From Hunter to Ashley Biden: Sex, drug and corruption


So-called mainstream media is making every effort of burying the shocking sex, drug and corruption scandals centering Hunter Biden and his half-sister Ashley Biden. Instead of publishing details about the contents of Ashley Biden’s diary, they are busy in intimidating Aimee Harris for the “crime” of exposing the secrets of the daughter of Joe Biden.

Ashley Biden, the daughter of Joe Biden has written a diary detaining too many family scandals, including her recalling “showers with w/my dad (probably not appropriate)” and details of her drug use and related sex addiction. In June 2020, the diary was found under the mattress of Ashley Biden’s bed in Palm Beach, Florida, halfway house where she stayed during a rehab stint.

In her diary, “the president’s own daughter, believes his alleged showering with her could have helped create her sex addiction”.

Ashley Biden also recounts alleged sexual abuse by a family member [media is still silent about the name of that “family member” of Ashley Biden], according to an alleged entry in her diary obtained by The

“I have always been boy crazy. Hyper-sexualized @ a young age…I remember somewhat being sexualized with [a family member]”, Ashlay Biden wrote.

Sexually abused by a family member? Who could be that “family member”? Joe Biden or Hunter Biden? As we know by now, like his half-sister, Hunter Biden is also girl and woman crazy, and been always hyper-sexualized. Hunter Biden has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars towards drug and prostitutes, while he made such cash by using the position of his father. He was getting thousands of dollars every month from Ukrainian Burisma company, and he has been maintaining connections with several Ukrainian prostitutes, escorts and at least one female member of the transnational girls and women trafficking and prostitution ring.

The US President’s daughter Ashley Biden’s diary reportedly came to light after a Florida woman who stayed in the room Ashley Biden vacated at the halfway house discovered it in 2020 and sold it for US$40,000 to a media organization, Project Veritas, says This woman, Aimee Harris, is being investigated by the FBI regarding her involvement with the diary, which the outlet says the Bidens allegedly reported stolen in a burglary.

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe and one of his journalists were targeted by federal agents who reportedly raided their homes in November 2021 searching for Ashley Biden’s diary, which they reportedly say was stolen, says Fox News and

The states that The New York Times confirmed that the Ashley Biden diary is authentic after the newspaper “reported a Justice Department probe over the diary in November 2021”.

The diary revealed the shocking and sensitive information, finally broken days ago by the Daily Mail, such as details about Ashley’s chronic drug abuse, sex addiction and being “hyper-sexualized” in her youth.

“I remember having sex with friends @ a young age; showers w/my dad (probably not appropriate)”, she wrote in a January 2019 entry.

Now 41, Ashley blames Biden for affairs outside her marriage and how her finances were “down to the wire” and how she made Joe Biden cry with worry over her ahead of a Democratic primary debate. Her writings also show Ashley Biden may have been using drugs while helping campaign for her father in 2019.

Ashley Biden is the only child of Joe Biden’s marriage to Jill Biden. Like Hunter Biden, the president’s daughter has a long history of drug use and multiple types of scandals. Court records show that in 2001 she was evicted from her home in New Orleans. She had a third run-in with the law in August 2002, when she was arrested for allegedly obstructing officers trying to break up a bar fight in Chicago.

Ashley Biden reportedly “blocked the officer’s path and made intimidating statements” after one of the assailants threw a bottle at the police.

In March 2009, an anonymous informant approached the New York Post with a video they claimed showed Ashley snorting cocaine at a party in Delaware that month. The paper declined to purchase the video but ran a story about it. The newspaper reported that in the video, a woman resembling Ashley Biden snorted lines of white powder on a desk through a red straw, and later shouted “‘Shut the f*** up” to others in the room.

The New York Post reported that lawyers who were touting the video for their client claimed, “At one point she pretty much complains that the line isn’t big enough”, and that “She talks about her dad”, adding that they had been offered US$250,000 for the footage.

Although by now everyone knows wherefrom Hunter Biden was getting cash for his drug and sex addictions, no one is asking, wherefrom Ashley Biden was getting cash for buying drugs and spending lavishly by throwing parties, where she was inviting “young and strong” boys to lure them towards having sex with her. No one is also uttering a word about orgy parties Ashley Biden was arranging. Should this information come to light, Joe Biden’s political career will be finished.

The Biden family scandals

Ashley Biden reportedly has a long history of drug abuse and scandals. The first daughter had her first encounter with law enforcement in New Orleans in 1999 for carrying marijuana as an 18-year-old. She was arrested but freed on a US$1,000 bail. At that time, she was studying at Tulane University.

A new report has revealed that five members of President Joe Biden’s family have been to rehab for drug or alcohol abuse.

Among those who have suffered from addiction issues in the Biden family are the president’s brother Frank, children Hunter and Ashley, niece Caroline, as well as his late son’s widow Hallie who allegedly became Hunter’s lover. Some of them had spells in treatment centers at the orders of a judge. In fact, Joe Biden even referred to his son’s addiction as a “disease from mommy and me,” according to a bombshell report by the Daily Mail.

According to the Daily Mail, however, text messages recovered from the laptop also reveal that Hallie Biden, Beau Biden’s widow who allegedly became Hunter’s lover, has also visited rehab four times that cost over US$100,000, some of which was allegedly footed by Biden himself.

Hunter texted Hallie amid an argument in December 2018 when they were still in a controversial relationship. “You didn’t stay longer than 10 days away from family at any one of the 4 times you went to rehab,” he wrote, before discussing which rehab center he will be attending.

In the texts, he also revealed that his father had spent US$45,000 on a ten-day rehab stay for Hallie. “It’s 3 Months because you have told me and anyone who would listen that I need long-term It’s closer. D more accessible to my children and dad than Caron [a Pennsylvania and Florida rehab group] is by far,” Hunter wrote to Hallie. “It’s much less than the US$57,000 I paid for you at [upscale Malibu, California rehab] Passages (US$5,700 per day) or the US$45,000 Dad paid at Caron (4500 per day you stayed). You don’t [have] to help me with a dime”.

Meanwhile, other texts recovered from Hunter’s laptop reveal that his sister Ashley, 40, also had to get sober after becoming addicted to drugs. She reportedly texted Hunter to warn him against his relationship with Hallie, saying his feelings for their brother’s widow were fueled by his addiction.

“I have my outpatient program until 8 pm but will call you after…I thought I was ”in love” until I got sober + realized it was all a joke,” Ashley wrote. “This disease is cunning + baffling. And will fk with you like no other. Now sober- I realized how much damage I did + how much my mind played tricks on me. I ‘loved’ xxxx because he let me use + didn’t bother me about it. Then I got sober + I swear- it’s been the biggest mind fk. I wasn’t truly feeling any of those feelings. It was the drug”.

Caroline Biden, who is the daughter of Jim Biden, the president’s other sibling, has also attended court-ordered rehabilitation following a DUI and having struggled for years with addiction. Speaking to the New York Post, her pals claimed she went into rehab for alcohol and Adderall addiction while studying at Georgetown University.

Lots of people are commenting on Ashley Biden’s diary scandal. Here are some of the selected comments:

William Fane, a small business owner for 32 years wrote: “It is proving that we have a sexual predator in the White House. We should have been aware of this from all his hair sniffing episodes. A mentally incompetent moron!”

Wayne Placker, a Victoria Jr. College alumnus wrote: “The diary has been silenced because it just implicated that Daddy Joe has no morals when it comes to incest!!”

Jason Page, a Political Science expert wrote: “What is been revealed is that Ashley Biden is a lot like your brother Hunter in that she cannot stay away from addictive drugs and poor associates. It seems that what is in the diary is not being disputed, what is being disputed is who is going to publish the information. If it was a Trump diary, it would be the lead story on CNN the entire year”.

John Sullivan, a retirement expert wrote: “If further proof of Ashley having been abused by Joe and the unfortunate episodes in her poor life that followed is needed, all you have to do is to look at Hunter, a product of the same vile father. A crackhead alcoholic who abuses and deserts women and even denies being the father of his own son. Joe Biden is a piece of garbage father, and the results of his abuse of his own children speak for themselves”.

Martin Lulofs, former member of Pentagon wrote: “Ashley Biden’s handwritten diary proved that her father is a pervert and sexual predator. Her diary reveals that JoeBama had showers with Ashley when she was a little girl. Yeah, that’s real normal right? The lying news media has downplayed the diary of course as expected but when you see her own handwriting you know its true. Especially coming after her brother Snort’s claim he paid his father hundreds of thousands of dollars as part of the Biden crime syndicate. Do a search for her diary and you’ll see it in writing yourself”.

Pete Jones wrote: “Who even needs the diary to confirm the big guy is a pedo? He was inappropriately touching children during the 2015 Senate confirmation broadcast. Of course, C-span edited their footage to hide it, but there’s a 12-minute compilation on YouTube of it (Aoflex channel). There’s even a girl who pulls away after he pinches her nipple, which she even confirmed later when asked on Instagram. She felt like there was no reason to come forward as it would just anger the people around her. Whatever happened to the #metoo movement?”

Deck Travis wrote: “Ashley Biden left her diary in a motel room. The diary was handed over or picked up by an entity that was offering it for sale to several tabloids and also to Project Veritas. They declined to purchase it as they were not able to authenticate that it in fact was Ashely Biden’s diary. Another tabloid did print several sections of the diary. Apparently Joe Biden liked to take showers with Ashley even as she was developing into a young woman. there is an episode mentioned where supposedly Joe walked in on Ashley and Hunter having sex. There are several other sections of the diary that mention things that would normally start a child endangerment investigation or at least a strong rejection by most Americans. The MSM news has chosen to completely ignore the printings of the tabloid and any other mentioning that supposedly occurred. Since this involves people of high office and Project Veritas has been on the radar as opposing the first family, the FBI took the opportunity to raid Project Veritas businesses and homes in hopes of finding incriminating information to possibly charge them or shine an unpleasant light on Project Veritas much as is done by state police in Fascist/Communistic countries”.

Richard P. Adams wrote: “That Joe Biden is enough of a pervert to cause life long problems in his child’s ability to define her self image to cause sexual dysfunction, drug abuse and hyper serialization! As always…. when they accused Trump of being inappropriate with his daughter I said “they always accuse their enemies of they themselves do just another projection going on”……. now we know! HERE WE GO AGAIN…… Russian “disinformation”…. I can hear being vomited by MSM any day now!”

Robert Lee wrote: “Just as we thought. Biden is guilty of inappropriate activity with his own young daughter”.

David Randall wrote: “Why is the President’s daughter Ashley Biden’s diary relevant? Because Pedo Joe apparently took showers with her when she was 14. Means he should be in prison instead of elected office. Guess that’s why she turned out to be a drug addict”.

Some people are asking, if the reason behind Ashley Biden’s drug addiction and hyper-sexuality is the result of being abused by her father Joe Biden. We don’t know the answer yet. But hopefully, soon we shall. Till then, please stay tuned and follow me on Twitter @Salah_Shoaib.


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