Web of fraudulent ventures of YEM coin kingpin Daniel Settgast


Daniel Settgast aka Dan Settgast, the kingpin of YEM coin, YEM Foundation, Bank Bene Merenti, Greenzero Foundation etcetera has spread a web of fraudulent ventures in the United States and other countries under the umbrella of a company named ‘United American Capital Corporation’ (UAC). Our team of investigative reporters have been spending weeks in finding details of dubious and fraudulent activities of scammers such as Dan Settgast and have already exposed few more scammers namely Jorge Sebastiao (EcoX), Vit Jedlička and Zuzana Uchnárová (Zuzana Uchnarova) of Liberland and many others.

Here are details about Dan Settgast’s criminal activities in the US.

Daniel Settgast aka Dan Settgast, CEO, United American Capital Corporation (UAC). This fraudulent entity claims to be established in 2004 and “been building a highly profitable venture portfolio, focusing on emerging markets such as Internet Security, Health Care, Solar Energy, Entertainment, Real Estate and E-Commerce. Within 14 years, they transformed their authorized capital of US$ 600 million into assets worth over US$ 4 billion”.

United American Capital Corporation (UAC) claims to be registered in Oregon bearing registration number 246416-98, with virtual office at 7201 W Lake Mead Blvd #200, Las Vegas, NV 89128, USA. It has no real or physical office.

Website of this fraudulent venture is inactive.

Unicorn Network

Unicorn Network, a fraud venture of Dan Settgast on its website has no information. But on a blogspot it is stated: “The story of Unicorn Network began in 2006, when the founders Dan [Dan Settgast], Nicole and Roland created the vision of a global network of secure websites, completely FREE, and respecting the privacy of each user. They dreamed of an international community of people who think and activate the power of “We” and the creation of something that has never been done before, as a global group of human beings of all countries, races and religions”.


SafeZone, which claims to be a member of “UAC Group of Companies” is selling fake YEM coin, a fake digital currency that has been cheating hundreds and thousands of people from around the world. This fake digital currency operates under the umbrella of YEM Foundation, and SafeZone is a sister concern of YEM Foundation, meaning one of many fraud ventures of Dan Settgast.

Rainbowcurrency (YEM)

Following controversy centering Dan Settgast’s fake YEM coin, he has directed the website of Rainbowcurrency (YEM) to the website of YEM Foundation. Earlier it was mentioned on Rainbowcurrency (YEM website: “The currency is managed, controlled and represented by the Rainbow Foundation (www.rainbowcurrency.org), a non-profit foundation that is registered in Delaware, USA”.

Now Dan Settgast and his cohorts have made the website of so-called Rainbow Foundation inactive. It may be mentioned here that, Rainbow Foundation does not have any legal entity or even registration.

Twnkl Chain

TwnklChain is claimed to be the “blockchain” of fake Rainbow currency. Website of this scam entity is named ‘YEM Chain’.

Twnkl Chain Buy

On the website of TwnklChainBuy, which has been recently made inactive by the fraud racket, it is stated: “TwnklBuy.com is a service of CRYPTOCOINSTREET LTD, 2 Alexandra Gate, Cardiff, CF24 2SA, Wales, United Kingdom, Registration #11457348”.

Website of CryptoSteet has also been made inactive.


Website of Pernum says: “PERNUM is the official wallet provider for the digital currencies YEM, TEC, and other coins/tokens on the YemChain. Sign up for free and receive a 0.000426 Free YEM welcome bonus (a USD 10.00 value)”.

Twnkl Shop

Website of TwnklShop, which was also dealing in fake YEM coin has been made inactive.

Twnkl Estate

TWNKLESTATE, which was claimed to be “a joint venture of international real estate experts, blockchain experts and marketing experts”, is another scam project of Daniel Settgast aka Dan Settgast, although its website also has been made inactive.

Twnkl BDS

TwnklBDS website, which says “TWNKLBDS is the best website to buy and sell items using Rainbow Currency Twinkles (YEM)”, has put a South Korean Hyundai i10 sedan car on auction, although this again is another scamming attempt of Dan Settgast.

Biggest Talent

Although on the website of Biggest Talent it was earlier stated: “The Biggest Talent is a global contest in which we discover new talented people and help them realize their dreams, showing their beautiful talent to the world”, recently contents of this website has also been deleted and now it shows “Coming Soon” sign.

Earlier, in an announcement on Biggest Talent website, it was stated:

“It is to help people enjoy life, help talents to become famous; and, perhaps, if they are very talented, inviting them to Las Vegas for our final show, we help create new international STARs! Who knows? They too wouldn’t think about it, living in some corner of our planet”.

But our investigative reporters have found shocking information about the actual activities of this venture of Daniel Settgast aka Dan Settgast and his cronies, including Jorge Sebastiao.

According to our reporters, this ‘Biggest Talent’ venture of Daniel Settgast aka Dan Settgast was directly connected to transnational prostitution and human trafficking rackets, and by luring girls and females of becoming “Stars” and “famous” Settgast and his cohorts were selling them to these rackets. As various law enforcement agencies began investigating activities of ‘Biggest Talent’, all contents in the website of this nefarious venture were removed.

Cashback Marketing

On the website of ‘Cashback Marketing’ it says: “Cashback Marketing (CBM) is an advertising success-sharing phenomenon for companies, affiliates and entrepreneurs”.

We Share Success

On the website of ‘We Share Success’ it said: “Did you know that in the SafeZone you can generate passive revenue just to invite others to join the SafeZone for free?”


WazzUb website says: “Wazzub is a fantastic free global forum based in the United States where you can connect with people and share your business”.

Prize Mania

Prize Mania website says: “Every day your PerNum has more than 140 chances to win. Just click on CLICK TO WIN under each category once an hour and check if you are a lucky winner. You can win ebooks, smartphones, jewelry, shopping vouchers, surprise gifts and even a cash jackpot”.

In reality, ‘Prize Mania’ is another fraud venture of Dan Settgast in luring people in buying his fake YEM coin.

Twnkl Soccer

Website of Twnkl Soccer, which has been made inactive recently said: “TWNKL Soccer is a fun way to enjoy the soccer world championships and have the chance to win up to 100 million TWNKL!”

There are dozens of similar fraud ventures of Daniel Settgast aka Dan Settgast. Law enforcement agencies throughout the world, including Poland, the United Arab Emirates, Uganda and other countries, where this fraud racket is fooling people through numerous scam ventures, including YEM coin, YEM Foundation, Bank Bene Merenti, EcoX, EcoShumi Foundation, Greenzero Foundation etcetera should immediately begin investigations and take stern legal action against these scammers.


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