ISIS bride Shamima Begum enjoyed beheadings


ISIS bride Shamima Begum, daughter of a Bangladeshi immigrant in the United Kingdom, who fled Britain to join Islamic State (ISIS) at the age of 15 told reporters that she had no problem in watching mass-beheadings by ISIS jihadists. Most surprisingly, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is spending UK tax-payer’s money towards promoting this notorious woman clearly with the evil motive of giving her the opportunity of gaining sympathy of people. This is not the first time BBC is spending tax-payer’s cash in promoting terrorists and jihadists. It also has championed in promoting anti-Semitism.

According to media reports, BBC is producing 10 podcasts giving extensive coverage to ISIS bride Shamima Begum. An analyst said, “her current looks may beguile many into supporting her attempt to be allowed to return to the United Kingdom”. BBC has no shame in aiding and abetting this notorious woman while it ignores the fact that Shamima Begum had enthusiastically joined Islamic State that had committed extreme cruelties on innocent people, including Yazidis.

In 2015, when news of the Islamic State (ISIS) first reached Great Britain, Shamima Begum — then aged 15 – knew where she most wanted to be. Inspired by tales of Islamic State fighters decapitating “Infidels”, she immediately set out with two classmates from school to join the paradise on earth being created by her Muslim soul mates in the Islamic State. She later told a British journalist that she had no qualms or doubts about that practice of decapitating enemies; it was a matter, she said, “of Islam”. A week after she arrived in Islamic State territory, she married an ISIS jihadistr and had the first of three children she was to have by her ISIS husband. All three died in childbirth. More on the hapless, hopeless, morally moronic Shamima Begum, who is now trying to be allowed back into the UK can be found on social media and news sites.

According to a report by Thomas Brooke published in ReMix News on January 11, 2023, here: “British public broadcaster gives platform to banished jihadi bride Shamima Begum with 10-part podcast,” by Thomas Brooke, ReMix News, January 11, 2023: “The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has been accused of giving terrorists a platform following the release of a new 10-part podcast with former British national Shamima Begum”.

Shamima Begum’s citizenship was revoked by then-Home Secretary Sajid Javid, a decision that was upheld on appeal to Britain’s top court in February 2021. Her attorneys have argued that she was not a citizen of Bangladesh, so that stripping her of her British citizenship would leave her “stateless”. But the judges of Britain’s High Court did not agree; they insisted that held dual citizenship, and would not be made stateless by the action taken by the UK Home Office. They upheld the revocation.

The decision sparked outrage among the British left, who argued Shamima Begum, to quote Labour’s former shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott, was a “desperate groomed teenager” and there were “plenty of good reasons” to allow her to “return home”.

On February 13, 2019, The Times’ war correspondent Anthony Loyd found Begum at the al-Hawl refugee camp in Northern Syria. He reported that she wanted to return to the UK to raise her child, but did not regret her decision to join ISIS. She said she had been unfazed by seeing the head of a beheaded man as he was “an enemy of Islam”, but believes that the Islamic State did not deserve victory because of its corruption and oppression.

Read again – Shamima Begum did not regret joining the Islamic State; she still supported the decapitation of “enemies of Islam”. What bothered her were not the mass murders, some by beheading, of Yazidis, Christians, and Shi’a Muslims, nor the mass rapes of Yazidi women and girls. All of that was fine; she was “unfazed”. What did disturb her was the “corruption” and “oppression” of ISIS. The “corruption” meant that ISIS leaders helped themselves to whatever property they had seized from the Infidels they had killed or driven out. By “oppression”, Shamima Begum meant the mistreatment of their own women and girls by Islamic State fanatics; something she was not prepared to endure.

On February 18, five days after she was found by the journalist Anthony Lloyd in the al-Hawl refugee camp in northern Syria, she was interviewed by another British journalist, Quentin Somerville, where she told him, repeating previous remarks to Andrew Lloyd, that she was inspired to join ISIS by videos of fighters beheading hostages and also was attracted by the “good life” — Islamically upright — that it was possible to live in the Islamic State. Somerville noted that she continued to espouse the ISIS ideology and to try to justify its atrocities. When asked about the Manchester Arena bombing, she claimed it was wrong to kill innocent people, but that ISIS considered it justified as retaliation for the coalition bombing of Islamic State-held areas. When questioned about the rape, enslavement, and murder of Yazidi women, she tried to defend it with a grotesque tu-quoque: “Shia do the same in Iraq”.

When asked in an interview with Sky News in 2019 if she was aware of beheadings conducted by ISIS, Begum replied: “Yeah, I knew about those things, and I was okay with it… From what I heard, Islamically that is allowed. So I was okay with it”.

As for Shamima Begum’s husband, ISIS killer Yago Riedijk, he was interviewed in March 2019 at a Kurdish detention center in Syria by the BBC. Though completely unapologetic about his participation in mass murders, he said he wished to return to the Netherlands with his wife Shamima Begum.

While Britons are expressing anger at BBC’s enthusiastic coverage in favor of ISIS bride Shamima Begum, they may not yet fully realize how many of “Shamima Begums” are currently living in London and other parts of the United Kingdom, wherefrom they are promoting radical Islam and jihad. Immigrant community in the UK have even started dreaming of Islamizing the country and finally turning Britain into another Caliphate. Every sensible individual in the United Kingdom should immediately raise voice against BBC’s affection towards jihadists and Islamists. At the same time, they need to call upon the authorities to bring immigrant Muslims in the UK under stricter surveillance. This is essential for social peace and national security.


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