BNP sends secret dossier to Antony Blinken


As an attempt of sabotaging the January 2023 general elections in Bangladesh, defaming ruling Awami League and demonizing law enforcement agencies, Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) has prepared a dossier, which was done under the supervision of by-chance editor of infamous and pro-Caliphate Amar Desh Mahmudur Rahman. According to credible source, BNP representative in the US, Mushfique Fazal Ansary, an individual living in Washington DC, who is the Former Assistant Press Secretary to Khaleda Zia; former diplomatic correspondent of vernacular newspaper The Daily Ittefaq; member of the United Nations Correspondents Association; White House Correspondent at Just News BD, an illegal  news website; and Executive Director at Right to Freedom has been assigned by BNP’s mini-boss Tarique Rahman, a convicted fugitive living in London to deliver the dossier to Antony Blinken, US Secretary of State.

It may be mentioned here that, Mushfique Fazal Ansary is the editor of “Just News BD” while this news website does not have any office or existence in Bangladesh. It is a matter of great surprise as to how he has managed to enroll himself as the White House Correspondent of this illegitimate website.

The website of another organization named ‘Right To Freedom’ that Mushfique Fazal Ansary claims to be its “Executive Director” is non-functional. It is learnt from credible source that Mushfique Fazal Ansary has been continuing anti-Bangladesh activities under direct patronization of William B Milam, a retired US diplomat and senior official, while Milam is on permanent payroll of Bangladesh Nationalist Party and Jamaat-e-Islami.

Anita Mathur, our Special Contributor in Washington DC, quoting an unnamed source in the US Capitol said, although William B Milam has made repeated attempts of handing over the dossier to the US Secretary of State, he did not get an appointment due to pre-occupations of Mr. Blinken.

Anita Mathur further said, the dossier contains names of 279 officers of Bangladesh Police, who are accused for “violation of human rights”. Bangladesh Nationalist Party and its ally Jamaat-e-Islami had previously made frantic attempts with the US Department of State and United Nations to impose sanctions several officers of Bangladesh Police. The BNP-Jamaat nexus has also been trying to get Bangladesh banned from participating in the UN Peace Keeping Force (UNPKF).

Meanwhile, Bangladesh Nationalist Party and Jamaat-e-Islami are trying to convince key policymakers in the US Capitol in forcing Bangladesh authorities to suspend anti-militancy offensives stating such actions are politically motivated.

Commenting on the scenario, a senior political analyst in Washington DC told Anita Mathur that following November 8, 2022 midterm elections in the US, it may not be possible for Antony Blinken or the Biden administration in taking any steps like sanctions as the ruling Democratic Party is already anticipated of losing control of the House and the Senate. “Major measures such as sanctions require approval from the Congress and Senate, and unless BNP and Jamaat succeeds in having adequate support from the members of Congress and Senate following the midterm elections, such attempts may not see any result”.


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