all feel sorry for the traitor

Crain: The BBC have sold themselves to the devil.

Dalton: May as well defund the government and stop paying taxes then because the BBC is the state broadcaster.

Randy: I wish more people would realize you don’t need to pay a TV license, I’ve been license free for over 15yrs and have no contact with them or the clowns they send to my door. A simple “not interested” is all you need say if one ever turns up, they have no authority to investigate anything, it’s all scare tactics.

Richard: BBC hold your head in shame. License being cancelled today, I’ve had enough of your rubbish.

Sherry: She hates Britain, grew up in a radical family, and wants back here for a life on benefits – after all, who would employ her? Perfect narrative for the BBC. Relies on benefits from license payers, employs people whose moral judgement is highly questionable, hates Britain.

Linda: I gave up watching or listening to the BBC some time ago and am so glad that I no longer pay the license for this rubbish.

Anon: The BBC hasn’t had any credibility for at least a decade. No real journalists are employed there anymore just individuals willing to promote identity politics and suppressive ideologies.

Fredrick: Wrong move BBC, this should not be screened, she has had her day and had her citizenship revoked, so that is the end of it as far as I am concerned, no doubt that the WOKE BBC has other ideas.

David: And we are compelled to pay a license fee to support that BBC filth.

Phillip: It’s time the BBC is investigated. It’s full of left-wing propaganda and bias.


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