NATO looks like an executive arm of Biden administration


Pierre Chairtano, a senior journalist, veteran war-correspondent in an exclusive interview said, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) looks more like an executive arm of the Biden administration, that has abandoned all caution and is headed into the unknown, which, according to him is “nothing good for Europe”. In the interview, we have tried to cover a wide range of issues from Ukraine war to situation inside today’s Iran, illegal migrant influx in Europe, and Islamist terrorist acts in the West and beyond.

Here is the full transcript of the interview:

Shoaib Choudhury: Thanks again for agreeing to this interview. According to information gathered through my research as a counterterrorism specialist, at least fifty percent of the young migrants in Italy are involved in numerous forms of criminal activities, while authorities are still reluctant in taking any affecting measures in checking this migrant influx. According to 2021 statistics, the majority of these migrants are from Tunisia, followed by Egypt, Bangladesh and Iran. Most shocking fact is, while entering Italy, these migrants provide mostly false documents or statements to the Italian missions in the respective countries, while they even succeed in hi​​ding their criminal records by bribing the authorities concerned.

What is your opinion on this matter?

Pierre Chiartano: This is a complex issue. You are right about the fact that some countries take advantage of illegal migration to empty their jails. It is right about the uncertain and fake identities of many immigrants, but mostly it is due to messy Italian identification procedures. For years it was enough to find few other migrants stating you are “Ahmad Kaldun” and the authorities would issue an ID paper stating such identity just based on something that was less than an affidavit.

So, you could find a person with tens of different identities, each with a criminal record, just because there was no way to get a fingerprint. It Is not “politically correct” for the global left ideology. Only during Matteo Salvini ruling as minister of the Interiors, the matter was Better managed. More control, less illegal entries, less deaths at sea.

About bribing I can’t say never happened but isn’t the main issue. The problem comes from the way then premier Matteo Renzi applied a foolish immigrant open gate policy to please EU technocrats and globalist interests. Those interests want to downgrade the labor market, dilute populist electoral base and pursue a WEF agenda on erasing local identities and weakening the Middle class. Letting them feel unsafe at home.

So, the Italian mess on immigration framework, I guess wasn’t just matter of mismanagement – in some cases It was – It was an intentional policy where Soros’s NGOs play a Strategic role. Person like Tim Dixon, a spin doctor of US Democratic party team, leads by David Brock – was sent to UK in 2015.

He acts as “influencer” on governments and media by his Common ground firm, with the purpose to make European public opinions be favorable and friendly with immigration policies. He was a professional of the so called “narrative”. His best achievement was the myth of “white helmets” in Syria that was a clear political manipulation to drive useful changes for interests very far from civil rights. So, nothing new under the sun, unless we are facing sophisticated tools of public opinion manipulation in Edward Bernays fashion. It is hard to understand real problems about each immigration group, in the middle of such a mess. I know that in the past the Bengali community in Rome was under deep scrutiny of Italian Intelligence but I have to tell you that the great majority of Bengali legal migrants are welcomed members of Italian society. As well as for the other immigrant communities that often are the best allies fencing Italy from radicalism, ultra-fundamentalism and terrorism. Of course, last years of foolish policies put this useful contribution.

Shoaib Choudhury: As we know, hundreds and thousands of migrants in Italy, after getting residency and or citizenship, also take their spouse and family members while in most cases, Italian embassies in the respective countries fail to check the background of these visa-seekers, including their past crime records.

It is also learnt from media reports, a large segment of the Muslim migrants in Italy and other European and Western countries are becoming heavily radicalized and spreading radicalism and religious hatred, as well as jihadism within the societies.

For the sake of national security of Italy and other Western countries, what measures should be taken to check the influx of such elements within the societies and countries?

Pierre Chiartano: Let me say few words about Muslim immigration.

My long stay in Muslim countries, very deep inside those communities, sharing ethic, spirit and values, thought me some basics about this culture, attitude and mindset. They are the first to complain about the mess of illegal migration. That is a real danger for the stability and the wealth of their community.

At the same time, they are aware that there is a Big game in which they could become puppets of other interests. They cannot officially state this social malaise but there is. Davos’ agenda is an evil’s plan that sees no mercy for anybody.

Muslim community – it is used as “solvent’ for local identities and sometimes as an excuse to erase, step by step, Christian tradition. A role that 90 percent of Muslim people refused. Believers love other believers, that is a fact. Of course, everything is filtered by media distorted narrative. And thanks to many “useful idiots” servants of global interests. Usually they have an Arab name even if they have lost any peculiar identity and bonds with their original community, especially if they do not have any religious identity. Then they received a quality education inside a University linked to Fabian network entourage and many career privileges. They need a lib-lab culture imprinting and an outmost “laical” label, otherwise their job is just useless, because they are serving a religion haters lobby. Radicalization is a sum of several factors and often is a useful tool to spread fear among people and shrink rights. Tools or puppets, it seems the only choice for a role inside the evil’s army

Shoaib Choudhury: As you also are an expert on Middle Eastern affairs, I would like to cite here a recent example, where Fa’ezeh Hashemi Rafsanjani, an Iranian politician, ex-lawmaker and daughter of former president of Iran has been indicted after insulting the Prophet of Islam as well as accusations of propaganda activities against the country’s Islamic establishment.

Recently, Fa’ezeh Hashemi angered many in Iran by making disrespectful comments against Prophet Muhammad, who she claimed had “wasted” the rich assets of his wife Khadijah.

Days earlier, she had also hit out at the activities of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), an official division of the country’s Armed Forces, and said the elite military force should remain on the US sanctions list.

What is your opinion on this matter?

Pierre Chiartano: There is a similar issue that happened in Indonesia a few years ago. A country with 85 percent of Muslims but whose head of government was a “modernist”.

President Jokowi [President Joko Widodo] was friend of Barack Obama and focused on a fast development policy. Then governor of Jakarta, Basuki T. Purnama, better known as “Ahok”, was one of his best men but he made a shallow comment on the Quran. That was a big issue that, in November 2016, brought to the one million Muslims protest downtown the capital and panicked the government. I was there among them. I remember the quality and the attitude of people protesting. I guess, I was the only Western reporter at the center of protests in Monas. He was then convicted and jailed.

Why this long prologue in my answer? I think the very nature of the problem could be the same as Faezeh Hashemi, with some differences of course.

Sometimes local leaders educated in Western universities or used to work in a non-religious environment could get a wrong stance dealing with believers. Even if Hashemi could seem out of the box, because wear a chador, doesn’t matter.

I noticed in many Islamic countries that urban élites and well-educated middle class have little or no communication with the countryside people that mostly are true believers with strong bonds to traditions. Often political powers play with Islam for other purposes than ethic and faith.

In my opinion it is a big and dangerous mistake. Also, because those “secularized” élites are often connected with foreign economic interests and their purpose is not always so transparent. Maybe it is not the case of Hashemi, but she is using the same critical way to face the issue. She went often to Oxford where her son was studying and where globalists like to cultivate relations.

We have to stress that Iranian Islam has a different nature compared with Arab Islam. It is easier to find a critical attitude among Iranians. Even Shia roots are more political than religious. Iranians want to stress every time they are different from Arabs. One example is the scarf mandate put under scrutiny and criticized from several sides.

Furthermore, the clergy class all over the world and of any religion is like politicians – often corrupted. Those who attack a corrupt religious class are more reputable than those who attack the faith of simple people and the cornerstones of faith. It is an offensive attitude that shows cultural arrogance and hides a mentality that is the mirror of religious radicalism: the secular radicalism that has done so much damage in the Maghreb, for example. Globalists network often used these kinds of laical critics to force a change inside a specific society. Hashemi is a rights activist and former member of the Iranian Parliament, daughter of a former President; I don’t think she talked outside of a communication framework. Her father, the powerful Rafsanjani “The Shark” was likely killed. Like in Mafia style, his daughter had to choose – either deal with the faction that killed her dad, or fight them. Her career suggests she chose the first option. She didn’t like the Pasdaran and that made her position more fragile.

Shoaib Choudhury: While recently, Peter Baum, a research-scholar and writer, said that anti-Hindu behavior is on the rise in the United Kingdom, we are witnessing similar incidents in other Western countries, including the United States. For example, US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has been pushing anti-India and anti-Hindu agendas almost openly under the patronization of Pakistan.

In your opinion, what are the root causes behind the rise of anti-India and anti-Hindu sentiment in the West?

Pierre Chiartano: This question allows me to make an interesting connection with my previous answer. Anti-Indian stance and policy could originate from several sources. Of course, Pakistan’s historic rivalry is always a good explanation, but something has changed from a couple of years ago. The pandemic scam has played a role. Premier Modi didn’t bend to Covid19 official narrative and was always suspicious about the Big Pharma policy of vaccination. India – an important member of BRICS – is now challenging the US global hegemony beside Russia and China. At stake there is the US dollar ruling over the world. Consequently, there are overwhelming reasons to ignite a media campaign against India that overlap the old rivalries. India was targeted by many fake news campaigns about Covid19 in the same way as South Africa. Both members of BRICS. Both stand against vaccination mandates.

Shoaib Choudhury: Due to the Ukraine war, the world is heading towards a cruel food crisis, while almost every country in the world is already hit by inflation. In Sri Lanka, for example, inflation has resulted in the resignation and fleeing of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa. Do you think many other countries in the world may face a similar fate because of the economic crisis resulting from the Ukraine war?

Pierre Chiartano: Let me specify something. The worldwide rise of food prices anticipated the Ukrainian crisis by several months. It was on the WEF agenda to burn the demand and slow down the economy, deprive people of the will to protest against the greatest attempt in history to cancel a thousand years of achievements in the field of civil rights. The Ukrainian war just got it worse and matches the official narrative that it is “because of the war”. Inflation is the natural by-product of an economy based on trash papers. That is because the Robber barons system needs to steal raw materials from Russia, lands from farmers, fine real estate from Italy and all savings from households worldwide.

You stressed an interesting issue. Sri Lanka is a great example that following by the book all IMF and World Bank commitments is dangerous and brings negative accomplishment when it is not taking account of people’s quality of life. In this case, the issue was the means to survive for people of Sri Lanka, like food and gas. The Ukrainian war is a smoke screen to support a narrative to deceive people and it’s a risky biz that could turn very badly into a nuclear conflict. Both are pursued targets in the foolish Davos agenda. Even if not openly stated, a strong downsize of the German economic power is a primary target for US globalists. Destroying Germany’s wealth means to prevent any welding between Russia and Europe, weakening Atlantic ties. That is a primary target for Washington today. Even a war in Europe starting from the Ukrainian crisis might seem convenient in the insane logic that has taken hold of the US elite.

Shoaib Choudhury: Western and Ukrainian media are saying, Russia is losing the Ukraine war and Russian President Vladimir Putin is becoming weaker. What is your opinion?

Pierre Chiartano: I have to tell you that I have never been to Ukraine or Russia so far. So, my answer is based on information gathered de relato and documentation. About the Ukrainian war, we heard mostly propaganda from the mainstream media. I have some colleagues that followed the war since 2014, the actual data when this conflict started. The Euromaidan manipulated revolution that brought to a coup d’état. At the beginning It seems like other colored revolutions but in short time pacific protesters were driven out by members of Sloboda Nazi party (with a great presence in Ukrainian Parliament) and militia of Pravyi Sektor another Nazi group. So streets turned from colored to black. Violence became harsh, planned and well implemented.

The evidence of that came to the ground witnesses, many reporters – even Italians – noticed that the “killing zone” during the worst days of protest was in front the Ukraine hotel and the building of music school. Other reporters saw that inside the hotel there were many snipers. They were Polish, Lithuania and Georgian, the head of this team was a retired US general.

They were member of a team that wanted ignite violence inside street protest.

They shot both protesters and security forces. The reason was clear. It was a false flag operation to push the elected premier Yanukovich to resign. He did better, he fled, that wasn’t a proof of bravery and enforced the narrative of a “spontaneous” revolution against a Moscow puppet. It was not. New election brought Poroshenko as premier and four Nazi ministers in his government, one was the minister of the Interiors, another was the President of the Parliament. At that point started the hunting against any Russians in Ukraine. When I say Nazis, I mean people that consider Adolf Hitler the greatest leader in the history. Heirs of the pro-Nazi formations during World War II who enlisted in the Nazi SS in thousands, including notorious Galicia division. Those were and still are the militias beside the Kyiv government and Zelenskiy. Those group started violence against Russians in South like Odessa and in Donbas in 2014 with cleansing purpose. Crimea, where 97 percent of the people are Russian, decided with an overwhelming referendum to come back under Moscow ruling. That was the beginning of the war, not February 2022. NATO of today has nothing to do with the Alliance that assured peace and stability to Europe for more than half a century. I can’t anymore recognize the wisdom and the balance that must guarantee the voice and position of all member states. Today the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) looks more like an executive arm of the Biden administration, that has abandoned all caution and is headed into the unknown. Nothing good for Europe.

Shoaib Choudhury: We have known each other for many years now. You are one of the Contributing Editors of Blitz. This newspaper has stepped into twenty years of publication. In this world of insanity and biased journalism, as a senior and seasoned journalist, what is your opinion about Blitz and its influence as a newspaper?

Pierre Chiartano: Blitz is an open space for independent journalism at a time where censorship is suffocating any free voices. Since 2016 I stopped any contribution with Italian and European media because there was no room for telling a true story. The official narrative became a gag. A good way to stay independent is income diversification so you can say a lot of “No thank you!. You, being Blitz editor and publisher have a rare attitude: you are brave. We are living at a time that needs bravery to not bend in front of giant interests. “Fear none but God” is a good summary of this attitude.


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