Allegations of running illegal content on Jhakkas platform


Jhakkas is a local OTT platform in Bangladesh, which is owned by Pran-RFL Group. On its website, the company says “Jhakkas is the best entertainment destination for Bangla Language audience around the World. Many Bangla and foreign content including Original web series, short film & Movies are available on the Jhakkas video streaming platform. We offer a comfortable and friendly user experience with highly evolved video streaming technology at amazing speed and crystal clear sounds”. As it is a new platform, until now its Facebook Page has drawn only 1,023 people. But only after released a hand-picked number of contents, Jhakkas already is accused of illegally running a web series, which the maker of this content had committed of making for Bangladesh’s leading production company Crown Entertainment and received a large amount of cash as advance almost three years ago. Expressing their dismay over this incident, Crown Entertainment authorities said, “the maker of the web series had signed agreement and received advance payment from us almost three years ago. This maker also received money from us with written commitment of providing us a single-episode Eid drama during the 2020 Eid-ul-Fitr, which he has never done until now despite repeated reminders. Instead, the maker has been playing numerous forms of tricks with us”.

Crown Entertainment authorities further said, they are going to provide details evidence of the fraudulent acts of the maker and would also initiate legal actions against him.

The company has also drawn the attention of the management of Jhakkas and its parent organization, Pran-RFL Group in this regard and has asked the platform to immediately withdraw the content from Jhakkas or pay the entire amount of money Crown Entertainment has paid to the maker of the web series.

Meanwhile, dozens of members of Bangladeshi entertainment sector are expressing dismay at the fraudulent acts of the maker of the web series and demanded his punishment. They said: “because of such frauds, many producers and production companies are losing interest in this sector. Such frauds should be exposed to everyone”.


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