Liberland, National Bank and wagon of scammers & frauds


Following publication of a report titled ‘A fraud gang named ‘Liberland’ exposed!’ the self-proclaimed president Vit Jedlička wrote a comment at our Facebook page requesting to delete the item, which we did not. Later, although Vit Jedlička suspiciously deleted his comment, there were several comments from various individuals, which we are publishing below:

Facebook user Ivan Santos: By the way, your being based on something that was an independent follower’s design.

NOT something supported, posted or distributed in the Liberland Government.

Facebook user Jacob Funes:

What do you mean Exposed!?

That ain’t even something a Liberland official has said.

It’s just a talk between people not even involved there..

It’s like I’d say something about Bangladesh, just because I talk about the Country doesn’t mean what I say is true.

Really hoped for real news on here, but once again spreading Fake News to receive traffic to their website and social media that rarely anyone gives a Like.

You better retract, and declare an apology statement.

The same user made a second comment stating:

Hopefully, you don’t get sued for DEFAMATION.


  1. Whoever by words either spoken or intended to be read, or by signs or by visible representations, makes or published any imputation concerning any person intending to harm, or knowing or having reason to believe that such imputation will harm, the reputation or such person, is said, except in the cases hereinafter excepted, to defame that person.

Then again the above-mentioned Ivan Santos came up with another comment stating:

Message for Weekly Blitz:

I believe your media outlet spreads certain news to your followers, but today one of your editors has made a mistake.

  • Article poorly redacted.
  • There’s not such thing as a Central Bank.
  • Where the information was gotten, you didn’t investigate…
  • This article spreads FAKE NEWS, and weakens the CREDIBILITY of WEEKLY BLITZ.

So, please take down this article, double check your information, and so publish what you’d like.

You can always ask the Liberland Government for their say on those matters, as you see we can be easily contacted at the time.

Our reporters investigated both the accounts and found those were fake and most possibly recently opened.

This was the beginning of suspicion.

Then our editor started receiving calls from a Mexico phone number +52-33-1468-7662. At the beginning, the user of this number introduced as GRUPO IMPERIUM MEXICO, but later the caller from the other end introduced himself as “Michal Ptacnik from the legal department of the Ministry of Justice of Liberland”. In the phone call, Michal Ptacnik was denying stating Liberland does not have any ‘National Bank’.

As per suggestions from our editor, later Michal Ptacnik sent an email (using a gmail account), where he did not provide any address or contact number of the “legal department of the Ministry of Justice of Liberland”.

Then we contacted our Croatia correspondent about Liberland, who in response wrote:

Liberland, officially the Free Republic of Liberland (Czech: Svobodná republika Liberland), is a micronation that lays claim to the former river ada known as Gornja Siga, which is located on the west bank of the Danube, between Serbia and Croatia, which is also the subject of the dispute. The micronation was declared by the Czech libertarian politician Vit Jedlička on April 13, 2015, while he was elected as the first president of the so-called first three residents in the initial elections. Free Republic of Liberland.

The territory is the subject of a dispute between Croatia and Serbia, currently under Croatian control. At the beginning of May 2015, the authorities of the Republic of Croatia banned access to the area, and the self-proclaimed president Jedlička was twice detained by the police for less than a day due to his activities in the area. There is an ongoing court case over this event.

This statement proved – Liberland is an existent entity, although is under dispute and its self-proclaimed president Vit Jedlička or any of his so-called citizen cannot enter the area and it is under control of Croatian authorities.

Whether Vit Jedlička or his people can enter Liberland or not, it certainly is not a fake entity.

Then as gesture of goodwill and responsible journalism, our editor sent an email to Michal Ptacnik with copy to Vit Jedlička stating:

Further to our telephonic conversation and your email, please note, we already have published ‘CORRECTION’ at the top of the article, and would like to offer our sincerest apology for the misunderstanding and wrongly branding Liberland as a scam project.

Please note, ours is a newspaper with syndication agreement with over 750 newspapers and news agencies throughout the world with print and online edition. For this reason, it is not possible on our part to delete any published content. But, the ‘CORRECTION’, which already has been published at the beginning of the mentioned article/report certainly shall serve purpose in clearing any possible misunderstanding within out readers.

Hope in the future you will please contact us for any media coverage, and our best wishes for the citizen of your nation.

While the above-mentioned email was totally centered to the existence of Liberland, we continued investigating connections between people behind Liberland and international scam rackets.

As we mentioned in the previous report, “Ambassador of Liberland to UAE”, Zuzana Uchnárová is leading a notorious scam cartel named ‘EcoShumi Foundation’. Partners in this scam cartel include Jorge Sebastiao and Kamil Grund – well-known international fraudsters.

According to information, UAE authorities are totally unaware of the existence of any “ambassador of Liberland” in that country, although Zuzana Uchnárová has been openly proclaiming herself as an ambassador.

In UAE, Zuzana does not have any physical address, phone number of whatsoever, including any detailed information on her so-called Liberland Embassy in UAE. Most interestingly website of Liberland, shows the existence of Liberland Embassies or representatives in many countries in Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe, North America and South America, while most of the names provided as representatives of Liberland are either dubious or false.

Another shocking information about Liberland is – although its self-proclaimed president Vit Jedlička or any of its self-styled citizen are not allowed to enter the tiny piece of land, ‘Free Republic of Liberland’ claims to have its ‘National Bank’ and even currency.

Commenting on the “National Bank” of the so-called “Free Republic of Liberland” Muzaffar Ahmad Noori Bajwa, a strategist on security, politics and international relations, who also is the editor of Eastern Herald said: “Those of us with working experience with governments know, establishing a central bank or national bank is only possible for a legitimate sovereign nation with recognition of the United Nations or whatsoever. An entity without physical existence or even not a tiny office of the so-called country cannot come up with the claim of having its own national bank. This is simply fraudulent and criminal acts. This funny claim of so-called national bank of its own reminds me of a similar pattern applied by a scam racket named Bank Bene Merenti, which claims to be the “central bank” of the sovereign order. There is no country named Bene Merenti anywhere in the world. This Bene Merenti is a cooperative society registered in Latvia. Yes, a registered cooperative society can have its own cooperative bank, but this also requires permission granted by the registering nation, in this case Latvia. And, most importantly, any cooperative bank’s jurisdiction is just a town or couple of towns in the respective country only. But, with the fictitious claim of being the so-called central bank of sovereign order of Bene Merenti cooperative society, this illegal Bank Bene Merenti is selling fake cryptocurrency named YEM coin to people despite the fact that this YEM coin has no exchange or trade value. It is just a mere delusion. Similarly, the claim of Liberland’s “National Bank” is absolutely bogus”.

On a website, self-proclaimed president of Liberland, Vit Jedlička:

The EU should regonize [recognize] the Republic of Liberland as sovereign country. This nation formed 6 years ago on the Danube between Croatia and Serbia fulfills every condition of the Montevideo Convention of 1933 which outlined the process of establishing a new country.

Europe stands for a plurality of nations and peoples, while the EU was formed to recognize the diversity of these societies and create collaboration, a common market between them. The more nations within Europe, the greater opportunities there are for Europeans. The freer the markets, the freer the people.

On YouTube, the so-called President of “Liberland” Vit Jedlička speaks at reinvent money 2015 about his new nation, the challenges and opportunities it faces and the kind of monetary system he envisions for it. And in reality, this Vit Jedlička is a violator of law who is making frantic bids in introducing a new fake cryptocurrency. A stupidly edited video of Vit Jedlička would clearly prove his real intention.

Here is the full list of other individuals who are shown on the website of “Liberland” as its representatives/ambassadors in several countries in the world:

Omour Abdoul Ramadan, Liberland representative in Chad

Ann Wahinya, Liberland representative in Kenya

George Nixon Kingsley, Liberland representative in Liberia

Mohammed Shashne, Liberland representative in Libya

Dimitri Dima Antoniades, Liberland representative in Mauritius

Dieynaba Diop, Liberland representative in Niger

Juliet Mbabazi, Liberland representative in Togo

Chafik El Bahy, Liberland representative in Tunisia

David Mutebi, Liberland representative in Uganda

Beshoy Azer, Liberland representative in Egypt

Sayouba Koanda, Liberland representative in Burkina Faso

Mohammad Osman Nowrozi, Liberland representative in Afghanistan

Rahman Khan, Liberland representative in Bangladesh (House #10(A), Road #48, Gulshan 2, 1212 Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Hagop Kazanjian, Liberland representative in Armenia

Ted Huang, Liberland representative in Taiwan

Samuela Davidova, Liberland representative in Georgia

He Huang, Liberland representative in Hong Kong (66 Shanghai St, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon, Hong Kong)

Anthony Gomes, Liberland representative in India

Saman Seif, Liberland representative in Iran

Danny Schwarz, Liberland representative in Israel

Jason Webb, Liberland representative in Japan

Jeong-Ho Lee, Liberland representative in South Korea

Raja Younes, Liberland representative in Lebanon

Faisal Butt, Liberland representative in Pakistan

Matthew Pajares Yngson, Liberland representative in the Philippines

Ville Oehman, Liberland representative in Singapore

Thomas-Georg Poehlmann, Liberland representative in Syria

Zuzana Uchnárová, Liberland representative in the United Arab Emirates

Hans Norved, Liberland representative in Australia

Anna Riedl, Liberland representative in Austria

Jonas Lundqvist, Liberland representative in Belgium

Nikolay Popov, Liberland representative in Bulgaria

Eugene Romanenko, Liberland representative in Belarus

Hans Weber, Liberland representative in Czech Republic

Mikko Järvilehto, Liberland representative in Finland

Melet Noel, Liberland representative in France

Kolja Spöri, Liberland representative in Germany

Stergios Doukas, Liberland representative in Greece

Balázs Magyar, Liberland representative in Hungary

Halldor Fannar Kristjansson, Liberland representative in Iceland

Jillian Godsil, Liberland representative in Ireland

Sandris Murins, Liberland representative in Latvia

Marius Pareščius, Liberland representative in Lithuania

Navid Saberin, Liberland representative in Luxemburg

Jan-Erik Olsson, Liberland representative in Malta

Romain Gerardin-Fresse, Liberland representative in Monaco

Milan Seman, Liberland representative in Netherlands

Manuel Lains, Liberland representative in Norway

Michał Czekaj, Liberland representative in Poland

Ines Pereira Condinho, Liberland representative in Portugal

Steve Kovacs, Liberland representative in Romania

Andrey Voronkov, Liberland representative in Russian Federation

Nikola Korbar, Liberland representative in Serbia

Marianna Sade, Liberland representative in Slovakia

Björn Elfvin, Liberland representative in Sweden

Pavel Pospisil, Liberland representative in Switzerland

Selcuk Soner Uras, Liberland representative in Turkey

Denys Yuzhakov, Liberland representative in Ukraine

Tariq Abbasi, Liberland representative in the United Kingdom

Tomaz Slivnik, Liberland representative in Guernsey

Ruth Fernandes, Liberland representative in Canada

Yoav Altman, Liberland representative in Dominican Republic

Juan Carlos Gorospe Mayorga, Liberland representative in El Salvador

Robert Christopher Lingle, Liberland representative in Guatemala

Fernando Facio Jr, Liberland representative in Mexico

Medwyn Blazer, Liberland representative in Nicaragua

David Molineaux, Liberland representative in the United States

Javier Canosa, Liberland representative in Argentina

Oscar Scholz, Liberland representative in Chile

Randy Thompson, Liberland representative in Colombia (Av. Guabinal #57-15, 730001 Ibagué, Colombia)

Fernando Quintero, Liberland representative in Ecuador

Pablo Daniel Magee, Liberland representative in Paraguay

Javier Canosa, Liberland representative in Uruguay.

Croatian and Serbian authorities as well as international monetary organizations can now begin investigation against Vit Jedlička and find how he is making the claim of having ‘National Bank’ of Liberland without due legal process.

Meanwhile, UAE authorities can initiate immediate investigation against Zuzana Uchnárová, who has been falsely claiming to be the “Ambassador of Liberland” to the United Arab Emirates – investigate her involvements with several scam ventures, including EcoShumi Foundation and take due legal actions against this fraud.

Zuzana Uchnárová, who is involved in cryptocurrency fraud clearly proclaims herself as the “Ambassador Representative of Free Republic of Liberland to United Arab Emirates”.


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