Democrats are desperate for shifting narratives


“Democrats are desperate for shifting narratives, so they pretend they’re something they’re not. Because the polling and the public sentiment is crystal clear—people don’t want career politicians, so the only way they think they can win is by pretending none of that exists”, this is exactly what Bernie Moreno, Ohio chair of the nonpartisan group US Term Limits told the Washington Free Beacon.

Meanwhile Ohio Democratic congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, who’s been in Congress since 1983 and votes in lockstep with her party’s coastal leaders says, she’s fed up with “people in Washington” who “care only about the coasts”.

In her first ad of the general election cycle, titled “Feeling Squeezed,” Kaptur claims “too many of us” are hurting economically because “the people in Washington only care about the coasts”.

It is important to note here that Marcy Kaptur has served in the US Congress for nearly forty years and almost 99-100 percent time has voted with President Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She also routinely touts her vote in favor of the American Rescue Plan, Joe Biden’s US$2 trillion stimulus package, while prominent liberal economists even said that the bill is responsible for America’s inflation surge.

Kaptur, like other leaders of the Democratic Party are making frantic bids in either hiding fact or diverting responsibility of Joe Biden’s failures on others. This is hardly the first time Marcy Kaptur has attempted to distance herself from her record as a career politician as she navigates a competitive reelection campaign for the first time in decade. Yes, the reelection has truly become tough for her.

With record-high gas prices seen under Joe Biden driving voters away from Democrats, Kaptur is putting the blame on BP and other big oil companies for “gouging consumers” despite the fact that she has received thousands of dollars in campaign cash from these oil and gas companies since 2013.

Political pundits including Bernie Moreno, Ohio chair of the nonpartisan group named US Term Limited said, Marcy Kaptur’s campaign ad proves the Democrat is desperate with the midterm elections looming, while it is predicted that Republicans will gain majority both in the House and Senate.

Marcy Kaptur’s attempt to distance herself from Washington DC, Democrats is particularly bizarre given her unwavering support for every actions of Joe Biden. In February this year, when Biden visited Kaptur’s district, she called him the “best president”. She said, “President Biden, your report card is outstanding for your first year as president” although 62 percent of Ohioans disapprove Biden.

In her speech, Marcy Kaptur had explicitly touted Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan, which Obama administration’s economic adviser Larry Summers blamed for the inflation. Still, Democrats were until recently cheering this plan.

This is not the only case. Majority of Democrats, who were cheerleading Joe Biden as the “best president” and were supporting his policies are not trying to divert Biden’s disastrous failures on others. But of course, American voters aren’t fools. They already know how Biden and Democrats have bluffed them and pushed America towards a very difficult time. Voters will give befitting response to lies and falsehood of Democrats during the November midterm elections. It will be a red wave, for granted.


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