Shall Liz Cheney hire assassins to get Donald Trump murdered?


Following her extremely humiliating defeat during August 17 primary election in Wyoming, Liz Cheney still remains an apple in the eyes of left-leaning media cartel and Democrats as she is believed to be getting millions of dollars in her bid of somehow keeping the White House under the control of Democratic Party – be it Joe Biden or Kamala Harris. Immediately after defeat when she told reporters, “Now the real work begins. I have said I will do whatever it takes to ensure that Donald Trump is never anywhere near the Oval Office, and I mean it”, although Democrats and left-leaning media cartel are cheering these words, Republicans already understand the real meaning of Cheney’s latest pronouncement. She wants to keep Republicans from “near the Oval Office”, for which, she would receive tons of cash and a carrot from the Democratic Party promising her a pass to run for presidency in 2028 as a candidate from the house or Democrats or Conservative.

In my opinion, a hot-headed Liz Cheney has become a clown or puppet of the Democratic Party, while her words have no impact either in Wyoming or anywhere in the United States. She already has emerged into a political orphan with no support or voter base.

Even some influential leaders of the Democratic Party are saying, “There’s little doubt that Cheney will continue her campaign to hold Trump accountable and prevent him from returning to the White House, but there’s also significant debate about how effective those efforts can be and whether Cheney as a candidate could garner enough support to meaningfully affect Trump’s political fortunes”.

Despite her lack of any popular support anywhere in the US, leftist propaganda mouthpieces, including The Washington Post are saying “Cheney has a chance of actually winning the presidency”. A chance of “actually winning the presidency” for a person who could not even get a fraction of votes in a Congressional primary?

Some of the left-leaning media outlets are suggesting Liz Cheney to run for 2024 presidential election as an independent candidate. This is possibly the only option for her, although her running as an independent candidate will draw lots of votes from the Democrats as they have already started seeing a hero in Cheney.

Democrats are also saying, the historic margin with which Cheney lost on primary shows that there is simply no room for Trump critics in today’s Republican Party. A Cheney presidential campaign, they say, would most likely flounder. Others also worry that she might even boost Trump by giving him a foil to launch attacks against and siphon votes from Trump’s opponent by giving them a conservative alternative to support.

While the Congress will sit into session in September, within a few weeks from that, Democrats will start feeling shattered as the midterm election is expected to give a historic victory to Republican Party’s candidates both in the House and the Senate.

But there is a serious security issue in Cheney’s words. When she says, she will “do whatever it takes” to keep Trump out of Oval Office, there is possibility that she may look of contract killers or secret assassins, paying them begs filled with American dollars, with the assignment of killing Donald Trump. For a hot-headed and fully frustrated individual like Liz Cheney, such dangerous acts should not be over-ruled. Should the US security agencies keep Cheney under their close surveillance?


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