YEM coin kingpin Dan Settgast’s fraudulent venture in Poland


Dan Settgast aka Daniel Settgast, kingpin of fake YEM coin as well as few more fraudulent ventures such as YEM Foundation and Bank Bene Merenti has recently established another scam project named ‘Greenzero Park’ with the reprehensible desire of swindling policymakers, politicians and people in Poland.

According to information Dan Settgast’s deceitful scheme ‘Greenzero Foundation’ on its website says: “The Green Zero Foundation is registered under US Laws in the State of Nevada as a Non-Profit Organization with Certificate #B202207222865447, operating worldwide with headquarters at One Central Station Place #4600, New York, NY 10165.

“The Green Zero Foundation is represented by its President Mr. Bruno Koschoreck.

“Nevada Business ID NV20222525563, Entity #E24970312022-1, Federal Tax ID (EIN) 88-3386437.

“Mailing Address: Green Zero Foundation, 60E 42nd Street, Suite 4600, New York, NY 10165”.

This ‘Greenzone Foundation’ is a venture of ‘YEM Foundation’, another scam venture of Dan Settgast, Jorge Sebastiao and few more frauds. On its website, ‘YEM Foundation’ claims to be “Registered as a Nonprofit Corporation # E0553072017-8 under the Laws of Nevada, USA” with a mailbox address at 304 S Jones Blvd #1174, Las Vegas, NV 89107 USA. It also claims to be affiliated with ‘International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO), # XM7617 at the Union of International Associations, while it says, YEM Foundation, a non-profit is the “Legal Regulatory Authority for YEM Currency”, a fake cryptocurrency of this fraud racket.

‘Greenzero Foundation’ on its website claims to have its ‘Head Quarters’ at One Grand Central Place, Suite 4600, New York, NY 10165, Phone +1 (212) 324 5454.

Our New York correspondent physically visited the above-mentioned premises and found that One Grand Central Place is originally the Lincoln Building, is a 53-story, 673 feet (205 m) tall neo-Gothic office building at 60 East 42nd Street in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. Owner of this building is Empire State Reality Trust. On inquiry it was revealed that there is no existence of any tenant named ‘Greenero Foundation’ in this property.

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Most importantly, while ‘Greenzero Foundation’ claims to be registered in Nevada, there is no mention of any existence of even a registered office of the fraud venture.

It is clearly understood, Daniel Settgast aka Dan Settgast has formed this new fraudulent venture similarly as his ‘YEM Foundation’ with the evil agenda of fooling and cheating politicians, policymakers and people in Poland.

Our investigative reporter in the US has already checked every detail of the YEM Foundation, and found that the YEM coin and Bank Bene Merenti scam cartel is using this US non-profit as a shield of their criminal activities. It is also learnt from credible source that hundreds of millions of cheat-fund of Bank Bene Merenti, YEM coin, Dan Settgast, Jorge Sebastiao and other members of YEM Foundation scam ring is secretly deposited in various offshore accounts with the help of the Nevada-based company that provides virtual office address (304 S JONES BLVD, Las Vegas, NV, 89107) to this cartel.

Most importantly, following floating of ‘Greenzero Foundation’, Dan Settgast has deleted information about people involved in his ‘YEM Foundation’ scam venture from the website, as it was revealed in our previous report that another fraud named Jorge Sebastiao is the President of YEM Foundation. This deletion clearly proves – Daniel Settgast aka Dan Settgast and his cohorts have done this to hide their criminal past, as Jorge Sebastiao, the president of YEM Foundation faces criminal charges in Spain for cheating thousands of people through a fraud venture named Nimbus.


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