Democrats throw Liz Cheney into trash


Liz Cheney is a shrewd of highest order. Now she has been thrown-away by Democrats into trash. Here are some of the shocking information about Cheney.

In 2013, during her Senate bid, Cheney voiced her opposition to same-sex marriage. This caused a public falling-out with her gay sister Mary Cheney, who wrote in a Facebook post, “Either [y]ou think all families should be treated equally or you don’t. Liz’s position is to treat my family as second-class citizens”. Mary declared she would not support Liz’s 2014 Senate candidacy. The family spat becoming a focus of media attention was cited as one of the reasons Cheney ended her Senate campaign.

Bud Goodall has called Cheney a “conspiracy propagandist”.

In 2009, Cheney refused to denounce adherents of Barack Obama citizenship conspiracy theories (birtherism) on Larry King Live, saying that the birtherism movement exists because “people are uncomfortable with a president who is reluctant to defend the nation overseas”.

According to Mother Jones, the Obama citizenship conspiracy theory was an “odious lie that Liz Cheney also defended”. In 2009, Cheney gave the keynote address at a dinner hosted by the Center for Security Policy, an anti-Muslim think tank deemed a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. known for promoting falsehoods about Obama being a Muslim.

Liz Cheney has denounced the far-right conspiracy theory QAnon, saying “QAnon is a dangerous lunacy that should have no place in American politics”.

During the Obama administration, Cheney was a Fox News regular who, as was the fashion at the time, insisted that the president was secretly sympathetic to jihadists. She enthusiastically defended the use of torture, dismissed the constitutional right to due process as an inconvenience, and amplified the Obama-era campaign to portray American Muslims as a national-security threat.

Liz Cheney is married to Philip Perry, a partner at Latham & Watkins. They were married in Wyoming in 1993. They have five children. According to a credible source, Philip Perry is biological father of only three of Cheney’s children. Identity of two of her children are concealed. A DNA test of Liz Cheney’s children will certainly prove this claim.

Liz Cheney became a diehard opponent of Donald Trump at the advice of Qatar and Iran, wherefrom she has been receiving large sum of cash on a regular basis.

From January 2023, Liz Cheney will no more remain in the Congress, while now she is a member of the “lame duck” Congress. After losing primary election, she made frantic bids in getting shelter inside the Democratic Party, but none of the important leaders of the party were willing to let her in, as they consider her as a “nasty individual”.

Meanwhile, as Republicans have already gained majority in the Congress, there are clear hints of series of investigations against President Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden, other members of the Biden family and prominent figures in the Biden administration. Liz Cheney may also come under scrutiny for her secret connections with Qatar and Iran.

As the news about forthcoming investigations against Bidens and prominent figures of the Democratic Party are appearing in the news media, people have started commenting on these issues on social media and news platforms. Here are few of the comments:

Lois: I think we are all missing the point here. The current crop of politicians is spending more than 50% of their time and resources on getting re-elected rather than running the country. That is a huge issue that hurts everyone, regardless of what your politics are.

Adam: That is because politicians have the American people fooled. Politicians make it a game of wanting to investigate big businesses until they’re elected, then the big businesses they were going to investigate open the money spigots and all of sudden politicians and big business are back in bed together until the next time politicians need more money for their campaigns, and the process starts all over again. Corporations should be barred from making political contributions; they are not people and they have inherently more leverage with politicians than “we the people.” That is not supposed to be how it works.

Cynthia: I would say if the Bidens are innocent of any wrong doings they would welcome an investigation and offer anything needed to prove their innocent. But the fact they are going on full defense and coming up with three new “war rooms” in the past two weeks to combat the House Republican investigations, each backed by multimillion-dollar dark money budgets and some of the best-known operatives in the Democratic Party makes me believe they are guilty as sin and will do anything to cover up the decades of illegal activity this family has been involved in during Joe’s career in government.

Joel: If the media reports the true facts of the investigations without putting their thumbs on the scales one way or the other, the real truth will come out.

Jack: Look for charges rather quickly for impeachment, might not be where the attention is focused however, Joe Biden has violated several laws at the border that will have him impeached in the congress within 90 days of the Republicans taking over. The Senate will not impeach, but he will be finished.

Mike: Joe Biden said he knew nothing about any of Hunters business dealings. He stated it on live TV to all of his citizens. Are people implying that he lied to everyone?

David: I don’t see what the problem is. Hunter Biden’s dealings are undoubtedly questionable. Wouldn’t the Democrat party want to see just how deep they go, and whether a high-ranking American politician was doing illegal things? Or do they only care if/when it’s a Republican?

Frank Vogt: We know all of the news media and the net will do their part to help prevent any negative thing to happen to their “Outstanding President” as they have from day 1 protect him from any negative comments about him or his son. Fifty years in politics and has hundreds of millions in the bank. Wonder where all the money came from as the pay in no way you could have the wealth he has.

Michael: The investigations are definitely not meritless. It is the democrats who are issuing false narratives. The fact that they feel the need to protect Biden means that he and his family are guilty of the accusations, and they know the Republicans have all the proof they need.

Thomas: Have you seen the laptop?? When it’s completely made public to the point the biased media can’t ignore it any more, no politician will want to be hitched to the litany of felonies. For sure. Biden will not only be impeached but removed from office.

Lauren: You mean to defend Joe Biden about his son and how they both have been covering up shady business deals for years?

Mark: You mean the same “meritless” investigations into Pres. Trump? Russian Collusion, 2 failed impeachments. The sad part is they knew it would fail, but they did it to discredit him out of personal vendettas. They learned well from Obama and his use of the IRS.

Martin: This should be no surprise to anyone. The Dems are not going to let the truth come out without a fight. If this gets bad enough, Impeachment may be on the table. However, with Dem control of Senate, we know impeachment will go nowhere, except the truth will finally be out there.

Warren: Democrats and Republicans both only pretend to care about the Constitution, the truth and justice when it’s not their party at the helm. When it’s their own worthless party, they reject, deflect and object to all three of the aforementioned. As someone who places those three things above politics and party, I want to see all three upheld, no matter which corrupt party it concerns. Politics in this country were designed to have integrity and to enforce the laws in the books. Not to skirt around the laws and to use their power to destroy evidence and obstruct justice. Once politics get to that point, it’s time to hit the reset button. Especially when dark money is funding the concealment of said corruption. That’s how you know it’s really bad.

If all of us as a people could finally stop fighting, hating and blaming each other and stop playing their political games, then our unity could create real political change. But we, as a people, are too busy fighting their battles and allowing them to divide us and weakening our our rights and power. Democracy is not defined by how a nation votes or who they vote for, it’s defined by the amount of power the people have. And right now our politicians have far more power than we do. And every time we argue, hate and fight each other, we only strengthen them and weaken ourselves. That’s not democracy.

Gilbert: There are Biden bank statements that the bank flagged as concerning which Yellen has blocked from Rep. Senators. Also bring in the intelligence officials under oath that said Hunter’s laptop was Russian disinformation. Democrats can’t dispute this.

Brian: REMEMBER, House Republicans…As good, patriotic Americans we must…WE MUST treat Biden with the same kind of respect which the Democrats treated Trump.

Robert: Who can forget when the Democrats and the media went after Bush and Cheney. Their behavior was shameful. Just like any investigation of Clinton, the Republicans were vilified. I have never seen such a horrible part of politics on their part.

Irene: Investigations are not meritless. The laptop, all the emails are incriminating and require investigation. Dems champion “nobody is above the law” Thus far, for years beggy has deeh nyed knowing anything when pix exist of a group likely to be summoned; many, many emails, like a taped recording, implicate nefarious incidents with foreign adversaries, involved huge $$ and again, the methodology is described in detail with POTUS directly implicated. Of course Dems will firewall defense, does the public not want to know if their president is a crook like Nixon? They sure think Trump is. So why the bias? Anybody answer that? thought so. See ya’ll in court. Public, though, never shown on any other network but Fox, sees this for years; but its the same ole, liyon and deenighen by the Dems. Yeah the border is secure! No legislation will ever be passed; Dems won’t allow it. Their voting block just gained 2M illegals that will convert to voters next term. Bank on that. And half the country is OK with it.

Peter: Just so we are clear. Democrats are setting up teams to deter any investigations against the President? After they spent the entire Trump term investigating Trump over made up claims come to find out. Now the Democrats want to do all they can to stop investigations. But if there are no wrong doings what would they have to fear?

Ford: There should be an investigation into the “mainstream” media that seems to work under orders from Liberal Democrats to never report anything that would make their candidates and politicians look bad – even if the main one has cognitive problems that should have kept him from ever being seriously considered for the Presidency. Maybe the FCC should bring back the Fairness Doctrine that would require them to give equal time to both sides, and to give at least the appearance of being unbiased toward one side over the other. The last news person who at least appeared truly unbiased was the late great Tim Russert as host of Meet The Press. if he ever had a particular political leaning you could never tell it by the way he conducted himself on air. He hit both sides equally and didn’t seem to favor one over the other. If only half the so-called journalists working today shared his attitude, this country probably wouldn’t be as divided as it is today, since the media seems to feed the division.

James: “It’s clear the White House has been preparing for the anticipated barrage of investigations from House Republicans,” said Adrienne Elrod, who helped run Distort the Record, which defended Hillary Clinton from congressional probes before her disastrous 2016 presidential campaign.

Justine: Whether blue or red, many would agree that an investigation should be done on Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden for the same. There are several questionable business deals made in the US and in other countries, done by Joe Biden – some in partnership with his son – and you do realize Nancy Pelosi had zero million when she was first elected in 1987, now 45 million. that’s pretty good considering she has never made more than 175k a year.

Bob: It must be bad as the media is now trying to save face by acknowledging the laptop and the info on it linking Joe Biden to the businesses, he told all Americans on multiple occasions he had no knowledge or involvement in are real. And before all the “but Trump” replies, it’s fair to say that as an actual businessman, not a career politician, he may just be better at covering his tracks.

Robert: If Biden has done nothing wrong, he doesn’t need defending. An investigation would only show that he has done nothing wrong. The very fact that Democrats feel he needs “defending” shows they are afraid of the results of any real investigation.

Zach: Sounds like they’re nervous about what the investigations might find.

Mark: Hunter Biden’s ventures raised the eyebrows of a former CIA officer.

“His father was the vice president of the United States and in charge of relations with Ukraine. So why was Hunter not only on the board of a suspect Ukrainian gas firm, but also hooked them up with a company working on bioweapons research?”, Sam Faddis told The Mail.

“Why is Hunter Biden in the middle of all this? Why is the disgraced son of the vice president at the heart of this – the guy with no discernible skills and a cocaine habit?”

Now that the Republicans won the House, CBS News admits “The laptop is real”. 3 years later!


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