Inflation forces Americans skip meals, conserve water


While due to failed policies of Joe Biden, the degree of acute sufferings of Americans due to inflation and skyrocketing price of essentials, Democratic Party does not yet see a “better candidate” than Biden to run in 2024 presidential election. According to Provident Bank poll, inflation under Joe Biden is causing more than 80 percent of the Americans to cut back on personal spending, while they also are forced to skip meals and conserve water. It said, more than 70 percent of American adults have made “some changed to personal travel habits”, while more than 10 percent have eliminated “non-essential purchases”.

The Provident Bank poll said: “While some consumers have cut back on some non-essential spending, like dining out and unnecessary travel, others reported much more drastic changes such as skipping meals, conserving water, and eliminating meat from their diets. People are feeling an immense amount of financial pressure right now”.

Inflation is at a 40-year high, causing two-thirds of Americans to dip into their savings to pay for daily needs. Some economists, including former Obama administration officials, have attributed the rise in the cost of goods and services to the Biden administration’s US$2 trillion American Rescue Plan. Biden has called for a federal gas tax holiday to relieve financial pressure on Americans, even though members of his own party, including former president Barack Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D Calif), have expressed doubts that the tax suspension would benefit consumers.

Barack Obama in 2008 called tax holidays “a gimmick”.

More than half of Americans surveyed said they spend between US$101 and US$500 per month on groceries, and 32 percent said they are spending hundreds of dollars more on gas. Survey respondents said baby products, meat, utilities, alcohol, household goods, and milk are particularly draining their bank accounts.

Americans spent less than expected in the first quarter of this year, according to Commerce Department data. Overall gross domestic product had a 1.6 percent annualized decline.

Multiple experts have said that the United States is heading for a grand recession.

Despite such fearsome economic condition, Joe Biden seems to be either ignorant or reluctant in taking any effective measures in saving people from further sufferings. Instead, he is mainly focusing on sending weapons and military hardware worth billions of dollars to Ukraine and even considering involving the United States in direct military confrontation with Russia by sending US troops on ground in Ukraine, which would result in a direct war between Washington and Moscow. Joe Biden also is considering sending American troops to Taiwan, as part of his plan of beginning war against China.

Commenting on the current situation in the United States, analysts said, for Biden, the biggest challenge is to save his party from a disastrous result during the November midterm elections. As he cannot check the inflation or stop the skyrocketing rise in the price of essentials, he is now resorting to pushing America towards war with foreign nations. This may be considered by Biden and the members of his administration as the only option, such actions actually will further worsen country’s economic condition. Moreover, as the United States currently is heading towards a grand recession, whoever becomes the US president in 2024, Americans are going to suffer from acute economic crisis for a very long time. At the same time, due to Biden’s liberal border and immigrant policies, the US not only will witness alarming rise in the number of illegal immigrants, it also will cause serious deterioration in law and order situation.

Analysts said, it was a huge blunder for American voters to send Joe Biden in the White House, when it was no secret that this man was totally incapable of running the office mostly due to his health and mental issues.


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