Prasanna Kumar Roy, from house painter to billionaire


Prasanna Kumar Roy, nephew of scandalous bribe-taker Partha Chatterjee, leader of West Bengal’s Trinamool Congress and Mamata Banerjee’s confidante now is at media’s focal point because of his involvement with the IRS 500 million bribe scandal. On August 26, 2022, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) arrested Prasanna Kumar Roy, who is known as the second middleman in the infamous SSC bribe scam case. Prasanna, hailing from a poor family has already emerged into an extremely wealthy individual owning numerous business establishments and houses in India, while he also owns hotels in Dubai, Darjeeling, Uttarakhand, and Puri. Additionally, he owns at least five properties near New Town and a massive farm house. CBI is also checking if the illegal SSC recruitment scam funds were used to purchase all these properties. Prior to his meteoric rise, he once earned living as a house painter.

The West Bengal Teacher’s recruitment scam, more commonly referred to as the SSC scam, looks into the recruitment process conducted through the State Level Selection Test (SLT) conducted by SSC from 2014 to 2016. Candidates who appeared for the State Level Selection Test (SLST) exam had alleged that many candidates who secured fewer marks ended up with higher ranks on the merit list. They further stated that the candidates who were not on the merit list were also sent appointment letters.

According to The Times of India, Prasanna Kumar Roy is believed to have made hefty investments in films over the years. Investigators have come across a Salt Lake based production house in Kolkata, India, with which Prasanna was associated. He has links to at least 84 companies probing his massive investment in the entertainment industry.

Prasanna Kumar Roy has also invested hugely in mining and querying companies.

Another report said, Prasanna Kumar Roy owns more than 100 companies thus leaving Tata and Adani behind in the formation of companies. According to CBI, Prasanna Roy, a key accomplish of Partha Chatterjee is the mastermind behind the laundering of black money.

Prasanna has 80 firms Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) and 3 Private Limited Companies. He again became a partner in the LLP company. Prasanna Roy and Kajal Soni Roy are directors or partners of the remaining 3 limited companies. Kajal is Prasanna Roy’s wife.

Meanwhile, Prasanna Kumar Roy’s connections with transnational crime racket has also come under radar.

Cohorts of Partha-Prasanna nexus

According to our information, Prasanna Kumar Roy has business and financial connections with Salauddin Ahmed, a Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) politician who served as the state minister of communication and a member of parliament from Cox’s Bazar-1 constituency during 2001–2006. For the past several years, Salauddin Ahmed is living in Shillong in northeastern part of India and has been running stone businesses. Back in 2018, East Khashi Hill District and Sessions Judge’s Court in Meghalaya, India acquitted Salauddin Ahmed in a case filed against him over trespassing into India. Following this verdict, Ahmed’s lawyer said, “We have been awarded justice. The verdict proves he [Salauddin Ahmed] is innocent. Noe there is no bar for him to return to Bangladesh”.

But, Salauddin Ahmed did not return to Bangladesh even during the past four years. Instead, he has been running stone business with Prasanna Kumar Roy while it is also alleged that he was involved in transnational money-laundering activities thus helping Partha Chatterjee in laundering millions of dollars from India to a number of countries in the world.

Another accomplice of Prasanna Kumar Roy is Shipan Kumer Basu, a Bangladesh national who fled the country in 2016 when his connections with Bangladesh Nationalist Party, Jamaat-e-Islami and few radical Islamic militancy outfits were exposed and criminal charges were pressed against him. Sitting in India, Shipan Kumer Basu and his wife Sabita Biswas Basu have been falsely claiming to be representatives of Israeli Likud Party while Shipan was openly proclaiming himself as an agent of Israeli Mossad. There are numerous allegations against this couple of collecting money from various individuals in Bangladesh and India under the false pretense of “international campaign in favor of Hindus”.

The couple was also collecting fund for an organization named Interfaith Strength.

In the Facebook profile, Shipan claims himself as a member of Richard Benkin’s website Interfaith Strength. As introduction to the founder of this website, Interfaith Strength says” “Interfaith Strength, a web site devoted to strengthening the bonds of understanding among people of different faiths. This international effort has grown out of Richard Benkin’s growing love of and admiration for the Hindu community here in the United States and in South Asia. It also has taken him to heights of genuine interfaith understanding that has helped him similarly appreciate the Sikh community, the Amadiyyas, and others. Here in the West, “interfaith” efforts” are made generally ineffective by two misguided tendencies. The first is for either side to abandon issues or principles because they are afraid they might anger the other. Benkin found out the power of that in a conversation with two Muslim Fundamentalists (not radicals) one afternoon in a Muslim country some years back. Things began tense and proceeded with one point after another of disagreement. But it was only when they “agreed to disagree” without demonizing each other that they were able to find true points of similarity. The second problem is that when we speak of “interfaith” efforts, we tend to think only of the Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam). What a terrible mistake! Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism, for instance, are the third, fourth, and seventh largest religions in the world. We need to correct our omission and include those other faiths, most facing the same threat as the others. This web site is intended as a cyber gathering place for individuals worldwide who believe that a key to peace is understanding and respect—that is far more than tolerance—among people of different faiths; and that will attract people and organizations that disagree with those who say religion is the root of most conflict. In fact, religion, faith will lead us along the path toward peace. It is not religion that causes conflict, but the politicization of religion for transient ends. Richard Benkin also hopes that Interfaith Strength becomes a place where people struggling for the same principles of interfaith understanding and religious equality can make contact with each other and support one another as they pursue their common goals worldwide. Together with you, Richard Benkin hopes more and more people come to believe that too, and are willing to help others see it as well”.

Richrard Benkin also runs an organization named Forcefield NFP, of which Shipan Kumer Basu claims to be the Vice President. There is no such information on Shipan Basu being the Vice President of Forcefield NFP.

Shipan Kumer Basu has been guided by an individual named Mendi N Safadi, an Israeli Druze. For years, Basu and Safadi have been receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars from several leaders of BNP, including Aslam Chowdhury. BNP leader Aslam Chowdhury is also shown in the advisory board of Basu’s dubious Hindu Struggle Committee.

On his Facebook ID, Shipan Kumer Basu claims himself as “Colonel at International Police Commission Philippines”. According to internet sources, office of the original International Police Commission Philippines in located at Unit H, FMSG Building, 1823, E. Rodgriguez Sr. Avenue, Quezon City, 1112 Metro Manila, Philippines. But Shipan Kumer Basu is the so-called Colonel of a Facebook group named International Police Commission Philippines.

Under the garb of World Hindu Struggle Committee, Shipan Kumer Basu has been involved in money-laundering and drug and human trafficking activities.


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