Britain needs to extradite cyberterrorist Zulkarnain Sami


Following recent statement of Ylva Julia Margareta Johansson (Ylva Johansson, European Union Commissioner for Home Affairs, it is not well-expected that the United Kingdom will immediately extradite Zulkarnain Saer Sami alias Chhintaikari (street snatcher) Sami, a notorious cyberterrorist and an individual with past crime records to Bangladesh. Sami currently is stating in Britain, where he has sought asylum giving false grounds. He was earlier deported from Hungary on allegations of his involvement in numerous criminal activities.

Recently during her Bangladesh visit, European Union Commissioner for Home Affairs Ylva Johansson has made it clear that illegal immigration to Europe will not be tolerated. At the closing press conference of her Bangladesh visit, she openly said that illegal or irregular immigrants will be sent back to their respective countries as soon as possible to encourage legal immigration.

Ylva Johansson also urged those who are thinking of re-entering Europe illegally to get rid of it. The Home Affairs Commissioner of the 27-nation European Union said those who have traveled or are planning to travel to Europe irregularly should bear in mind that they shall be sent back to their home countries. This is to send the message to everyone that it is not possible to go and stay in European countries illegally, she added.

EU Ambassador to Dhaka Charles Whiteley was present during the Commissioner’s interaction with a team of journalists. Johansson, Sweden’s former minister for employment and integration, also said, The EU’s co-operation on return has really strengthened in recent times with countries from which illegal or irregular migration to Europe comes, including Bangladesh. Immediate responses have also increased, as EU member states encourage legal immigration. They are ready to hire skilled workers permanently. However, the Commissioner also recognizes that irregular or illegal migration cannot be completely stopped without opening up better opportunities for legal or legal migration.

It should be noted that thousands of young people from Bangladesh risk their lives every year in reaching Europe in the hope of a better livelihood. A significant number of them reached their destination safely, but many lost their lives on the way. Some people are buried in the ocean. Some are lost forever in the deserts of the Middle East or the jungles of Africa. The number of people returning home with broken dreams is also not small. Bangladesh government as well as European countries are active to stop this illegal immigration which is life threatening. A multifaceted initiative is ongoing.

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom needs to strengthen its efforts in stopping the inflow of illegal migrants mostly through the English Channel. Additionally, Britain needs to make an end to granting asylum to Bangladesh nationals, who land in that country after committing serious crimes in Bangladesh.


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