The moral indecency of mainstream media, our church and politicians


Very recently two atrocities happened on the African continent which went unreported by mainstream media. This publication has continuously reported on such events in Africa and will continue to expose major issues which mainstream media ignores.

Those affected who have been treated with utter contempt are fearful of the next atrocity. They live in the knowledge that the international organizations established to protect them have totally ignored their plight and they are treated like human excrement.

Mainstream media which is often the trigger which highlights wrongs to enable exposure and assistance to the most helpless in our society is far too obsessed with other less important issues than the mass slaughter of black Africans. Such atrocities do not suit their current agenda nor the agenda of the establishment. How can this be especially in the era of Black Lives Matter? Indigenous black African lives, or deaths, clearly do not matter when the assassins are Muslims.

On June 6, in Owo, southwest Nigeria, Muslims attacked congregants at prayer in a Catholic church. Scores were killed, others lay dying and have since died. Among the dead were infants, children, mothers and the elderly. They were gunned down and thereafter hacked to death. Such attacks are common in Nigeria and thousands of innocent black civilians, mainly Christian church goers, women and children are selected for random execution by armed Muslims. Let me repeat – the victims are black African Christian civilians and the killers are armed, militant Muslims – black African and brown Caucasian Muslims. These are the factual, simple racial and religious demographics.

On May 30, in the northern rural village of Solhan, Burkina Faso, over 160 black African villagers were slaughtered by Muslims. The perpetrators of the slaughter were again a mix of black and brown Caucasian Muslims. Similar to Nigeria such attacks are common in Burkina Faso where thousands of indigenous black Africans have been butchered by Muslims in the last five decades. The racial, and religious dynamics regarding victims and assassins replicate Nigeria’s experiences.

On May 3 over 70 villagers were butchered by Muslims in the village of Kodyel, Komamandjari province, Burkina Faso.

Other countries in the Sahel such as Mauritania, Niger and Mali have experienced numerous, similar atrocities. And let me repeat that the thousands of victims are mainly indigenous, non-Muslim Africans and the perpetrators a racial mix of African and Caucasian under the unification of Islam.

None of these three recent atrocities were reported on mainstream television or radio news in the United Kingdom. A review of other Western tv and radio channels proved similarly consistent. Any reports were hidden among various other Africa centric news items on websites appearing on average for 36 hours. Unfortunately, this is the norm. The extermination of Christian and non-Muslim Africans by Islamists is unworthy of global news. Very occasionally the Qatari funded Al Jazeera will give some space to such atrocities which is perverse given Qatar is a main funder of Islamic terrorism in the Sahel region.

Not one Parliamentarian rose in either the House of Commons nor the Lords to offer condolences to the victims, to protest the outrage or to expose and condemn the perpetrators. Our church leaders of all denominations have remained silent but paradoxically extremely vocal on another African country, Rwanda, where the UK government might deport illegal immigrants. Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury and other church leaders have been particularly outspoken on this issue but alas silent on the Muslim murders on black Africans. The UK church has its priorities wrong and its leaders remind me of the church leaders during the Nazi era who kept quiet as Jews, gays, Roma, Communists and the physically and mentally disabled were transported to the gas chambers.

Regarding the Nigerian and Burkina Faso slaughter there were no protests in the streets by black groups nor any other human rights groups. Our radio stations, our newspapers and social media though aware have ignored these atrocities. One has to question the moral decency of all those who have remained silent, as silence is assent.

Surely the United Nations would establish an investigation by one of their various bodies or councils to discuss the continuous attacks including the most recent on these defenseless, helpless African civilians? And what about Amnesty International and War On Want – both too rabidly obsessed with demonizing the only Jewish State which paradoxically is a multiracial, free society. No, nothing, absolutely nothing. No Human Rights Council, no NGO, nothing from the Organization of African Unity. And Black Lives Matter? Zero, zilch, sweet Fanny Adams as we say in the UK. Clearly these Black Lives did not matter and do not matter to those who should and do have the means to assist.

Ironically the intellectually imbecilic President of the Republic of Ireland, a Mr. Higgins insignificantly alluded to the most recent two events but blamed climate change. I kid you not. Ireland deserve this clown given the ingrained racism within their Parliament. For those who have raised their eyebrows at this statement please remember that this country has more memorials on public display to Nazi collaborators than the whole world combined. Ireland was the only country in the world to offer condolences on the death of Hitler and the only country in Europe trying to pass legislation to criminalize those of her citizens visiting or trading with the only Jewish State in the world. I digress so let’s revert to the subject matter at hand.

Compare these and previous barbarities committed by Islamists on black, non-Muslim Africans with the recent, unfortunate death of a Palestinian journalist or indeed the death of George Floyd. The saturation media attention on these two events was global, viral, excessive, biased, unending, and commented upon by every recognizable media outlet numerous times.

Indeed, the two events are still being covered years and weeks after the event. Why no reporting on the slaughter of those in Africa? It makes no sense. It only makes sense to the media fascists. To morally decent folk it makes no sense.

If the victims were, let’s say Palestinians or the perpetrators were white, right wing militants then what do you as readers think the reporting would be? There would be global media outrage. You see the global mainstream media cares not about the victims nor the assassins unless those groups fit the agenda that the mainstream media is rabidly obsessed with. Palestinians are treated with unwarranted and disproportionate sympathy and the Jewish State treated with unwarranted and disproportionate hatred. Similarly, conservative, white conservative Christians are identified by mainstream media with disproportionate and unwarranted hatred. And that is why when there is the possibility of a story that can be highlighted to negatively expose these two demographics the mainstream media wastes no opportunity. And the reporting is obsessive, saturated and elongated.

This does not explain nor should be used as an excuse for the silence of the Church, politicians – especially black politicians and the United Nations on the events in Africa. Unless of course they mimic mainstream media – which they do.

This publication Weekly Blitz and myself as a Foreign Editor of this brave journal will continue to research and expose the barbarities carried out by Islamists on Africans.  We will continue to expose the total moral indecency of our media, our parliamentarians, our churchmen and women, our various human rights organizations, charities and our culture icons who remain silent simply because they are nauseating hypocrites and intellectually backward and biased. There is undoubtedly an agenda within mainstream global media supported by the United Nations, to unfairly focus on the only Jewish State in the world. There is a rabid obsession only to highlight Israel as the bad guy and the Palestinians as victims which is ironic and perverse. Why? Well both Palestinian Charters, the Palestinian National Council Charter of 1968 and the Palestinian Hamas Charter of 1988 Muppet Nazi ideology in demanding Jew extermination. There is global silence on these Hitlerite documents which have indoctrinated three generations of Palestinian children. By continuing with this agenda, global victims of Islamists remain ignored. The world is silent and indigenous, non-Muslim black Africans will continue to be butchered by Islamists.

And to readers of this article, silence is assent.


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