Mental fatigue caused by hormonal changes


Mental fatigue and mood swings are caused by hormonal changes. Extra care is needed so that these problems do not cause any major problems.

A person goes through various physical and mental stages from birth to old age. Adolescence is such a step in everyone’s life. Adolescence is a time when a child’s body is transformed into an adult’s body through physical changes in a special process. It is basically a state between childhood and adolescence. Usually this period of 10-15 years of age is called puberty. During this time many changes take place in the body and mind of both the girl and the boy. They have to adapt mentally and socially to this change in the body. Throughout this period, both boys and girls need a little more care and attention.

Adolescence for girls usually begins before boys. During this time girls go through various physical changes and this is the time when girls have menstruation or menstruation (menstruation). For a teenager, this is a sign that she is in her late teens. In this process, a woman’s body gradually becomes ready and suitable for conception with age.

Girls should follow some necessary hygiene rules during menstruation. Girls need to stay clean during this time. Use sanitary napkins, tampons, menstrual cups or clean cloths according to your comfort. In case of using cloth, it should be cleaned regularly and dried in the hot sun so that the germs are destroyed by the heat of the sun. Sanitary napkins should be changed every 6 hours and tampons should be changed every 2 hours.

During menstruation, some physical and mental changes occur due to hormones in women. During this time the body of the girls is a little weaker than at other times. The uterus of many people comes down, the lower abdomen swells and there is pain. In this case, you can get relief by filling a hot water bag or bottle with hot water and placing it on your stomach.

Mental fatigue and mood swings are caused by hormonal changes. Extra care is needed so that these problems do not cause any major problems.

During menstruation, you should eat foods that will replenish and increase the body’s decay, increase immunity and produce body heat and energy.

Let’s find out what kind of food should be eaten at this time and where to get them

Iron rich foods

It is very important to eat iron-rich foods during this period. Iron deficiency impairs physical growth and impairs mental health. Foods that are rich in iron such as fish, meat, eggs, liver, spinach, spinach, stalks, cauliflower leaves, lentils, coriander leaves, watermelon, blackberries, dates, ripe tamarind and mango should be tried regularly. These foods will make up for the body’s iron deficiency. Eating a slice of lemon with vegetables in the afternoon absorbs more iron.


Bleeding during menstruation as well as a lot of water out of the body. And to fill this shortage you need to drink plenty of water. Ordinary water is more effective than other beverages in eliminating dehydration.

Almonds and seeds

Almonds contain a variety of vitamins such as Vitamin E, B-6, Niacin, Folic Acid and Minerals Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium, Iron Selenium, Phosphorus which are good for the body during periods. Chinese nuts, cashew nuts, wood nuts, pesto, walnuts, etc. are very useful in filling the deficiency of the period body. Along with pumpkin seeds, you can put a variety of seeds on the food list.


Fish is rich in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, etc. These replenish the body’s loss during periods and also play a role in reducing pain.

Calcium rich foods

One glass of hot milk will give comfort at this time. According to Internal Medicine, Calcium and Vitamin D reduce the symptoms of PMS. Even these foods relieve muscle pain, abdominal pain. Milk, dairy foods, eggs should be eaten at this time.

Fruits rich in vitamin C.

Adequate intake of vitamin C is required during menstruation. Vitamin C is essential for proper absorption and proper functioning of iron in the body. Some easily available fruits like guava, mango, amalki, lemon, olive, grapefruit, ripe tomato, kamaranga, ripe papaya, pineapple etc. are rich in Vitamin C.

Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are rich in iron, which will help the body to replenish decay. It also has high levels of fiber which helps in digestion. Good digestion is an important part of staying healthy during this period.

Fear of food: Nowadays it is seen that children at this age eat much less for fear of gaining weight. Again, due to eating more fast food, junk food and eating less vegetables, the body is deficient in various vitamins and minerals. So it is very important to eat different foods from all the food groups at this time.

The right food and care can change the body and mind during adolescence to create a healthy future.

So it is very important to choose the right food and eat enough food at this time.

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