Joe Biden regularly meets Satan


While in the White House, Joe Biden regularly meets Satan. Yes, it is not joke. Please continue reading this article to know the fact.

In 2019, when Joe Biden was busy in his election campaign, American Life League President Judie Brown said Biden was Satan’s secret weapon.

“Enter, Satan!” wrote Brown. “Biden’s Catholicism is a sham. His position on abortion is a lie and always has been. While he and the other politicians mentioned by DeSanctis claimed to be Catholic, all of them defied Catholic teaching by never admitting the core truth about abortion – that every abortion kills an individual member of the human family.

“Along with his fellow betrayers of Christ, Biden has heard corrective words here and there over the years from Catholic bishops, but of late there has been silence. Isn’t that exactly how the devil works? Biden has center stage and his alleged reversal on abortion has created the biggest stir. With attention from every media outlet from Fox to CNN, the explanations given by his campaign are the same, and they always involve two things: his Catholic identity and his convictions”.

“This is how the devil works—sowing confusion and falsehood that is propagated far and wide by his foot-soldiers,” Brown explained. “Saint John Paul II reminded us of this when he wrote in the Gospel of Life about the wiles of the devil: ‘Through his envy death entered the world (cf. Wis 2:24).

He who is ‘a murderer from the beginning’, is also ‘a liar and the father of lies’ (Jn 8:44). By deceiving man he leads him to projects of sin and death, making them appear as goals and fruits of life‘”.

She explained Biden is pursuing a worldly goal, and is setting aside the differences between good and evil.

“In the process of doing this, he is sending a clear message that his Catholicism means nothing and is but a mere word in his biographical data”, she said.

“As we ponder the media’s infatuation with all things false and deceptive, including Biden’s deceit, we remember these words of St. John Paul II as well: ‘The moral conscience, both individual and social, is today subjected, also as a result of the penetrating influence of the media, to an extremely serious and mortal danger: that of confusion between good and evil, precisely in relation to the fundamental right to life. . . . When conscience, this bright lamp of the soul (cf. Mt 6:22-23), calls ‘evil good and good evil’ (Is 5:20), it is already on the path to the most alarming corruption and the darkest moral blindness’”, she said.

Biden speaks to Satan

The Washington Free Beacon published a video of Joe Biden, where it is seen that on April 14, 2022 he shook hands with Satan, although Free Beacon said Biden shook hands with a ghost. More than 16.50 million people have viewed this video so far.

Commenting on the video, The Washington Free Beacon wrote:

… the ghost truthers persisted in their delusion. They debased themselves to defend the mental dexterity of a doddering geezer. They afflicted the comfortable by doing rapid response for the most powerful man in the world. Biden was simply “gesturing” to the audience, they insisted. The video lacked “context”. What a bunch of freaks. They think they’re saving democracy one fact-check at a time, fighting on the front lines of an intellectual war for America’s future, living meaningful lives. They know exactly what they saw. They saw a ghost like everyone else. But they’ll deny it to their graves, where no one will ever visit them.

This one’s for you, ghost. The haters and the losers tried to erase you from existence, but we wouldn’t let them and we never will because we know the truth. You’re a Free Beacon Man of the Year.

There’s so much we’d like to ask you if we had the chance. Who are you? And what do you want? What’s your mission in the realm of the living? Can you fly and walk through walls? How do you perceive time? Is ghost sex real? Is it any good? Above all: Why did you visit the president on that fateful day? And was it just that one time, or are you the reason for all of his aimless wandering?

Was it you, Beau Biden? Did you come back to see if Hunter was still “consoling” your widow? (Probably). Maybe you wanted to check up on that DuPont heir pedophile you let off on probation? Was it you, Jeffrey Epstein, plotting your revenge on Hillary? Maybe it was Corn Pop making amends with an old rival? Or maybe the ghost of Ted Kennedy trying to track down a waitress sandwich on short notice?

People in the White House will flatly deny the fact that Joe Biden regularly meets Satan and he is under Satan’s influence. Because he is Satan’s secret weapon.

No, it is no Halloween story. This opinion editorial is based on evidences.


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