Democrat voters surge into GOP primary to stop Lauren Boebert


Ahead of Colorado primary on June 28, thousands of Democrat voters are surging into GOP primary with the target of stopping Lauren Boebert by hook or crook. Although there is clearly indication of a red wave during the November midterm election, Democrats are now making frantic bids in damaging election prospects of several Republican Party candidates, including Lauren Boebert. With such agenda, they had earlier brought bogus allegations against Boebert stating she worked as an escort for a website named SugarDaddyMeet and had one of two abortions “due to her work” with a client on the site. Lauren Boebert trashed the allegation as totally false and is planning to sue for publishing such defamatory claims. Now, Democrats are coming up with newer allegations stating they are seeing Boebert as an autocrat. As reported by The New York Times, “Driven by fears of extremism and worries about what they see as an authoritarianism embodied in Boebert, thousands of Democrats in the sprawling 3rd Congressional District of Colorado have rushed to shore up her Republican challenger, state Sen. Don Coram. Their aim is not to do what best for Democrats but what they think is best for democracy”.

NYT clearly stated that Democrats are willing to return the political debts to  anti-Trump and even pro-Biden individuals within the house of Republicans. And here they see Lauren Boebert as one of the key rivals. As stated by The New York Times: “It is a long shot: Coram has raised about US$226,000 in a late-starting, largely invisible bid to oust a national figure who has raked in US$5 million.

“But as Arndt noted, anti-Trump Republicans have put aside stark differences with liberal policies and voted for Democrats since 2016. It is time, he said, that Democrats return the favor and put preservation of democracy above all other causes”.

The New York Times report further said: “Claudia Cunningham had never voted for a Republican in her life. She swore she couldn’t or her father would roll over in his grave. But ahead of the Colorado primary on Tuesday, she did the once-unthinkable: registered as unaffiliated so that she could vote in the GOP primary against her congresswoman, Lauren Boebert.

“So did Ward Hauenstein, the mayor pro tem of Aspen; Sara Sanderman, a teacher from Glenwood Springs; Christopher Arndt, a writer and financier in Telluride; Gayle Frazzetta, a primary care doctor in Montrose; and Karen Zink, a nurse practitioner south of Durango”.

NYT said: “In Colorado, a constellation of small political groups has sprung up to oppose Boebert’s reelection ahead of next week’s primary, such as Rural Colorado United and the Better Than Boebert PAC, formed by Joel Dyar, a liberal community organizer in Grand Junction, and James Light, an affluent Republican developer who helped create the mega ski resort Snowmass in the 1970s”.

The New York Times report went further by stating:

… Several Democrats said that attitude is part of the reason the nation finds itself at this crossroads, with two opposing camps, unwilling to find common ground in the center. The anger and fear stoked by Trump and his followers like Boebert may have “fertilized the ground for tyranny,” as Jackie Merrill, a newly disaffiliated Democrat, put it, but Democrats have played a part.

“Progressive Democrats keep believing that if they can just gain power, they can bring the country with them to all these liberal causes,” Morrison said. “And they can’t.”

In some sense, Boebert is a special case for the “disaffiliation” cause. Her 9,873-vote primary victory two years ago over a mainstream Republican, Scott Tipton, shocked voters here. If many Western Coloradans did not know the gun-toting restaurant owner then, they all do now.

A number of voters brought up her Christmas photo, featuring her four young sons armed with AR-15s (and wearing Green Bay Packers and Las Vegas Raiders sweatshirts in Broncos country). She also made an impression by screaming at Biden during his State of the Union address, taunting Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., who is a Muslim, by suggesting she could be a suicide bomber. And she helped prompt the installation of metal detectors outside the House chamber with her vows to carry a gun onto the House floor.

She actively opposed the bipartisan infrastructure bill, though recently she has claimed credit for some of its projects, and on Wednesday, she led a group of House hard-liners denouncing the Senate’s compromise gun safety bill.

Political analysts said, the surge of Democratic voters into Republican primaries this year has been an organized effort. Lauren Boebert is clearly a big target of the Democrats. They want to silence her – by hook or crook.

They said, Lauren Boebert has dedicated fans. Her biggest base of support is not on her home turf in Garfield County, in the western shadow of the high Rockies, but in Grand Junction.

Rob Baughman, of Meeker, Colorado, in a county near Garfield, said he appreciated Lauren Boebert’s uncompromising voice.



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