BNP assigns JASAS leaders with terrorist plots


High-command of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) has instructed several leaders of its cultural front ‘JASAS’ to help in implementing terrorist plots on December 10. A highly-placed source said, party’s acting chairman Tarique Rahman has personally conveyed this message to at least three of ‘JASAS’ leaders, including film actor Helal Khan, who also is a US citizen. It may be mentioned here that in 2006 Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) raided Khan’s office at Concord Tower at Bangla Motor area and recovered huge volume of illegal VOIP equipment. Since BNP-Jamaat coalition government formed government in 2001, Helal Khan has been running illegal VOIP business and making hundreds of millions of takas. He had set up illegal VOIP stations at his Bangla Motor office and at the Purana Paltan office of another company named ‘Central Music & Video’ (CMV) – a record label and YouTube content producer. Following this incident, RAB lodged case against Helal Khan and his accomplices while Khan succeeded in escaping arrest. Later the case was “killed” by Helal Khan with the active collaboration of the investigation officer.

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Recently Helal Khan has remerged into politics and has been attending BNP’s rallies throughout the country. He also has donated a significant amount while is also helping the part in collecting large sum of cash from expatriate Bangladeshis in the United States and United Kingdom. According to information, Helal Khan, with the help of another ‘JASAS’ leader Babul Ahmed is secretly making video contents against Awami League leaders, important individuals and officers of Bangladesh Armed Forces and Bangladesh Police by using production facilities of his record label company, while these contents are being passed to various individuals abroad who are continuing cyberterrorist acts through YouTube and Facebook.

The source further said, as per directives from Tarique Rahman, ‘JASAS’ leaders are using their own audio recording studios for stockpiling weapons, sharp objects, explosives and anti-government propaganda materials, while they also are secretly preparing anti-government and revolutionary songs, which will be played during BNP’s December 10 Dhaka rally. One of the leaders of ‘JASAS’ who hails from Rajshahi district is collecting weapons and explosives from Sarbahara Party and members of Jamaatul Mujahedin Bangladesh (JMB) militancy outfit. This ‘JASAS’ leaders is transporting weapons and explosives from Rajshahi to Dhaka with the help of several female members of the organization. Mostly, weapons and explosives are being hidden inside musical instruments such as harmonium, table, guitar etcetera.

It is also learnt, residences, offices and studios of ‘JASAS’ leaders are being also used for sheltering BNP activists and leaders as those are not under surveillance of the law enforcement agencies.

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Government officials hold secret meeting at BNP leader’s office

A large number of retired, sacked and serving government officials are regularly holding secret meetings at the office of a BNP leader-cum-singer who hails from Cumilla district. According to a credible source, almost every evening, government officials are visiting the office of this singer-turned politician during evening hours and holding secret meetings with a number of BNP leaders finalizing their joining at the December 10 Dhaka rally of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party.

Massive media offensives against Awami League government

For years a large number of cyberterrorists are running massive media offensives on social media platforms and YouTube, while such notorious actions remain mostly un-countered by the ruling party. Meanwhile, according to information, a London-based publication named ‘Shaptahik Surma’ has published a sponsored post on social media platform calling upon people to provide information on money-laundering and “disappearances”. This project is initiated by a cyberterrorist named Abdur Rab Bhuttaw, while he is funded by Interpol-wanted convicted terrorist Shahid Uddin Khan. It may be mentioned here that, Shahid Uddin Khan has smuggled-out millions of dollars from Bangladesh to Dubai, London and Cyprus, while he faces specific allegations of terror finance.


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