Pattaya prostitutes delighted over increase in volume of tourists


A Pattaya-area street made infamous in 2021 for hosting women in slinky outfits offering sexual services is back in the news as karaoke clubs are receiving increased number of tourists from different parts of the world. With the boom in tourism sector following prolonged COVID complications, sex workers from neighboring Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar are increasing, while there also are sex workers from Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Taiwan, Korea, the Philippines, Egypt, Iran, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, Iraq and other African nations, who already are joining escort services in Pattaya and other parts of the country, while a large number of these foreign sex workers who generally arrive and stay in Thailand on tourist visas are also running sex trade by establishing network through hotel, motel, bar and karaoke centers. They also engage taxi drivers and massage parlor owners as pimps for getting clients for them.

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Prostitution was legal in Thailand until the enactment of the Prevention and Suppression of Prostitution Act in 1960. That law was replaced in 1996 to expand punishment for those offering sex for sale and those involved in sex trafficking.

Critics maintain the 1996 law is too broad, making it difficult to interpret and enforce, leading to abuse by police, such as extracting bribes from bar owners, entrapping sex workers and penalizing people for simply agreeing to, but not engaging in, prostitution.

The first step toward resolving such issues is to decriminalize sex work in Thailand, advocates said. This would help remove the stigma associated with it and improve the lives of the poor men and women engaged in such work.

Pattaya sex ladies

The street behind an Esso gas station in Banglamung where Nakata Karaoke and other clubs are located made national news in April 2021 for having about 50 women a night loitering there, offering prostitution services.

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People in the know say that the rates for the services range from 1300 baht for a short-time including room to 3000-4000 baht for all-night. Throughout the night a continuous stream of customers comes by motorbike and cars. At some houses a sales person comes out to the cars to offer the various services available, but no alcoholic drinks.

In-hotel sex workers in Thailand

A large number of the foreign sex workers who arrive in Thailand generally operate from inside hotels. On arrival in Thailand, they board into a hotel and star looking for customers from the lobby, restaurant and hotel’s bars. For example, Bangkok’s Rajah Hotel, once a prospective customer waits in the lobby for more than half-an-hour, he will certainly find a lady either sitting in the next chair and indirectly glimpsing at him and giving signals either through smile or otherwise. If the customer responds, she will immediately get nearer to him and start bargaining rates. But situation is a bit different for example in Sukhumvit’s Nana Hotel, where foreign sex workers are almost openly pimping services.

One of the most important points here is, in comparing to sex workers in other countries in the world, in Thailand there is merely any incident where customers are robbed-off by the sex workers.

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In Thailand, another form of prostitution is through massage service inside hotel rooms. Ladies or men coming to hotel rooms for massage service would mostly be ready to offer sexual services once they are paid extra fees by the customer. Male or female customers looking for hiring young men or women for sexual service can easily find one by calling someone for massage service inside hotel rooms. There also are plenty of male prostitutes in Thailand, both Thai and foreign nationals, who are readily offering services to females of all ages. Generally, though such services mostly are sought by elderly female customers, in some cases, young female clients also look for hiring male prostitutes, while some of them even hire multiple male prostitutes for orgy experience.


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