The BBC – Way past its sell by date


During my childhood and into my teens growing up in the United Kingdom, the one and only source of general news output, domestic or foreign, emanated from the BBC. This bureaucratic monolith totally dominated mainstream news and indoctrinated or at least persuaded, through quite unsubtle propaganda, three generations of UK citizens.

Its global brand was generally respected and consequently had a far-reaching impact on those who watched or listened to its news output outside of the UK.

Fortunately, today we all have access to numerous other sources from which we receive world news. Propaganda is no longer monopolized by the BBC. As a political researcher, activist and now one of the foreign editors of this esteemed publication, I note with obsessive interest the output of mainstream media and comment accordingly when I deem it appropriate. My specialism is Middle East affairs and for years now I have been of the opinion that the BBC’s geopolitical reporting in this area is biased to the point of knowingly facilitating an anti-Jewish State narrative and agenda which is eagerly promoted by its journalists, news editors and presenters.

Anti-Israel bias is nothing new to the BBC. As long ago as 2004 the BBC received so many complaints about its coverage of the Israeli Palestinian issue that Richard Sambrook a former BBC Director of news commissioned a journalist, Malcom Balen to report on the very subject of BBC bias specifically alluding to its Middle East reporting. Despite attempts to have this document made public, the BBC have successfully, legally challenged these efforts and to this day the report remains hidden within the BBC’s vaults. Hundreds of thousands of pounds have been spent and thousands of man hours have been wasted by the BBC to ensure that this report never sees the light of day. But why and surely for public interest and transparency the BBC should publish for all to see. Maybe the report confirms what many of us ‘ in the game ‘ and the general public have known for years – that the BBC’s Middle East output is biased to the point of promoting and facilitating Jew hatred.

It was therefore quite unsurprising that an incompetent BBC journalist, Alan Johnston whilst working for the BBC in Gaza was kidnapped in 2007 (3 years after the Balen Report) by Palestinians. Hamas a terrorist group whose 1988 Charter commands the extermination of Jews, released various statements applauding Mr. Johnston as being a friend and subsequently forced his release from captivity. Mr. Johnston as far as I know is still employed by the BBC. So, let’s recap. A BBC correspondent who is supposed to be impartial on the subject he is responsible for, is recognized as a friend of a terrorist organization in the area on which he is reporting and still remains employed by the BBC. And all this after an independent investigation on biased Middle East reporting has been commissioned and shelved. A Hamas Muppet on the payroll of the BBC.

It is also abundantly apparent that the ubiquitous BBC is very selective in what global news subjects it deems worthy enough to report on. Now one would have thought that perhaps a genocide is worthy of reporting by such a global news brand as the BBC. Not so as she ignores the genocide currently being perpetrated on Christians in Africa and the Sahel by Islamists. The BBC has a history of ignoring genocides in Africa – Rwanda in the 90’s and the Central African Republic in the 70’s and 80’s are just two more examples. It seems to me that not a week goes by when at least ten or more African villagers in Nigeria are butchered by Islamists which the BBC also totally ignores. I’d wager if ten Palestinians were killed each week by Israelis the BBC would have opened another office in Jerusalem to accommodate its already overstaffed offices there. But Black Lives certainly do not matter to the BBC. I have written on this very subject several times in BLiTZ and wish that other activists would expose these atrocities as and when they occur and report on them as frequently as I try to.

The BBC sent scores of reporters to cover apartheid in South Africa pre 1990 – apartheid being the segregation of races. However, since the end of apartheid, tribalism has reemerged in South Africa whereby 64 tribal murders a day are committed, Xhosa on Zulu and Zulu on Xhosa. Apparently, these are just the recorded murders and there are estimated to be two to three times that number of unrecorded murders. The BBC has no interest in South African tribal atrocities reinforcing the view that Black Lives do not matter to the BBC.

So, what does matter to the BBC? Well in December 2017 a Muslim teenager whose family came from Bosnia, described herself as a Palestinian and in a staged episode slapped an Israeli soldier who at first did not react. Her family, friends and the TV cameras were all miraculously on hand to witness the event. After repeated slaps on the soldier she was arrested. The BBC gave this minor event global, high profile news coverage and reported the story on all of its platforms for nearly six months. When I complained to the BBC through its complaints system about such a minor and staged promotion being obsessively covered in a way only to create an anti-Israeli narrative, guess what happened? I was banned from complaining to the BBC.

So genocides and atrocities in Africa command no BBC attention but an ugly teenage kid with body odor and halitosis who slaps an Israeli and calls herself Palestinian, commands six months news coverage on numerous BBC platforms.

As at the time of writing a BBC news item on the Israeli – Palestinian situation has just been aired and the reporter is the utterly incompetent, intellectually backward and bigoted BBC Muddled East correspondent Jeremy Bowen. He repeats the mythology of Israel being an apartheid state and the lie regarding the death of an Al Jazeera journalist blaming Israel. Bowen’s bias is paralleled only by his imbecility. Just another anti-Jewish State Muppet employed by the Bigoted Biased Corporation.

Very recently in the United Kingdom a story which should have received saturation news coverage was all but ignored by the BBC, reported quickly, inadequately and untruthfully and hidden, just like the Balen Report as soon as it was realistically possible to do so. The story exposed decades of pedophilia perpetrated on white, working class and underprivileged girls by Pakistani gangs in several locations within the UK. Police and social services within those towns had been aware of these atrocities for decades. The BBC are historically expeditious to expose police inadequacies, especially white police men and women, but not in this case. The industrial scale of the sexual abuse crimes committed were beyond appalling and have led to several victim deaths and suicides. There was something else very sinister about how the BBC reported on this story. The BBC referred to the Pakistani pedophiles not as Pakistani but Asian. There were no Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, Malayan, Taiwanese nor Thai men involved – only Pakistani. This was not made apparent and the generalization of the collective terminology did not explain the culture nor agenda of the responsible ethnicity. Pakistani men who were the perpetrators were not exposed but Asian men were. Why?

The BBC has a problem with the truth. The BBC has a problem with the Jewish State of Israel. The BBC has a problem with conservative ideology. The BBC has a problem with blacks and Christians slaughtered by Muslims. The BBC has a problem with exposing pedophiles when the pedophiles are Pakistani.

The war in Syria has claimed over half a million deaths including thousands of Palestinians butchered by Assad with help from Russia and Iran and yet no BBC reporting on this. This may appear odd given the obvious BBC sympathy for the Palestinians. Why no reports on this subject given decades of pro-Palestinian saturation coverage? Don’t be fooled – it is not sympathy for the Palestinians but hatred for Israel. No one cares in the BBC about Syrians, Russians and Iranians killing 5000 plus Palestinians in the last five years as a direct consequence of the Palestinians supporting the Syrian opposition. There is no anti-Jewish state story here hence no reporting.
The BBC is unfit for purpose, it is morally indecent, has biased staff eagerly promoting certain agendas and is way past its sell by date.



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