Global crypto scammers flock into Dubai


While Crown Prince of Dubai Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who also is the Chairman of the Executive Council is enthusiastic about the outcome of Dubai Metaverse Assembly, a new global event, which is scheduled to take place during the end of September 2022, several dangerous scam cartels and rackets including Bank Bene Merenti, YEM Foundation, YEM coin, EcoX and even FBI’s most wanted Ruja Ignatova, aka “Crypto Queen” aka Ruzha Plamenova Ignatova are making frantic bids of establishing their bases in Dubai and continue notorious scamming activities.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) published an “Inside the FBI” podcast episode recently titled “Ten Most Wanted Fugitive Ruja Ignatova”.

Also known to some as “Crypto Queen”, Ignatova co-founded Onecoin, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency scams.

According to reports published in BLiTZ, which have been later republished and re-written by a large number of global newspapers and news agencies, while Dubai Metaverse Assembly is a brilliant initiative of Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, key policymakers in the United Arab Emirates and the intelligence agencies are not aware of the fact that several scammers and scam cartels are already attempting to enter into UAE with fake crypto and so-called rainbowcurrency Ponzi schemes. They may also not be aware that a particular company named EcoX in Dubai, which is run by a Palestinian Hamas man, where he has a members of international scam cartel as top executive and partner in it.

FBI Announcement: Scammers Target and Exploit Owners of Cryptocurrencies in Liquidity Mining Scam

Amongst residents of Dubai, ‘Saif And Sound’ is a self-proclaimed “award winning DJ and one of the most reputed personalities in the Middle East”. Saif Al Naji is a Palestinian-Jordanian with direct connections to Palestinian mega-terror outfit Hamas. Saif Al Naji also runs an event-management company named EcoX in Dubai. In this company, his partner is an individual named Jorge Sebastiao, (real name Nuno Jorge Da Cruz Sebastiao, a British national), who is also the President of a domestic non-profit corporation registered in Nevada, USA.

According to credible source, Nuno Jorge Da Cruz Sebastiao alias Jorge Sebastiao is one of the kingpins of massive scam cartel named YEM Foundation and Bank Bene Merenti that sell fake crypto named YEM coin to hundreds and thousands of people around the world, especially African and Asian nations. Bank Bene Merenti claims its fraudulent ‘YEM coin’ is “Rainbowcurrency”, an alternative name of Crypto. In our previous reports we have reported in details how this dangerous scam cartel, by making false claim of being an affiliated of the Bank of Japan is robbing-off hundreds of millions of dollars through fake YEM crypto by fooling people in Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Niger, Gabon, Zimbabwe, Gabon, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, LAO PDR, Myanmar, Malaysia, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Oman, Bahrain, Syria, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates.

While ExoX partner Jorge Sebastiao is directly affiliated with Bank Bene Merenti and YEM coin cartel, Palestinian-Jordanian national Saif Al Naji is clearly a beneficiary and handler of dirty cash of this dangerous scam cartel.

According to information, by affiliating with Bank Bene Merenti and YEM coin cartel, EcoX man Saif Al Naji is accruing huge sum of scam-cash while a significant portion of the proceeds are diverted to Palestinian mega-terror outfit Hamas.

Another source said, EcoX in Dubai is not only a part of Bank Bene Merenti and YEM coin cartel, it also is a shadow company of Hamas.

FBI needs to investigate YEM Foundation

According to information, Bank Bene Merenti and YEM coin cartel is running under the umbrella of another entity named ‘YEM Foundation’, a domestic non-profit corporation registered in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA as a non-profit company. Company Number: E0553072017-8. Native Company Number” E0553072017-8. YEM Foundation does not have its own office in the US. Instead it uses a virtual office address provided by a company named PHYSICALADDRESS.COM.

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Our investigative reporter in the US has already checked every detail of the YEM Foundation, and found that the YEM coin and Bank Bene Merenti scam cartel is using this US non-profit as a shield of their criminal activities. It is also learnt from credible source that hundreds of millions of cheat-fund of Bank Bene Merenti, YEM coin, Dan Settgast, Jorge Sebastiao and other members of YEM Foundation scam ring is secretly deposited in various offshore accounts with the help of the Nevada-based company that provides virtual office address (304 S JONES BLVD, Las Vegas, NV, 89107) to this cartel.

It is also learnt, Jorge Sebastiao, real name Nuno Jorge Da Cruz Sebastiao, a British national is the President of YEM Foundation and one of the top kingpins of the Bank Bene Merenti and YEM coin scam cartel.

As a group of international crypto scammers are using YEM Foundation, a non-profit registered in Nevada as the “parent entity” for running dangerous fraudulent activities, the Federal Bureau of Investigation needs to initiate immediate investigation into this dubious non-profit and take stern legal actions against individuals such as Dan Settgast, Jorge Sebastiao aka Nuno Jorge Da Cruz Sebastiao and other members of the YEM Foundation.


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