Frustrated Democrats want ‘big changes’ in the White House


Finally, Democrats, including closest friends and staunchest supporters of Joe Biden are showing clear signs of their extreme dissatisfaction at the performance of the Biden-Harris administration as they think, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are not only causing serious sufferings to American people, they also are pushing the fate of the party towards severe consequences. Now they want ‘big changes’ at the White House or a different nominee in 2024 presidential election. Individuals like Dick Harpootlian, South Carolina Democratic state senator and longtime Biden adviser thinks, the president should make meaning effort to turn the US economy around and salvage the country from mere economic disaster.

In an interview to the Washington Free Beacon Dick Harpootlian said: “If I had any advice to Joe Bide, it would be to fire someone. The people who are supposed to be serving you are not serving you. I’m not saying they’re malicious, I’m not saying they’re lazy—I’m just saying whatever they’re doing, it’s not working”.

Dick Harpootlian thinks, Biden administration is spending much of the day on Twitter instead of taking measures in resolving issues. Biden’s chief of staff Ron Klain spend much of his time on social media platform. Even Democratic Party leaders are not saying, White House is too waking and too on social media. Harpootlian is directly asking Joe Biden to “fire somebody”.

This year, Harpootlian’s wife, Jamie Harpootlian, was confirmed as ambassador to Slovenia.

It may be mentioned here that, according to a poll conducted by FiveThirtyEight, Biden is now the most unpopular president at this point in his term in at least a century. Skyrocketing inflation, a never-ending border crisis, and a likely recession are just a few of the problems that have left broad swaths of the public with the impression that the White House is incapable of governing.

People are also talking about Biden’s disastrous and humiliating retreat from Afghanistan, his failed efforts of taming Iran from sponsoring terrorism as well blunders such as lifting Yemeni Houthi group from the list of terrorist entity, and gradually pushing the United States towards a direct war with Russia.

Some of the Biden supporters are not ready to accept the fact that the Joe Biden is too old. Instead they think, if the economy does not improve and if the Biden administration fails to produce results, instead of creating newer challenges, Democratic Party will have no other alternative than thinking about a different candidate for 2024 presidential elections.

Democratic Party insiders have launched a whisper campaign in recent weeks over the question of whether Biden should run for a second term. These individuals, according to media reports, cite Biden’s age and diminishing cognitive ability as a factor they are most concerned about.

Here, some of the Democratic Party policymakers are considering three names – Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton and Michele Obama, although many of the party leaders and strategists are seeing three of them as “bigger disaster than Joe Biden”.

Under Biden-Harris administration, the White House is becoming defined by its slowness to react to the crises. Instead, they are putting more emphasis on buying or hiding failures of Joe Biden and crimes committed by Biden Family. Most importantly, deception and falsehood are becoming regular practices of the Biden administration and the White House run under his command. For example, when parents found themselves without baby formula for weeks, the White House simply refused to accept this fact. As for gas prices, the White House repeats the same “Putin Price Hike” slogan. Meaning, Joe Biden and his administration are making frantic bids of shifting their failures on others – and in most cases in the funniest manner.

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