Giving befitting reply to anti-Bangladesh elements


During her US visit, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has called upon the Bangladeshi expatriates to give a befitting reply to the propaganda against Bangladesh and its government stating: “Give an instant befitting reply to the propaganda being carried out against us”.

Sheikh Hasina also urged the expats to present true picture of the country’s unprecedented development that took place during the Awami League (AL) government’s and move around the world keeping head high maintaining the dignity and honor Bangladesh achieved globally.

She said relatives of the war criminals and killers of the Father of the Nation alongside the people who fled the country committing various crimes that included money laundering are behind the anti-state propaganda.

“The people, who are orchestrating the propaganda on the social media, are mostly sacked from the jobs for their involvement in misdeeds or fled the country committing crimes”, she said.

Sheikh Hasina called upon all to make public the characters and misdeeds of the people who are now lecturing honesty and trying to give lessons to others by spreading false and fabricated information about the government and Bangladesh using social media.

“Don’t pay heed to their words, rather present the development scenario carried out by us to the people”, she added.

Sheikh Hasina called upon all Bangladeshi expatriates to spread her government’s development picture to all the places.

“Inform congressmen, senators and elected representatives in your locality about the development of Bangladesh and maintain communication with them”, she said.

Sheikh Hasina heavily criticized the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) for talking about the electoral process, democracy and human rights despite the party became the champion in vote rigging and human rights violation alongside introducing the politics of disappearance, killings and misdeeds including corruption, money laundering and arms trade.

“BNP was the champion in vote rigging. They had prepared the voter list with 1.23 corer fake voters. There was no misdeed left they had not committed to manipulate the election”, she said.

The prime minister said military dictator Ziaur Rahman, who assumed power violating the country’s constitution, had initiated all bad things in politics such as killings, disappearances, corruption, money laundering and the culture of loan default to secure his illegal power.

His (Ziaur Rahman’s) wife Khaleda Zia was convicted in a graft case for misappropriating the orphans’ money while his son Tarique Rahman in money laundering and 10-truck arms haul cases, she said.

Bangladesh government had already brought back Tk 20 crore illegally siphoned off by Zia’s another son late KoKo, she added.

The prime minister said they (Zia’s family) have amassed such a huge amount of money that they had hired an FBI officer to collect information about her son Joy in a bid to kidnap and kill him (Joy) in the USA.

In my opinion, it is responsibility of every citizen of Bangladesh to combat lies, falsehood and propaganda of those anti-Bangladesh elements. We need to certainly give befitting response to such misdeeds. At the same time, Bangladesh missions abroad, especially in the United States, Britain, EU nations, China, Russia and India need to show their ability in getting positive information on Bangladesh and achievements made by the government of

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina published in the international media. This is extremely important, especially to combat anti-Bangladesh propaganda. But of course, one may ask – are our missions abroad really showing their efficiency in this regard?

As Bangladesh is heading towards the next general election, which will be held in January 2024, well-orchestrated propaganda of the anti-Bangladesh elements may get intensified, as several evil forces, including Bangladesh Nationalist Party and Jamaat-e-Islami as well as family members of war criminals are funding such cruel propaganda. It is also important that the glorious examples of progress and prosperities of Bangladesh during the rule of Sheikh Hasina should be prominently published in local and international media. In this case, may I humbly ask – is there anyone in this country, who is capable of taking this task as a challenge? I am sure there are. But those people, with capabilities may not love behaving like a sycophant. They surely are obedient; at the same time, they are efficient. It is up to the Prime Minister to put special emphasis on finding such individuals and engage them in such noble duties – without wasting time.


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