Biden sends cash to prostitution activists


Biden administration, in addition to promoting abortion and transgender activism and wide range of other LGBT agenda points now has also started promoting an organization that promotes prostitution. It is being done under the pretense of helping a “better understanding” of “disinformation”.

A report that appeared in the Washington Examiner said Biden’s State Department “is handing taxpayer dollars” to Fundacion Sentiido, a Colombian organization that has called for the expansion of “sex worker” rights.

The US$16,000 was directed to the group that said it aims to fight “discrimination against LGBT people”.

The Biden administration explained the grant is for “tools, resources and opportunities to support journalists and activists in Colombia and in Latin America” to gain an understanding of the use of “disinformation” against the LGBT population.

The Examiner report said the State Department, in fact, claimed the money was “in support of American values”.

Previously, the State Department has warned of sex trafficking, prostitution and worse in Colombia.

The report said, “On November 3, just under a month after the State Department’s grant began its October disbursement, the organization hosted a webinar titled ‘Stand in my corner: trans-feminism and sex worker rights activism.’ The three webinar speakers were prostitutes”.

Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, warned such groups “certainly shouldn’t be using those dollars to promote prostitution, radical gender indoctrination for children, and all manner of depravity abroad”.


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