My friend tried to buy a condom with Yem coin


A friend of mine tried to buy a condom with a YEM coin and he was thrown out of the store as the shop owner thought he was trying to tease him with this so-called rainbow currency as according to Bank Bene Merenti clients, YEM coin worth US$20,000 is not enough to buy even a single condom. And yeah, a high-sounding liar – err lawyer in our neighboring country accepted a brief from the scammer gators and they were paid with “YEM coin” – maybe a few million, and hope that lawyer hands over that “extremely valuable” fake cryptocurrency to his girlfriend or wife if he is eager of getting kicked on his face by his GF or wife.

Ladies and gentlemen – we are talking about the “YEM coin” which already has become the biggest joke of the century as none of the buyers of this garbage can ever be cashed anywhere in the world. Oh wait, some people are buying land on Mars and Jupiter, knowing well that such purchases are just fun. Similarly, those who are buying YEM coin can just indulge in the illusion and delusion of becoming millionaires and billionaires – spending the rest of their lives in mega-luxurious villas alongside all the elements any individual want to have in their life – and wake up in the morning only to realize – they already were homeless spending nights on the footpath of a city street.

YEM coin has no value at all – it’s just a grand joke. It’s a naked mockery with hundreds of thousands of people, who spent their hard-earned money buying this crap.

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Thanks to the scammer gators, they succeeded in fooling hundreds of thousands of people throughout African continent, Australia – including the United States, Britain, India, Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

As our newspaper is continuing exposing those scammer gators, they are whining with blank threats of suing us in the courts in BANGLADESH. What a matter of great celebration! Those who are suffering from the delusion of suing us should note – in the past, a sitting female MP in India, who also is a huge cine celebrity served a ‘Legal Notice’ following the publication of a report exposing her connections with notorious Dawood Ibrahim. We did throw that ‘legal notice’ in the toilet commode and flashed it. We also welcomed that lawyer to file a case against us. But, instead of doing so, that celebrity actress had assigned her daughter – another cine celebrity to beg our mercy and get that news item removed. She even went further by expressing her “eagerness” of meeting me in person – right in Dhaka. But I did not take the risk of such meeting fearing HIV infection.

Then a senior army officer served a legal notice when we exposed his crime. I personally asked that man to at least show his disgusting face at our office. He did not comply with – for reasons best known to him. Now several weeks ago, that man died in Canada. I wish his ghost would return with the legal threat. We are waiting!

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Finally, the scammer gators are also threatening us with legal consequences, as we are exposing their crimes. Hope they please will do that, as according to our information, bosses of those rackets are collecting fiat currency or real cash as their so-called rainbow currency, is of no use. Hope those idiots, who had invested in this scam project would now help the kingpins of the fraud rackets with millions of dollars to fight a legal battle against us. The day any of the representatives will arrive in Bangladesh for filing the case, I promise, we shall send a huge bouquet with a chauffeur-driven car to receive them from the airport – entertain them with lunch or dinner in a decent restaurant over a bottle of champagne, and then provide them another car to be in the court to file the case. Surely, we shall do that. Because they will file the case to lose as we shall produce strong pieces of evidence in the court. Moreover, their filing a case against a newspaper will result in international media exposure, as global journalist associations will issue statements in our defense. At least this will make the scam issue appear in the international media. Hopefully, then – many other newspapers will start exposing their crimes.


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