Crypto scam cartel uses Ukrainian prostitutes in Dubai


In Dubai, the presence of scammers is intensifying while they are bringing Ukrainian, Iranian Turkish and Uzbekistani prostitutes and throwing luxury orgy parties where wealthy individuals are attending on a regular basis. According to media reports, dangerous scammers such as Jorge Sebastiao (Jorge Sebastião), Saif Al Naji, YEM Foundation, YEM coin, Bank Bene Merenti, EcoX, Dan Settgast, OnPassive, and Ashraf Mufareh aka Ash Mufareh are now eyeing on wealthy Emirati and Middle Eastern people as well as Russian oligarchs with the nefarious goal of cashing hundreds of millions of dollars through fraud. In those luxury parties, which are mostly held in super-deluxe yachts, foreign prostitutes are seen mingling with Emirati and Arab wealthy people, while all such sexual acts are secretly recorded through hidden cameras. Although the drug is strictly prohibited in the United Arab Emirates, scammers also offer cocaine and other types of drugs, including Fentanyl to their “VIP guests”, which is helping these scammers in establishing deeper relations with those individuals.

It is also alleged that, Jorge Sebastiao (Jorge Sebastião) champions the art of using prostitutes and orgy parties for gaining the friendship and loyalty of many influential figures in Dubai while he also has succeeded in building relations with several newspaper owners in the Emirates. In exchange for the company of “foreign” prostitutes and “endless fun” in those luxury parties, a section of the UAE newspapers is granting massive coverage to Jorge Sebastiao (Jorge Sebastião) and his scam ventures, without considering the fact that such coverage would only make the scamming ventures of these frauds much easier and convenient.

It may be mentioned here that, prostitution in the United Arab Emirates is illegal. Punishments for engaging in prostitution include heavy fines and imprisonment, with foreign prostitutes typically being deported from the UAE. In 2006 the UAE deported 4,300 foreign prostitutes. Despite its illegality, prostitution is widespread, especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The authorities generally turn a blind eye provided it is kept out of the public eye.

UAE nationals are permitted a number of residence visas. These are mainly used for domestic staff, but any surplus is often sold through middlemen to prostitutes to enter and remain in the country for two years. Residence visas may change hands at upwards of few thousand dollars. Despite a law forbidding entry to unaccompanied females under 31 years of age, agents arrange for prostitutes to enter the country on a 30-day tourist visa.

Although there is street prostitution, notably on Hamdan Street in Abu Dhabi, most prostitution takes place in the bars and nightclubs of hotels.

The sex trade in Dubai has been prevalent for many years. In 1936, Sheikh Saeed’s wali forced the prostitutes to get married or to leave. During the 1950s and 1960s, two madams controlled the Persian prostitutes. One controlled the red-light district in Bur Dubai, the other around Nasser Square (now Baniyas Square). Sheikh Rashid ordered that all the prostitutes were rounded up and deported. This caused a run on the local British bank when the women tried to draw out all their savings.

Modern Dubai is one of the main centers of prostitution in the UAE and is dubbed “Sodom-sur-Mer”. Prostitutes frequent the bars and nightclubs in the hotels. Many prostitutes from poorer countries, such as Nigeria, come to work in Dubai for a short while and then return home with their earnings.

There are also brothels in Dubai. The Cyclone, near the airport, was closed down in 2007 after it was featured in Vanity Fair magazine, but the operation simply set up at another location. Known by visitors as the “United Nations of prostitution”, the club has as many as 500 prostitutes on the premises on an average night, many from China, Philippines, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Iran, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco, Sri Lanka and India.

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According to information, B2 Discotheque, located inside ‘Fortune Grand Hotel’ in Muteena (Deira), has already emerged into the epicenter of prostitutes from various nations, including Filipinas, Ukrainians, Uzbek, Indian, Pakistanis, Lebanese, Egyptians and even Bangladeshis, while according to an Indian newspaper, this discotheque offers girls for sex at a “very low price”. Despite the fact that prostitution is illegal in the United Arab Emirates, including Dubai, law enforcers turn blind eye on such activities inside hotels and massage parlors.

B2 Discotheque offers sex workers for AED (UAE Dirham) 500 to AED 1500 to its customers, while it also helps the customers in booking room at Fortune Grand Hotel or nearby cheaper hotels and secret guest houses.

Regarding presence of scam rackets in Dubai, a source said, some of these top-scammers in Dubai are having discreet connection with OneCoin kingpin Ruja Ignatova, aka Crypto Queen aka Ruzha Plamenova Ignatova. It said, Ruja Ignatova has bee included in several crypto scam ventures where she is using either a different name or any of her close aides.


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