‘STORMING’ – Allegedly at Al Aqsa


The Arab Muslim Antisemitic Trope of “The Al Aqsa Is In Danger Syndrome”.


Who’s storming whom?

With the recent 13-minute visit to the Temple Mount by Israeli National Security Minister of Itamar Ben Gvir, the Arab Muslims and their countries’ leaders responded with their immediate usual hysterical verbal attack:

The Israelis are “STORMING” Al Aqsa.

I have named this elsewhere as an express paranoia dubbing it the ludicrous “The Al Aqsa Is In Danger Syndrome.” The verbal attack of storming surfaces whenever things don’t go their way at the Temple Mount/Al Haram Al Sharif. The Arab Muslims want complete control. Once again, their quick and easy accusation that Israelis are “storm troopers” really reveals their Islamic Arab antisemitism. This antisemitic trope is easy to deploy and very deceptive as the Arab Muslims continue their relentless lying attempt to delegitimate Israeli Jews as seen in an article at the Times of Israel.

The true victims of the Nazis have always been the Jews but in the paranoid reverse world of Arab Muslim mind, the Jews are accused of being Nazi storm troopers. This is the essence of paranoid thinking. It is quite tragic and very revealing of their inner world and how they experience external reality. They feel persecuted all the time even though no one is persecuting them.

The Arab Muslim victimhood card of projection is thrown out into the social media sphere with rapidity, ease, fierceness of the liar. The damage is done quickly. It is a perverse attempt to protect a very fragile dysfunctional group self. I have written extensively about this in all my five books.

Avi Kaner, a maven at tweeting, immediately point out that there is so much disinformation about the Temple Mount. He posted the above picture with his explanation. He noted that the magnificent Dome of the Rock IS NOT Al Aqsa Mosque but stressed that “the location under the Dome of the Rock is the single holiest site in Judaism where every Jewish person faces when he/she prays [emphasis mine].” Al Aqsa obviously is not in danger by the Jews because it has never emotionally nor religiously resonated with the Jewish tie to the Temple Mount. It is what lies underneath the Dome of the Rock – the “single holiest site in Judaism” that does.

If the Arab Muslims are really serious and honest about the Abraham Accords, one of the first things they should do is drop the use of the word “storming” in their description of Israeli behavior.

Not everyone in the world will be duped by their use of this antisemitic trope. In fact, “storming/swarming” behavior goes hand in hand with such paranoid psychological projections precisely what is encountered in Arab Muslim clan and tribal behavior – the violent abusive bullying nature of the group. It is a fused dysfunctional group that doesn’t speak to nor represent an intelligent modernizing attitude which the Arab Muslims who have signed on to normalization of relations with Israel allegedly want. Here I also include the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. For as long as they verbally behave in such a manner, their good citizens will remain mired in the deep mud of backwardness as made manifest by other counter-productive violent cultural behaviors such as honor killing, beheadings, the persecution of homosexuals, and the list goes on. A step forward would be to drop the term “storming” when referring to Jews at the Temple Mount. It’s the very least they can do to prove that they are honest in their desire for normalization of relations. Indeed, the use of the word “Storming” is antisemitic incitement.


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