OnPassive, a massive digital scam racket


Is OnPassive a scam racket? For the sake of saving people from falling victims of scammers, we already are investigating several scam cartels, including OneCoin, Bank Bene Merenti, YEM Foundation, YEM coin, EcoX etcetera. As part of our willingness of exposing scammers, scam rackets and scam cartels, we also are investigating OnPassive. As part of our investigation, we have found response from various individuals about OnPassive.

Responding to this question, one individual with knowledge about this racket said “OnPassive is a scam. If you doubt this, then go again and really check what their product is. They use big words like Artificial Intelligence to deceive people. I actually attended one of their online seminars, and they were claiming that people should become members as soon as possible because the price to join was about to become much higher since the product was about to be launched. This is interesting because they said the same thing 2 years ago in 2018. Either way, I asked them which specific products were about to be launched. The presenter started blabbing about soft launch, which means that only key people get the products to test. After I pressed him further, he admitted that if the soft launch revealed problems with the product, then they will go back to the drawing board to fix the problems. He still was unable to answer which product or products are being launched. Hence, we can conclude that all the comments on the internet about how great OnPassive is, are fake… because they have not launched any product yet. How can people review a product that does not exist yet? It is a scam”.

Another individual with knowledge about OnPassive said:

Simply put, yes, it is a scam the same pyramid scheme bs. Don’t believe in such crap before you invest your real money onto such company(s). This company is going on from 2018 and its 2020 end they haven’t even launched it till on, they don’t have any product/service, and they say if I buy their membership I’ll be earning in millions. Like how does that even work without even having a single product or service to provide. And this Ash Mufareh aka Ashraf Mufareh guy owns this thing, I’ve heard I don’t know much about him. But he’s a bit sketchy as well. I didn’t find a single genuine information about him. So yeah, final word doesn’t put your money on these types of stuff which say they’ll make you millions without even showing one single proof. I just have to make a one-time payment and somehow, I’ll be making millions without even doing anything! It is just a waste of time”.

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Adelina Dzhoneva said:

It’s actually a huge scam. They use big words like artificial intelligence, mechanical future, blah blah ….. they promise huge gain, instant wealth … and scam.

Piyush Soni said:

Fake! OnPassive does not have any products but only rumors. They have never launched any product for the past several years. Just through false promises and hopes, they are scamming hundreds of thousands of people. Every time scammers like On Passive are stealing people’s hard-earned money in India.

People don’t think before investing like these companies in India. Because of this, such an insane incident is happening regularly.

My advice to everyone – do not get trapped by OnPassive. Remember, people who are asking you to join this scam project are already stuck in its trap and wants to take others as well. Think before investing. Still if anyone is unwilling to pay heed to my advice is their own choice. But I would like to repeat – OnPassive is fake – 100 percent fake”.

Commenting on OnPassive, an expert said:

The website of OnPassive looks impressive at first glance, the claims I immediately read filled me with uncertainties rather than confidence. But I won’t judge Onpassive as a scam right there and then, I dug deeper and what I found out is something people shouldn’t pass on.

I actually had to read back and forth and do extra digging than I would usually do (Took me digging more than six feet under the virtual underground) to find out what Onpassive really is.

The website is too vague I couldn’t get anything with it.

Here what I found out:

Onpassive claims to be a “revolutionary” IT platform providing AI-equipped automation tools. It says these tools will help you make your business 100% hands-free. They have tools like VPN, website builder, IP tracker, and more.

Chatbots and spam filters are what usually uses artificial intelligence, the tools they offer equipped with AI is quite attention-grabbing. Basically, they project themselves to be an all-in-one online marketing tool.

Onpassive claims that with the help of these tools, you can say goodbye to manual promotions, advertising, and customer services. It says that once you become a member, you can access these AI tools for free and run your business on autopilot.

Oh, so there’s a membership? Nothing alarming, quite common. But wait!

The AI platform façade is merely a cloak to disguise the MLM side of it. I actually think the AI offer is like the appetizer to get you interested, and when you are, they then tell you about the MLM side of it.

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Wise? More like cunning.

A closer look revealed there’s another firm involved known as GoFounders. Both GoFounders’ and Onpassive’s domains were privately registered in 2018. It’s relatively new.

What’s GoFounders for? It’s like the back-office of Onpassive where team members can talk to each other and watch tutorials. Since Onpassive is still in pre-launch (for 2 years now, it’s taking them forever to launch), the owner thought of creating GoFounders so the founding members can access the back office even if Onpassive is not yet launched.

OnPassive’s founder is Ash Mufareh aka Ashraf Mufareh. His website ashmufareh.org also says he is the founder of Global Domains International. It’s an internet company offering web hosting, domain, and marketing services.

Ash Mufareh is also the CEO of GDI’s marketers dubbed as GFI Fusion.

Here’s something interesting:

In 2010, Ash Mufareh founded AshMax, an MLM that flopped soon after it’s launch. Two years later, he got involved with TelexFree, an internet phone service that turned out to be a scam even dubbed to be the “largest fraud of all time”.

Bhutan bans OnPassive

This year, Bhutanese government banned OnPassive in that country when it was proved that this is a pyramid Ponzi scheme, which targets people and steals their money through false promises.

International fraud Ash Mufareh in Dubai?

With an office in Dubai, Ash Mufareh aka Ashraf MufarehS established OnPassive as a simple matrix-based pyramid scheme four years ago, while OnPassive suspiciously remains in prelaunch.

During a webinar on February 21, 2022, Ash Mufareh claims OnPassive has ties to rulers and the US government. He also claimed OnPassive has connections with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the US Department of State. Commenting about Ron DeSantis and the US State Department, Ash Mufareh said: “(They’re) friends. They’re advocates, they love what we’re doing. They’re impressed. Their jaw dropped, okay. “How do you do this? How do you come up with all of this?”

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Since pre-launching back in 2018, Mufareh is believed to have collected millions in OnPassive membership fees.

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) should immediately initiate an investigation into what sort of relations Governor Ron DeSantis has with this fraudulent OnPassive and its kingpin Ash Mufareh. It should also be investigated to find the cohorts of Ash Mufareh inside the US State Department. Investigators should ask Governor Ron DeSantis as to why he is “advocating” a fraudulent venture.

Implying US government approval of and/or cooperation with OnPassive is most certainly a violation of the FTC Act.



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