Investigating Dan Settgast, a scam grand master


Five investigative journalists are busy in finding as much as possible information on an individual named Daniel Settgast aka Dan Settgast, who not only is the scam grand master but possibly is the biggest scammer in today’s world – much bigger than infamous OneCoin Queen Ruja Ignatova. While Ruja is just a scammer, who has swindled over US$ 4 billion (according to some information, the amount actually is more than US$13 billion), Dan Settgast is not only a scam grand master, he also maintains a regiment of cyberterrorists, hackers, prostitutes, drug-dealers, contract killers, thugs and forgers in his racket. He also maintains connections with Russian oligarch, while has hands behind counterfeiting American dollars in Iran, Mexico and Colombia. Dan Settgast also is connected to transnational drug trafficking and money-laundering network.

Sherlock Holmes in Dubai

Muzaffar Ahmad Noori Bajwa, Founder Editor of The Eastern Herald, a news portal based in New Delhi, India that claims to be “India’s first international newspaper” landed in Dubai several months ago with the mission of exposing crypto-criminals. As a journalist, he claims to be working on his own, although it is whispered that Bajwa is connected to Indian intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

A fearless journalist in Lublin

Since the controversy centering attempt of establishing a venture titled ‘Green Zero Park’ drew attention of the media in Poland, extremely courageous and excellent investigative journalist Agnieszka Mazuś of the Dziennik Wschodni, Lublin’s largest Polish language newspaper already started smelling rat and began investigating a company named ‘Green Zero Foundation’, which had already convinced some key officials and politicians in Lublin despite the fact, people behind Green Zero Foundation are having criminal past and records as scammers and frauds.

BLiTZ newsroom in Dhaka

While Bajwa aka Sherlock Holmes was playing the role of a whistleblower bringing scam ventures in Dubai to attention of several media outlets in the world, investigative reporters and seasoned journalists in BLiTZ in Dhaka were already gathering information on several scammers namely Jorge Sebastiao, Dan Settgast, Kamil Grund, Ash Mufareh, Zuzana Uchnarova as well as few more individuals who are running illegal online casinos in the UAE under the garb of IT companies.

While back in March 2022, Dubai authorities categorically said, it had no plan to allow gaming in Dubai. Ilman Shazhaev, a Chechen man currently living in Dubai was openly publicizing his illegal online casino venture by buying sponsored posts with local newspapers such as Gulf News, Arabian Business, Khaleej Times etcetera.

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BLiTZ, a newspaper publishing since 2003 from Dhaka, Bangladesh has in the past drawn attention of the global media by publishing several investigative reports. Soon after our reporters saw a report in Eastern Herald, we knew, the editor of this Indian news portal, the Sherlock Holmes might be digging into the issue further deep. But he stopped publishing any further reports in his news portal only other than one report from BLiTZ. That was the point when we started understanding the Sherlock Holmes in Dubai was not on any journalistic work – instead he was using the cover of a journalist on a covert mission. Sherlock Holmes was in Dubai to unearth some serious crimes centering cryptocurrency and crypto-related activities possibly to save his own countrymen – Indians from falling prey of these scammers, looters and frauds.

As a result of our own investigation, several exclusive reports were published in BLiTZ, which had later caught attention of a number of news portals and newspapers throughout the world. But to our utter surprise, despite exposure of such notorious scam ventures continuing in the United Arab Emirates, law enforcement agencies and newspapers in the Emirate were either maintaining tight lip or they were feeling hesitant or shy in joining us in exposing these scammers.

Threats, attacks and criminal conspiracy

When BLiTZ began exposing scamming activities of Dan Settgast, he, instead of starting a fight with us did immediately declare a war against Eastern Herald and its editor – the Sherlock Holmes. Because Dan Settgast was particularly mad at this Indian news portal and Sherlock Holmes for bringing his scam venture into the attention of global media – especially BLiTZ. A crook Dan Settgast knew, any news centering his fraudulent activities appearing in BLiTZ would get spread like bonfire as this newspaper has syndication agreement with over 750 newspapers and news agencies throughout the world, including Lexis Nexis, Thompson Reuters etcetera through Hindustan Times Streaming Service (HDTS).

Eastern Herald editor Sherlock Holmes was bombarded with bombastic WhatsApp messages and emails from Dan Settgast, where this scam grand master was continuously spraying threat-bullets at Eastern Herald’s editor – the Sherlock Holmes. At a later stage, this crypto scam cartel served a Lawyer’s Letter on Bajwa, threatening of legal consequences, while the letter itself proved – the Indian lawyers was either unaware of the criminal activities of Dan Settgast or knowing it full well, he had just sent that letter in exchange of US$250 fees that he received. On receiving the Lawyer’s Letter Bajwa wrote him back telling – Bank Bene Merenti was a fraudulent claim and there was nothing called “Sovereign Order Bene Merenti” in the world, and Dan Settgast’s cryptocurrency or rainbowcurrency “YEM coin” was a total scam.

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At this stage, Dan Settgast moved his threat gun at BLiTZ and began publishing fake statements on his website named truthaboutyem[dot]com. He was continuing fairytale with the only purpose of saving his skin from legal attacks and public statements from those innocent people who had spent their hard-earned money in buying a fake cryptocurrency – “YEM coin”.

Here are some of the lies that Dan Settgast has spread on truthaboutyem website:

Danile Settgast aka Dan Settgast claimed, he has contacted Bangladesh government and law enforcement agencies requesting legal actions against editor of BLiTZ. But in reality, in Bangladesh, selling cryptocurrency is totally banned and any individual like Dan Settgast will face arrest immediately on arrival at any of our airports.

In fact, following publication of series on investigative reports in BLiTZ exposing criminal activities of Dan Settgast, Bank Bene Merenti, YEM Foundation, YEM coin, Jorge Sebastiao, EcoX, EcoShumi Foundation, Green Zero Foundation, OnPassive, OneCoin, Liberland etcetera, which had appeared in both print and online edition of this newspaper, Bangladeshi law enforcement and intelligence agencies are investigating these cases and keeping vigil to make sure, none of these fraudsters and cryptocurrency scammers enter Bangladesh. Several officials in Bangladeshi intelligence agencies have privately requested me to notify them if Dan Settgast ever enters Bangladesh.

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But Dan Settgast will never reveal or admit this truth to the buyers of his fake cryptocurrency – YEM coin. Let those hundreds and thousands of people, who already are cheated by Dan Settgast, Jorge Sebastiao and other frauds of YEM Foundation ask Dan Settgast or Jorge Sebastiao or both to just visit Bangladesh for a single day and appear on video-conference from any of Dhaka’s hotels to prove – they really are not suspected by Bangladeshi law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

The bombshell report in Dziennik Wschodni

On October 14, 2022, Lublin’s largest newspaper the Dziennik Wschodni has published a comprehensive investigative report titled ‘From Dubai to Kraśnik. Is the GreenZero Foundation a reliable investor or a financial pyramid?’ by its courageous journalist Agnieszka Mazuś.

Here are some of the excerpts from the report:

It’s been going on for about a year. The EcoX agency started organizing such events as soon as the pandemic ended, says Muzaffar Ahmad Noori Bajwa from the Eastern Herald when I ask for how long has, he been watching the increased activity of Jorge Sebastiao in Dubai.

On the one hand, fake cryptocurrencies and a non-existent bank. On the other hand: promises of billions of zlotys pumped into the hometown and commune of Jarosław Stawiarski. Why don’t the suspicious interests of the people behind the American GreenZero Foundation discourage the voivodeship marshal?

It’s September 1, 2022. EcoX event agency invites to the “Sustainability Event” at the Grand Millenium Hotel in Dubai’s business district. On the poster promoting the event, four photos and names: Dan Settgast (representing Bank Bene Merenti), Jorge Sebastiao (representing EcoX agency), Gabor Sel (Clima4Future) and Patrizia Marin (Marco Polo Experience). The first two will turn out to be crucial later in this story.

In the video of the event, which a few days later appears on the Facebook of the ClimaCoin project, you can see the crowd at the hotel’s Bella restaurant. At the banner with the logos of the organizers, Patrizia Marin in a green evening dress and with a microphone questions the head of Clima4Future.

What is ClimaCoin? Patricia asks.

It’s a currency that will save the planet. And it will do a lot of good for our and our children’s future. We have many ideas for a new crypto world. First of all: earning a lot of money and saving the world at the same time, says Gabor Sel.

Clima4Future is registered in Germany. The message on the website www.climacoin[dot]de is simple: ClimaCoin is a “green” cryptocurrency, “the only one in the world”, introduced to trading on January 15, 2022. It has the advantage over other cryptocurrencies that “you do not have to dig it, which is an energy-consuming process. “. It is also safe because “secured with CO2 certificates”. At www.climacoin[dot]de there is also a tool to quickly open your own cryptocurrency wallet (which does not work) and a shop. You can buy ClimaCoin for 10 euros, you can for 7.5 thousand euro. You can pay with PayPal or GooglePay.

There are plenty of such events in Dubai. Muzaffar Ahmad Noori Bajwa from the Eastern Herald is a frequent guest there.

“EcoX organizes such events every day – the journalist tells me. And they [EcoX] sends invitation to the next one: the next day, “EcoX Gitex & FBS Week Blockchain, Defi & Investment” will be held – Admission is free, food and drinks are also free. Registration on the YEM cryptocurrency website costs ux$10. On September 1, nearly a hundred people did it. Mostly from Africa. Africans most often fall for such things”.

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Agnieszka Mazuś further writes:

The Eastern Herald report is immediately reprinted by Weekly Blitz – a newspaper that has been publishing in Bangladesh since 2003. The editor of [the newspaper] Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury does not stop at one publication. He will write a dozen more texts devoted to fake cryptocurrencies, a non-existent bank and other suspicious interests of Jorge Sebastiao and Dana Settgasta.

The journalist has no doubts that all their businesses are in fact financial pyramids. And he compares their creators to such infamous scammers as Ruja Ignatova or Anna Sorokin. (About the latter, Netflix made the miniseries “Who is Anna?”). In his latest texts, Choudhury points to the ties between.

Both editors received requests from the vice president of the YEM foundation to remove the articles and publish the corrections. Both also complain about hacking attacks on their portals.

One of New Delhi’s leading law firms sent the Legal Notice to the Eastern Herald. On behalf of the Bene Merenti (Sovereign Order Bene Merenti) and the YEM Foundation, says Noori Bajwa – “They’re trying to scare us”.

The Eastern Herald does not delete its articles. Weekly Blitz doesn’t do that either.

Dan Settgast in Poland

In 2022, Dan Settgast visited Poland thrice. His signature was on the Letter of Intent, which was signed by the Voivodship Marshall Jarosław Stawiarski, the vice-Marshall Zbigniew Wojciechowski, the mayor of Kraśnik Wojciech Wilk, the head of the Kraśnik commune Mirosław Chapski and the vice-rector of the Lublin University of Technology Dr hab. Eng. Dariusz Czerwiński.

The Letter of Intent is the first step to an investment, advertised as “the world’s first model project of this type”. Ultimately, a solar farm is to be built on 500 hectares in the marshal’s hometown and commune.

From the press release: “GreenZero Park Kraśnik is to be a climate-neutral industrial, agricultural and scientific park (…). The implementation of the project, which is to start next year, will contribute to the independence of Poland and the region from imported fossil resources such as natural gas or coal”.

The investor, who has announced that he will spend PLN 5 billion [Euro 1 billion], is represented by Bruno Koschoreck , president of the GreenZero Foundation. There is no Dan Settgasta in the photos from the ceremonial signing of the document in the Lublin Conference Center.

I signed the letter earlier. On that particular day, I couldn’t be in Lublin, explains Dan Settgast a few weeks later. He admits that he has been to Poland three times regarding this investment.

Read Chechen casino operator in Dubai tries to hide truth

When asked about his other suspicious businesses reported by journalists from Dhaka (Weekly BLiTZ) and Dubai (Eastern Herald), he gives legal threats stating “Our lawyers are currently preparing a letter for you asking for a correction. I am sure you will respect our rights. So that we do not have to escalate this situation” – he warns.

PLN 5 billion is a considerable amount. High enough to turn on a red light in the head. But the Marshall’s officials apparently did not catch fire. When we start to ask, it turns out that neither of the signatories of the Letter of Intent has any knowledge about the GreenZero Foundation.

During the ceremonial signing of the Letter of Intent, the Marshall’s Office informs the media that the investor is “an internationally operating non-governmental organization”, and GreenZero Park “wants to operate in the form of a European cooperative (SCE), which is important for foreign investors”.

As we start checking out, it turns out that the GreenZero website went live in June of this year, and the foundation itself was registered in Nevada a month later. An address in Manhattan, New York City, is actually a virtual office.

The organization’s governing bodies include Bruno Koschoreck (president), Maxwell R. Damboise and Sascha Reckert. On its website, the foundation boasts of several projects of a similar scale as the one in Kraśnik. GreenZero Wind Park is to be built in Lithuania, GreenZero Vacation Park in France, GreenZero Air Park in Montenegro, GreenZero Hydrogen Park in Germany, and GreenZero Farming Park in Uganda.

We also understand that the foundation was brought to Poland, specifically near Kraśnik, by a company that has the ambition to build a large solar farm here. However, this project is sluggish: local farmers are not eager to lease their fields for such installations.

“Yes, we brought this foundation to Kraśnik” – admits Janusz Szaj, investment director at Polish Wind Power. When asked, he reveals that his boss Udo Max Röhner was supposed to meet GreenZero president Bruno Koschorek “at some meeting”. “These are people who have been working in RES for a long time, have their own funds, and have extensive contacts with investors. They are currently looking for locations where local authorities are open to such projects”, he added.

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Romuald Bogusz from the Polish Chamber of Commerce Ekorozwój (and Udo Röhner’s partner in several companies) also speaks in superlatives about GreenZero and its ambitious plans for zero-emission factories.

When we talk for the first time for nearly an hour, he talks about “the technology of the future that will revolutionize the construction and energy industry”.  “Here, nanocoating will be produced that collect energy from the sun and heat, cool or glow. Nobody in the world has done anything like this before!”, he said.

When asked about the foundation itself, he admits that he met these people “last year”.

“And I liked their idea very much. I have been a member of the Chamber for 20 years; I know the importance of the idea phase. This foundation may be a new creation, but the EU has only been talking about the zero-emission economy since last year”, argues Bogusz. “The Foundation is to be a center for gathering knowledge, capital and an investment umbrella. Because the investors will come themselves. The first one is already – it is Polish Wind Power”.

After the first visit to the Kraśnik commune, the representatives of the foundation were to be “so fascinated by the state of works on the transformation of the area into an industrial zone” that they completely change their investment plans for this part of the world.

A month later I got a message from them that they were resigning from Murcia in Spain, where their first investment in Europe was supposed to be, and they opted for Kraśnik – Bogusz told us.

We checked Spanish-language portals. Daniel Settgast actually visited Murcia. But not at all about building solar farms.

In May 2021, the Spanish media reported that Dan Settgast (here as a co-founder of the United American Capital investment fund) is offering Real Murcia a debt repayment guarantee (EUR 14 million) in exchange for commercializing part of the Enrique Roca stadium. However, the city that owns the facility does not agree to this solution. The authorities of the sports club are also reluctant to this idea. The “businessman from Germany” is even banned from entering the stadium’s facilities.

Read Dubai’s EcoX boss Jorge Sebastião cheated 136 million Euros in Spain

Then the club changes its mind and invites Dan Settgast to the stadium. But when it comes to German bank guarantees, Dan Settgast quickly pulls back [Input from BLiTZ: as he actually does not have any real capacity of providing any bank guarantee. Dan Settgast is a scam grand master, who would might be planning of cashing any agreement he would get from Enrique Roca stadium authorities. He would prepare an imaginary presentation of high-sounding project and then ask those people, who already are fooled by Dan Settgast through YEM coin to invest in the Enrique Roca stadium project. This is the classic pattern of Den Settgast’s way of cheating people].

It was not his first visit to the region. In January 2020 – as reported by – Dan Settgast intended to “invest in real estate on a large scale”.

The author of the report introduces Dan Settgast as “a German businessman, co-founder and CEO of United American Capital Corporation (UACC) – a company that has grown to four billion dollars since 2004”.

Taking advantage of his media presence, Dan Settgast shares some golden tips. “When you have satisfied customers, you have a thriving business”, “Money is power. And power needs control”.

He talks about how his UACC [United American Capital Corporation] grew from an internet security company into a huge holding company.

“Covering healthcare, solar energy, and even creating the first digital currency of YEM”, he says. He argues that his YEM cryptocurrency has an advantage over Bitcoin because it has “intrinsic value dependent on its own economic cycle”. Therefore, the value of YEM does not change as much as other cryptocurrencies”.

Read EcoX fraud racket lands in Africa

He says YEM was founded in 2017, following the success of Bitcoin, as the Rainbow Currency Foundation. “YEM quantity is strictly limited and can only be purchased at or by private invitation at”.

It is also about other passions of a German “businessman” [read scam grand master]. “With 30 other companies, we have created a foundation that sends aid mainly to Uganda, where they open schools and doctors conduct hygiene courses”, says Dan Settgast.

The “businessman” also notices that the sun shines daily in Murcia. He sees this as business. “You can implement a solar panel system in every home so that everyone benefits from green energy”, he says.

At the end of the article: “A German businessman who has lived in Las Vegas for 14 years, taking advantage of his stay in Murcia, took part  in the event to celebrate the 10th anniversary of MurciaEconomy”.

Let’s go back to Poland. After the press conference, at which Marshal Stawiarski boasted of an “innovative project”, which “will cover the whole country with time, and perhaps the whole world in the future”, the red light is also lit by the city councilor from Kraśnik.

“For four years I have been continuing a dispute with the Marshall and the mayor as to the direction of development of our local governments. I look at each of their initiatives very carefully”, admits Paweł Kurek, whose words about the “PO-PiS business coalition in Kraśnik poviat” repeatedly upset the PiS Marshall and the PO mayor.

Pawel Kurek immediately gives the topic to a colleague from Szymon Hołownia’s party.

Łukasz Sieduszewski from the 2050 Institute examines not only the foundation itself, but also thirty of its partners (which GreenZero boasts on its website). A report of several dozen pages was being prepared and presented to the media on September 22 by Jacek Bury, Senator of the Coalition 2050.

“We are dealing with an attempt to extort state money or with idiots on the part of the local government. Probably also on someone’s account there will be a sum with many zeros”, the politician thunders. After the conference, all the collected material is sent to the Internal Security Agency.

Read Web of fraudulent ventures of YEM coin kingpin Daniel Settgast

The ABW should also explain the connections between the president of the foundation and high-ranking people from Russia.

Sieduszewski’s report includes, inter alia, the name of Igor Lebedev, son of Vladimir Zhirinovsky (former chairman of the State Duma, subject to EU sanctions in 2014 – ed.).

“Out of over thirty partners of the foundation, the vast majority do not provide contact or identification details. Some of their websites are linked by source code to the Safezone website, which is, inter alia, a currency wallet for storing the YEM cryptocurrency”, explains Sieduszewski.

He also draws attention to such “bouquets” as – This entity is already closed, but the site is still drawing prizes.

Registered in 2012 in Cardiff, UK, Prize Mania Ltd ended its operations in 2020, but – if you believe the information on the site – the system draws a prize every 10 minutes!

“Businesses” related to the Green Zero Foundation

Wazzub: Registered in the US in 2012, the company is now known as the Unicorn Foundation. The entries of Polish internet users on from a few years ago show that Wazzub is a community that will pay for mere presence. The discussion from December 2012 to June 2013 also shows that no one got any payment. One of those involved in the project explained it this way: “We had a letter read from Dan (Settgast), the co-creator of the whole project, who is recovering from a heart attack. He wrote that he understood how disappointed everyone is with such a long delay”.

Safe Zone: Internet domain purchased in 2015; is to bring together “over 3 million people who run over 1.2 million wallets” (for the fake virtual currency YEM coin).

Happy Heath Institute: To bring together international experts who “have provided assistance to over 1,200 patients, and the results have been better than expected”.

Greek Steel Technology: The domain was purchased in January this year by an entity registered in the USA. The website informs about the start of a project in Vietnam.

Tiny Resort Eco Parks: Zero-emission and luxuriously equipped holiday resorts. The opening of the first is planned for 2023 in France. Another one in 2024 in Spain and Portugal. An entity established at the end of 2021 with a share capital of EUR 100.

The Sieduszewski report, which was sent to the Lublin branch of the Internal Security Agency, mentions more than thirty related entities, with a similar principle of operation: many promises, few details.

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However, there are more such companies and projects. There are hundreds of other domains on the same server as Subject? They offer the sale of cryptocurrencies, participation in lotteries, and encourage the sharing of recipes (in exchange for YEMs). The server is located in a company in Germany that offers website hosting. However, it does not contain all domains that are closed and created (often quickly and sloppy) by the team of Dan Settgast and Jorge Sebastiao. The pages and were hosted on different servers.

More about scammer Dan Settgast

Daniel Settgast aka Dan Settgast is a scam grand master, while his guru is Jorge Sebastiao, and possibly they also have Ruja Ignatova at the background dictating them how to run grand scam ventures worldwide.

Siting in Dubai, Jorge Sebastiao – the guru of Dan Settgast and a partner in all of his fraudulent ventures recently floated another scam project named ‘EcoShumi Foundation’, with Kamil Grund, a Polish national as the head of this fraudulent entity.

As this venture caught attention of the investigative reporters of BLiTZ, series of reports were publishing exposing the notorious agenda of people behind ‘EcoShumi Foundation’. There were plenty of names as the co-founders as well as advisors of this scam venture. They include: Scott M. Schlimmer, a former officer of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA); Eliezer (Moodi) Sandberg, former Minister of Science and Technology of Israel; Mru Patel, who claims to be representing the royal family of Sheik Ahmed Bin Faisal al Qassimi is one of the biggest frauds in the world, who is an active kingpin of Flash4People’s FlashMoni Ponzi plans that had already collapsed and the frauds were coming up with new scam venture; Elisa Bellesia [full name Elisa Ivan Bellesia Serra of fraudulent EbisBank; Zuzana Uchnarova, co-owner of Liberland and a notorious scammer; and many more scammers and frauds from the world. As BLiTZ continued exposing ‘EcoShumi Foundation’ crime gang and scammers behind it, gradually the website began deleting names of people originally shown as co-founders, advisors and members. Finally, the scammers have deleted all the names and it is well-anticipated that the website of EcoShumi Foundation will finally go into extinct.

What was ‘EcoShumi Foundation’?

While Dan Settgast was making attempt of extorting millions of dollars from the state exchequer of Poland through his fraudulent organization named ‘Green Zero Foundation’, his cohorts had formed another fraudulent organization named ‘EcoShumi Foundation’ in Dubai. Both of these entities were talking about environment, ecology and green energy. As the fraud venture of ‘EcoShumi Foundation’ got busted due to series of investigative reports in BLiTZ, it is now turn of Polish and European media to investigate and expose those scammers behind ‘Green Zero Foundation’, although we are quite unsure of any result of such media exposure, as we are aware that a number of politicians in Lublin, Poland have secretly joined hands with Dan Settgast and his ‘Green Zero Foundation’ crime racket.

Despite the fact that scam racket ‘EcoShumi Foundation’ has already been busted by BLiTZ, members of this gang are still trying to come up with newer fraud venture or joining existing scam rackets in the United Arab Emirates, there is little hope that UAE authorities would take drastic action against those foreign nationals who are running criminals and scamming activities in the Emirate by mostly targeting people in the Middle East.

Read Kamil Grund, a grand fraud heads ‘EcoShumi Foundation’ scam gang

But the European Union is not UAE. Law enforcement agencies in the EU nations, including the Europol should immediately begin investigation against Dan Settgast and his cohorts. At the same time, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) needs to start investigation against Dan Settgast and other members of YEM Foundation, Green Zero Foundation and other fraudulent ventures run by this racket, as they are using US soil for such criminal activities.

As night falls – STOP PRESS

As night falls in Lublin; Agnieszka Mazuś, investigative journalist of the Dziennik Wschodni, must be sitting on her computer searching further details on the ‘Green Zero Foundation’ scam cartel or similar dubious ventures in Poland.

In Dhaka, reporters of BLiTZ too are committed in publishing more reports exposing scammers, frauds – including cryptocurrency or crypto scammers, MLM and Ponzi scheme frauds as well as scam cartels such as Liberland.

In Dubai, while roads are illuminated with colorful lights, nightclubs are getting newer crowds – foreigners are looking for entertainment – both decent and indecent, while some of them are also looking for drugs and Hookers in Dubai, Bajwa, the Sherlock Holmes might be quietly sitting at the corner of any nightclub or cryptocurrency/blockchain event, rotating his eagle eyes on targeted suspects – scammers and frauds. He will mostly remain unnoticed, as he successfully does by hiding his real identity behind the mask of an youthful fun-lover – a journalist – editor blah blah blah.


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