Obama judge obstructs details on Hunter Biden gun case


A judge appointed by former President Obama has denied a request for disclosure of the details of the Hunter Biden gun case.

US District Court Judge Rudolph Contreras said that Hunter Biden’s privacy was more important than the desire of the people to know the details of the case, Newsmax reported.

“The privacy interest here is remarkably strong,” the judge said, though he agreed that the public interest in the handling of any investigation was “significant”.

The judge made references to a Politico story that detailed how someone found the gun in the trash and gave it to authorities.

Politico reported that Secret Service agents allegedly visited the gun store where Hunter Biden bought the weapon and asked for the purchase records. The owner declined to provide them, saying the matter was under the jurisdiction of the ATF, with which he later cooperated.

The White House and the Secret Service issued statements dismissing reports that the agency intervened in a 2018 incident.

A copy of the purchase form showed that Hunter Biden checked a box saying he was not at the time a user of, or addicted to, narcotics – even though he and family members have said he has struggled with drug addiction for years.

Still, no charges were brought in connection with the episode.

The judge said that Hunter Biden talking about the incidents in his life, including drug use, did not diminish his claims of privacy.

“Disclosure would reveal whether Hunter Biden was criminally investigated by ATF,” he said. “An individual’s public disclosure of information that could be potentially incriminating in a general sense does not reduce his privacy interest in whether he was the subject of a particular federal criminal investigation by a particular agency.”

“The Court is not aware of any case law holding that a private citizen like Hunter Biden loses a sense of personal privacy for purposes of [a Freedom of Information Act exemption] merely by being related to a prominent public official,” he said.

Even a CNN reporter is taking the legacy media to task over first son Hunter Biden.

In a Twitter post on Sunday, correspondent Sara Sidner acknowledged the scandalous environment surrounding President Joe Biden’s son and said that investigating him and his business deals “shouldn’t be a partisan issue.”

“There are serious questions that should be asked about Hunter Biden. H’s not an elected official but legitimate questions should be asked and answered about his former business dealings and how it was handled by the FBI.
This should’nt [sic] be a partisan issue”, Sidner wrote in a post that included a link to a Yahoo! News story, “New Hunter Biden Revelations Raise Counterintelligence Questions,” published in April.

She also posted links to other reports — including one from CNN — adding: “Not to say there has not been some good reporting done by many outlets already.”

The CNN report, from July, claimed that a federal investigation into Hunter Biden had reached a “critical juncture,” though there have been no charges have been forthcoming in the weeks since.

But Sidner’s tweet did manage to capture the attention of several left-wing figures on the platform, many of whom were upset with her for even mentioning the first son.

“Unfollowed,” wrote former Republican National Committee spokesperson and GOP strategist Cheri Jacobus wrote.

She added in another tweet: “CNN journalists (the real ones, not this garbage) should resign immediately in protest to the fascist new management.”

Leftist actor and activist Jon Cusack wrote: “Are you gonna ask the same questions about bill bars Ties to Epstein? Through his daddy? His obstruction of mueller, Lying to congress – child abduction? No – how about bush [Cheney] Rumsfeld ties to privatized war economy? Gimme a break.”

Liberal comedian Rob Gill tweeted: “Looks like Sara is a sellout.”

Another liberal blue check, Tim Fullerton, claimed astonishingly that CNN should be ignoring the story, writing on the platform:  “Can anyone explain to me why this is a story other than the GOP made it one? The only way this is a real story is if somehow Biden somehow did illegal to make his son rich. Do the people at CNN have any evidence that happened? And if they don’t (which they don’t), why cover it?”


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