British king changes history for the sake of Camilla


Britons have already started reacting to King Charles III, an extremely controversial individual without any morale taking one after another new decision centering members of the royal family. In person life, Charles is an adulterer and also seriously lacks moral integrity and definitely he is extremely greedy towards money. He doesn’t mind if the cash is coming from relatives of Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden or pro-jihadist Qatari emirs.

All of us know, how a woman named Camilla Parker Bowels has destroyed Charles’ married life with Princess Diana Spencer. She is fully responsible for the divorce between Charles and Diana, while there are whisper about her secret role behind murder of Princess Diana.

Now, following the death of Queen Elizabet II, Camilla has started exerting his full influence in rewriting the history of British royals. She is set to become Queen Camilla from her previous titled Queen Consort Camilla. Meaning, through this new title, she will be allowed to share the crown with King Charles. People may ask – what happens to Camilla’s children from her previous husband? The answer is not complex. As she now becomes Queen Camilla, she can instruct Charles to grant royal titles to her children, and Charles is going to comply with. Once Queen Camilla’s children get royal titles, it may pave the path for them to become future king or queen of the British throne. The way Camilla has succeeded in destroying Charles’ married life with Princess Diana, she now can play the same old game in shutting-down prospects for William and Harry from becoming the next monarch. Camilla will also do everything within her capacity in erasing the name or Diana from the book of British royal family.

As Camilla now becomes Queen Camilla, following death of King Charles, she will become the next successor of the British throne and remain in the position until her demise.

There are thousands of reactions on social media following Buckingham Palace’s instruction to The Times to onwards refer Camilla as Queen Camilla. Many people are even asking: “Can Camilla, in time, also have the title “Queen Mother” as she is not the mother of William?”

No one in the UK may dare giving answer to this question. But the reply is simple – Queen Camilla will onwards take every move in getting royal titles for her children. She may even onwards make a public announcement stating King Charles is the biological father of one or both of her children. She is going to do that. And of course, King Charles too is aware of this fact that he had fathered Queen Camilla’s both or at least one of the children. So naturally, William now has competitor in his path to becoming the next king. Actually, William will never become a king. Queen Camilla will now snatch that opportunity from William in the same manner she had done with his mother – Princess Diana.

Queen Camilla will never let any of the children of Princess Diana become the next monarch. She will do anything in shutting-down this prospect for William, while she now will implement her decades-old agenda of stopping the blood of Princess Diana from becoming the next monarch.

It is actually a game of throne, where King Charles is just a puppet in the hands of Queen Camilla. She has huge anger on Charles, Queen Elizabeth and many other members of the royal family for their insults on her. Her heart is filled with grudge and anger. Now time has come for her to establish herself as the real monarch of the British throne and pave the path for her own children in becoming the next monarch.

It may be mentioned here that, History Correspondent & Deputy Diary Editor, Jack Blackburn, tweeted about the change, saying: “Many will be pleased to know that The Times’ writers have been instructed to drop the term the Queen Consort. Whatever clarifying use it had during the mourning period has expired. Queen Camilla is now to be referred to as such or, if there is no risk of confusion, as The Queen”.

Blackburn continued on to say that The Times is the “paper of record” when it comes to royal titles and that given the death of Queen Elizabeth II is still very recent, there is still some confusion as to how best to refer to her, if Camilla is to be known as ‘The Queen’.

“We have not been directed as to how we should refer to Elizabeth II, with that title sounding far too formal and blunt a transition. I imagine ‘the late Queen’ will suffice for an extended period of time. After then, the old Queen perhaps? Or maybe straight to Elizabeth II?”, Blackburn said, before commenting on the title of ‘Queen Consort’ itself.

“It is interesting as to why Queen Consort stuck. I suppose the chief reason was unfamiliarity with having one. It was on the statement announcing the late Queen’s death and so perhaps people thought it was proper. However, no Queen has ever had that title in their style.

“Queen Mary was Queen Empress while her husband lived, before reverting to Queen Mary. The other probable reason why it took hold was Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. This was a one-off, in order to differentiate between the two Queen Elizabeths”.

In reference to the Royal Family’s website still referring to Camilla as ‘The Queen Consort’, Blackburn remarked that it is an ‘awkward designation’. “Plenty of our readers agree”, he added. “The Palace and the paper of record are simply having a disagreement over style”. However, it’s worth noting that the Royal Family website does currently carry a disclaimer banner saying “Some information on this website may be out-of-date following the death of Queen Elizabeth”.

He also explained that despite Queen Elizabeth II’s statement requesting for Camilla to be known as ‘Queen Consort’, that it wasn’t entirely clear as to what she meant on that front. “Did it indicate a wish that Camilla be a Queen? Or was it a statement of a preferred title which has never been used before?” Blackburn questioned, adding that a “monarch cannot bind the hands of their successor”.


  1. All I can say is you are a real dumb ass. You obviously know nothing about the law of succession in the UK. Well I suggest you go and read and then correct your comments so that people might think you have some kind of credibility. Really!!!


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