Britain faces threats of reverse colonization


On November 1, 2022 Suella Braverman addressed MPs and said the asylum system was broken and that England’s south coast was facing an “invasion” by migrants. She also urged her fellow lawmakers to “stop pretending” that all 40,000 individuals who sought asylum in the UK this year are refugees in distress.

“Let me be clear, this is a global migration crisis”, she said. “We have seen an unprecedented number of attempts to illegally cross the channel in small boats. Some 40,000 people have crossed this year alone, more than double the number of arrivals by the same point last year”.

Commenting on this latest statement of Suella Braverman, hundreds of people are leaving comments on social media platforms and newspaper sites. Here are few of those comments:

John Grove: Who are these migrants, where are they coming from? Are they displaced people from the Ukraine/Russia ordeal? Are they people from less civilized countries? Islamic or Latin-based countries? Why does it seem like every civilized country has a problem with people from less civilized countries wanting to leave their countries and come to the civilized countries? For when they come in droves, they actually change the entire landscape of the countries they are coming to. Not to mention the resentment they get from communities that didn’t ask to be handed a huge community of foreigners. Hence Brexit, hence the Trump wall. And I am not a Republican, but I do see a serious problem that cannot be swept under the rug by pretending there is no problem.

Gerry: Several years ago, a paper written by CIA analysts mentioned that one of the biggest challenges facing the USA and other first world countries would be the growing disparity between the “haves” and “have nots”. That has turned out to be very prescient, to say the least. The crush of humanity leaving the destitute areas in an attempt to escape abject poverty has reached epic proportions and isn’t going to slow any time soon.

Amalendu: Braverman is right. UK is facing economic crisis. It is not the time for inviting unwanted guests causing collapse to economy.

Bill: Vet them, don’t just bring them in and start paying for their upkeep. If they are viable, educated and can provide a contribution to the UK economy and not be a burden to the system, fine. Otherwise don’t let the door hit you in the backside. Charities are not part of the process.

Heather: Some people call it reverse colonization.

Linda: Is it just me, but does anyone else laugh out loud at Parliament’s noisy grandstands? Those in the gallery sound like a herd of goose cackling and making noises. Grow up.

Joel: Really, only 40000 illegals and they are upset by this in the UK. Somebody please tell me why our current majority party, DEMOCRATS, are not fired up by the fact that about 2 million illegals have entered the US since they became the majority in 2020. I believe someone in the US government needs to be fired over this, now.

Bobby: So Braverman’s mother and father moved her to the UK so she could one day grow up and condemn other people from coming? Good on you. At least hypocrisy isn’t just an American custom.

Raquin: How ironic that the two most vocal politicians [British PM Rishi Sunak and Suella Braverman] are two whose parents immigrated to UK and I am sure they were not ‘invited’ to come. Hypocrites.

Moe: What a shame the daughter of immigrant parent’s talking against immigration?

Monica: To see a Minister of Indian decent complaining about migrants just baffles the mind.

Falcon: I think the Tories think if the cleaning maid is good at cleaning homes, she will do well as home secretary.

Rachel: Since Brexit, it seems like the French have lost all interest in stopping these migrants.

Alice: Just wait until the thousands of Ukrainians come! They can’t live through the winter in Ukraine with no electricity, heat, fuel, or drinking water!!

Dana: Where would she like them to go? The United States is full. No vacancies. Would she like to send the Ukrainians back to a war zone so they could die there rather than help the British economy? Muslims from every country have been “invading” England for decades, changing the landscape, demanding sharia law and now she notices?

Kilburn: UK should learn from our disastrous ineffective two-party system of mudslinging which distracts and delays problem solving. The politicians only job is to problem solve and enact measures of solutions yet are never called on their infantile back stabbing.

David: This concept of “my country, your country” will eventually die out. So, we can do it in an orderly fashion or we can continue to do it the chaotic way like it is now, resisting colored immigration but welcoming white ones.

Tom: So, let me get this. An Indian woman cried about illegal migration? Really? This is rich.

Samson: Yes, crocodile tears for years by a revolving door of political puppets and nothing done to deter them.

Jordan: Every single person who comes to UK from anywhere in the world deserves citizenship and welfare paid for by UK taxpayer.

Murphy: Why can’t we just send these dang people back or put them in jail on a chain gang!


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