Anti-Bangladesh individuals start getting exposed, finally


Amongst the anti-Bangladesh individuals, INTERPOL wanted convicted criminal Shahid Uddin Khan tops the list. Others are, Tajul Islam Hashmi alias Taj Hashmi, Captain (sacked) Shahidul Islam, Tasneem Khalil, Zulkarnain Saer Khan Sami alias Tanvir Md. Sadat alias Tanvir, Mina Farah, Tito Rahman, Nazmus Saquib, M Rahman Masum, Kanak Sarwar, Major (Sacked) Delwar Hossain, Pinaki Bhattacharya, Ilias Hossain, Abdur Rob Bhuttow etcetera.

Recently when Tito Rahman and Nazmus Saquib were caught red-handed while attempting to extort hundreds of thousands of dollars from a Bangladeshi business conglomerate, the cat came out of the bag. It was later revealed that by forming alliance with an illegal entity named ‘Nagorik TV’, Tajul Islam Hashmi alias Taj Hashmi, Shahidul Islam, Zulkarnain Saer Khan, Tasneem Khalil, M Rahman Masum, Major (Sacked) Delwar Hossain and others were involved in blackmailing various individuals and business houses in Bangladesh and were extorting large amount of cash on a regular basis. It may be mentioned here that, these anti-Bangladesh individuals are residing in the United States, Britain, Canada, Sweden and France. Under the existing laws of these countries, extortion is considered as a serious crime.

On June 5, 2022, INTERPOL wanted convicted criminal on his Facebook ID gave an announcement stating, within a couple of days, he is going to present evidence of lies and criminal activities of Tajul Islam Hashmi alias Taj Hashmi, Shahidul Islam and others. Shahid Uddin Khan termed Taj Hashmi, Shahidul Islam and others as “thieves, frauds and con-artists”. Earlier, Shahid Uddin Khan also published a post (which was later deleted) giving details of criminal activities and crime records of Zulkarnain Saer Khan Sami alias Tanvir Md. Sadat alias Tanvir.

Meanwhile, fearing being exposed of his criminal activities, including blackmailing and extortion, Tajul Islam Hashmi alias Taj Hashmi, by appearing on an illegal YouTube channel has labelled Tito Rahman, Nazmus Saquib and other members of ‘Nagorik TV’ as “bastard, swine, son of whore” and said, characters of these people are similar to those filthy prostitutes in low-grade brothels. Hashmi said, “these people are blackmailers and criminals”.

But, the same Tajul Islam Hashmi alias Taj Hashmi did not utter a word against INTERPOL wanted convicted terror-funder and notorious criminal Shahid Uddin Khan, because he was getting financial benefit from Shahid Uddin Khan to promote him on various social media platforms. Two other hired propagandists of Shahid Uddin Khan are Tasneem Khalil and Kanak Sarwar, while recently this nefarious criminal has joined hands with Abdur Rob Bhuttow and Mahmudur Rahman (a so-called journalist and propagandist of Jamaat-e-Islami). It may be mentioned here that, Abdur Rob Bhuttow is a relative of Dr. Zubaida Rahman, wife of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP)’s mini-boss Tarique Rahman, a convicted fugitive.

It may be mentioned here that, Tajul Islam Hashmi alias Taj Hashmi was initially promoted by a leading English-language newspaper in Bangladesh, as Hashmi was introduced to that newspaper by controversial Nobel laureate Muhammed Yunus.

Muhammed Yunus, a liar and fraud

The bloodsucking show of Dr Muhammad Yunus was exposed by Blitz in 2011 through a number of investigative reports. Prior to publication of the reports, our reporters were sent to Jobra village in Chattogram, which was claimed to be the model “success story” of Yunus and his Grameen Bank. Our reporters interacted with the villagers and collected information as well as photographs, to expose the lies of Yunus.

It may be mentioned here that, Mohammad Yunus projected a documentary film on woman’s fortune at the Nobel Prize awarding ceremony in Oslo, Norway on October 13, 2006, through which he had falsely claimed his success story. The documentary mainly focused on the first borrower of Grameen Bank, Sufia Begum [also spelled as Sufiya Begum], showing her as owning a two-stotey building after rising from miserable condition.

But in reality, our reports had exposed the real condition of Sufia Begum. Although Yunus and Grameen Bank claimed to have helped her in erecting her own building, in reality, she was living in dire economic condition in an almost broken hut, with other members of her family. The building which Yunus and Grameen Bank was showing as Sufia’s in their documentary films was actually owned by an individual named Jabel Hussain, an expatriate Bangladeshi in Dubai.

The owner Jabel Hussain had, from Dubai, instructed his relatives in Bangladesh to sue Yunus and Grameen bank if his two storey house is again shown as Sufia’s in future. There had never been any response or comment or statement from Yunus and his Grameen Bank though the Blitz report was read by hundreds and thousands of people from around the world.

Furthermore, Nurun Nahar, the youngest daughter of Sufia Begum told Blitz reporters that though Mohammad Yunus earned name, fame and even Nobel Prize, her mother being the first borrower of microcredit scheme could not change her life and had to lead a miserable life. She said, Sufia Begum took loan to start a cane business but found her trapped in a vicious circle of loan and interest. Later, she was compelled to take loan from different sources to repay Grameen Bank.

It may be mentioned here that, at personal efforts of Bill and Hillary Clinton, bloodsucker Yunus was given highest civilian medal in the US by President Barack Obama.

Being inspired by the Blitz report, award-winning investigative Danish documentary filmmaker Tom Heinemann made a film titled ‘Caught in Mocro debt’, where he too had shown the falsehood and cruelty of Mohammad Yunus.

Sufia’s daughters Halima and Nurunnahar said that they were left absolutely pauper and have to beg for survival. On investigation, it was found that when Sufia died due to extreme poverty the local people had to collect donations for her burial.

The false story Yunus was telling the world

The story of Sufia reads like this. Yunus gave BDT 20 [US$ 0.25] to Sufia Begum of Jobra village years back as loan with the condition of returning in time with interest. Sufia returned that money and got second loan of BDT 500 from Yunus. She was so excited that she spread the news in the entire village. This was the beginning of Grameen Bank concept. But, most of the borrowers, who took money from Yunus, gradually turned from poor to poorest as they were compelled to pay regular interests at high rate. In Jobra village alone, a large number of villagers have already been turned into paupers by Yunus and his Grameen Bank.

Yunus and his Grameen Bank projected Jobra village and Sufia as example of their excellent success stories to the international audience. Through such campaign, Yunus has attained tremendous attention of the international community. He has gained fame in the world as ‘pioneer’ of micro credit, for which, Bill Clinton had personally pursued and succeeded in letting Yunus receive the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize in 2006. The name of Sufia Begum, the first borrower of loan from Yunus’s Grameen Bank, has already crossed international boundaries of many countries, as Grameen Bank proudly pronounced her name as one of the brilliant success stories of their so called micro-credit loans. It is beyond knowledge of many that, almost one decade back, Sufia died due to extreme poverty and lack of any minimum medical treatment.

Blitz also reported that Yunus took former US first lady Hillary Clinton at Grameen Bank’s project situated at Rishi Palli at Moshihati in Bangladesh, where Yunus initiated a project named ‘Hillary Adarsha’ (Hillary Model) and started distributing loans to the locals.

Although Hillary Clinton was deeply impressed and given assurance of providing soft-term loan to the poor villagers, in reality, the villagers were made to pay 30-40 percent interest. After the visit of Hillary Clinton, the entire village turned into a land of horror. Extreme poverty due to high interest charged by the Grameen Bank pushed them towards starvation, poverty and compelling many of them to commit suicide. Child marriage is very common in that village. A large number of females from the village ended up in local and neighboring brothels, as they were virtually sold by parents due to poverty. Now, Hillary Model village has turned into a big joke to the locals. But Yunus was successful in tactfully suppressing this fact from the attention of Hillary Clinton.

While many people in the world knew Mohammad Yunus as a noble soul and friend of the poor, in reality, he is a damn liar, a con artist and someone who has fooled millions of people in the world by telling false stories of his success and that of Grameen Bank.

Shahid Uddin Khan, a INTERPOL wanted terror funder

Shahid Uddin Khan, an INTERPOL wanted criminal and terror-funder repeatedly has been claiming to be an “honest” man on various YouTube channels. But BLiTZ has already unearthed specific evidences of unimaginable financial crimes committed by Shahid Uddin Khan, his wife Farzana Anjum Khan and daughters, Shehtaz Munasi Khan, Parisa Pinaz Khan and Zumana Fiza Khan. Since 2009, British authorities have allowed this dangerous individual in residing in London by investing over US$ 15 million towards the so-called Golden Visa program, which has already allowed hundreds of criminals from around the world in taking refuge in England. According to the Transparency International, London is considered as the ‘Capital of dirty money’ as it has been allowing various individuals in bringing-in millions of dollars through illegal channels. Although Britain boasts of combating financial crime and even competing imposing sanctions on various individuals from different countries by accusing them of amassing wealth through illegal means, Britain’s role of letting nefarious individuals such as Shahid Uddin Khan in investing millions of dollars of dirty cash in England, where the National Crime Agency (NCA) and other law enforcement agencies are surprisingly lethargic in initiating legal actions against these culprits and deporting them to their homeland.

According to information, Shahid Uddin Khan, his wife and three daughters own properties worth hundreds of millions of takas in the United Kingdom and Bangladesh. Here is only description of only a portion of properties owned by the terror-funder family:  

A posh apartment at flat # 2, house # 184, road # 2, Baridhara DOHS, Dhaka, Bangladesh,

A 5,000 square-feet apartment at flat # C2 and C3, house # 2, road # 4, Banani DOHS, Dhaka, Bangladesh,

A 9,000 square-feet apartment at Polaris, ABC-3, Second floor, House # 1, Adamjee Cantonment, developed by Shanta Properties, Dhaka, Bangladesh (this huge apartment is purchased in the name of Shahid Uddin Khan’s wife Farzana Anjum Khan),

An apartment at flat # C5, house # 20, road # 4, Dhaka Cantonment, Dhaka, Bangladesh (this apartment is purchased in the name of Shahid Uddin Khan’s wife Farzana Anjum Khan),

An apartment at flat # B5, house # 10, road # 10, Dhaka Cantonment, Dhaka, Bangladesh,

A luxury villa at 239 West Barnes Lane, New Malden KT3 6JD, United Kingdom (this property is purchased in the name of Shahid Uddin Khan with £1,250000). The land has the benefit of the rights granted by but is subject to the rights reserved by a Conveyance dated 24 October 1927 made between Charles Cunningham and Vera Kahn,

An expensive property at 57 Coombe Lane, West Wimbledon, London SW20 0BD. This property is purchased in the name of Farzana Anjum Khan, Shehtaz Munasi Khan and Parisa Pinaz Khan with £750,000).

In addition to these properties in Bangladesh and the United Kingdom, Shahid Uddin Khan and his family members have made huge investment in a number of business enterprises such as:

Uttara Apparels Limited, Company number 08132788, SIC codes 46420 (Private company limited by shares), located at 57 Coombe Lane, London SW20 0BD, the United Kingdom, where Shahid Uddin Khan holds 65 percent and his wife Farjana Anjum Khan holds 35 shares,

A company named Zumana Investment & Holdings Limited [also named a Zumana Investment & Properties Limited], Incorporation certificate number 0741417, dated October 25, 2010. The registered office of this company is located at Unit 29 Eleanor Street, London, E3 4UR, United Kingdom,

A company named Astha Now Limited, company number 11995656 situated at 239 West Barnes Lane, New Malden, England, KT3 6JD is owned by Farjana Anjum Khan, Shahid Uddin Khan, Parisa Pinaz Khan, Shehtaz Munasi Khan and Zumana Fiza Khan.

They also had established a readymade garments factory in Bangladesh namely Shujon Apparels Limited, which was involved in smuggling of narcotics from Bangladesh to the United Kingdom under the disguise of apparel consignments. It is anticipated that the key reason behind establishment of Uttara Apparels Limited in Britain is also to continue drug trafficking within the European countries. It may be mentioned here that, Shahid Uddin Khan is linked to terror don Dawood Ibrahim.

Since 2009, Shahid Uddin Khan’s family has been living in the United Kingdom. Shahid Uddin Khan (Army No: BA002428, Course: 8-BMA, Commission Date: 10-06-1983) and his wife and daughters entered Britain with millions of dirty cash.

According to credible sources, in 2009, Shahid Uddin Khan invested millions of pounds in the United Kingdom in exchange for obtaining immigrant status under Visa Tier 1, vide VAF No. 511702. The family had laundered an unknown amount of money and brought that into the United Kingdom via the United Arab Emirates and a few more countries, while Shahid Uddin Khan had invested over 18 million pounds for buying citizenship under Britain’s scandalous ‘Golden Visa’ scheme.

According to immigration records, Shahid Uddin Khan and his family members regularly visit the United Arab Emirates. British intelligence agencies never wanted to know the reason behind this family’s visit to the UAE.

Media reports said, four months before the Sri Lanka attacks, ISIS funder Shahid Uddin Khan had sent an amount equivalent to ninety-two thousand dollars. This amount went from Dubai to Colombo. In other words, Khans funded the Sri Lanka jihadists – on behalf of ISIS.

According to a report published in The Business Standard, Indian intelligence agencies were probing a deep-rooted nexus involving underworld don Dawood Ibrahim and a London-based former Colonel of the Bangladesh army. The agencies suspect that the Bangladeshi army officer, allegedly involved in gun running, has links with Dawood Ibrahim’s underworld activities operating from India’s eastern borders.

What prompted the intelligence agencies to probe the nexus between Dawood and the Bangladeshi army officer was a report published in a leading British daily. On May 25, 2019 British newspaper The Sunday Times, in an exclusive report, revealed that a sacked Colonel Md Shahid Uddin Khan had been charged with funding terror groups, arms dealing and money laundering offences in Bangladesh. According to the British newspaper, the former Colonel has political links in Britain and had funded an MP [Tory Party MP Stephen Hammond].

Shahid Uddin Khan and his family members came under the radar of London Met Police in 2019, when Blitz started publishing investigative reports exposing notoriety of this terror-funder and money launderer. Later, prestigious British newspaper The Sunday Times journalist Tom Harper also published an investigative report exposing series of illegal activities of this man.

Quoting the investigative report of British newspaper The Sunday Times, Dubai-based newspaper The National in its report said:

A British Conservative Party donor has been charged with funding terrorist organizations, illegal arms dealing, fraud and money-laundering in Bangladesh.

Mohammed Shahid Uddin Khan, 55, of Wimbledon, south-west London, was a former colonel in the Bangladeshi army.

He is facing jail in his homeland after his Dhaka property was raided by counter-terrorism police in January.

According to British paper The Sunday Times, Mr Khan has donated £20,000 (Dh93,395) to the Conservative party and has lived in the UK capital since 2009, when he bought a multimillion-pound “golden visa” to ensure he and his family could stay in the country.

Bangladeshi police say they found detonators, weapons, radical literature linked to Al Qaeda and fake Bangladeshi currency in Mr Khan’s home.

They say they have uncovered 54 bank accounts held by the donor, which provide evidence of money laundering and funding of terrorism.

According to India’s oldest weekly newspaper The Organiser, Indian intelligence agencies suspect Md. Shahid Uddin Khan, involved in gun-running, trafficking in narcotics and money laundering, has links with Dawood Ibrahim’s underworld activities, operating from India’s northeastern borders.

Connections between ISIS funder and Tory Party MP

According to media reports, convicted fugitive and funder of Islamic State (ISIS) Shahid Uddin Khan has hired British Torey Party’s MP Stephen William Hammond as his cohort in Khan’s nefarious agenda against Bangladesh.

Since 2010, terrorist Shahid Uddin Khan has been maintaining connections with British politician and currently Torey Party’s MP Stephen William Hammond. According to media reports, Shahid Uddin Khan has also business relations with British Conservative Party politician Stephen William Hammond, who has served as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Wimbledon since 2005.

INTERPOL wanted convicted terrorist and jihad-funder Shahid Uddin Khan recently claimed to have held a “meeting” with Victoria Marie Atkin, Minister for State for Prisons and Probation under Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Victoria Mary Atkins was born on 22 March 1976 in London. She is the daughter of Sir Robert Atkins, a former Conservative MP and MEP and Lady Dulcie Atkins, a Conservative councilor.

Ms. Atkins was called to the bar (Middle Temple) in 1998. She worked as a barrister in the field of fraud in London.

Recently, Shahid Uddin Khan published his photograph with Ms. Atkins along with UK’s Torey Party’s MP Stephen William Hammond stating he had meetings with the junior minister amongst many others.

Commenting on British MP Stephen William Hammond’s secret financial relations with terror-funder Shahid Uddin Khan and this INTERPOL wanted criminal getting special favor from Stephen Hammond and few other leaders of the Tory Party, a political analyst in the United Kingdom said: “Such connections are very unfortunate. British politicians should not sell their souls to controversial individuals like Shahid Uddin Khan”.

Who is Stephen Hammond?

On 4 September 2012, Stephen Hammond was appointed Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport, with responsibility for buses, rail and shipping. He lost his ministerial post in the reshuffle on July 15, 2014 and was succeeded by Claire Perry. He became Vice Chairman of the Conservative Party for London on 20 July 2017 and was sacked the following December 16 after participating in a Brexit rebellion against the government of Theresa May three days earlier.

Hammond was however appointed to be a Minister of State at the Department of Health and Social Care on November 16, 2018, following the promotion of Stephen Barclay to the position of Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union. On September 3, 2019, he had the whip removed after voting for a bill ruling out leaving the European Union without a deal. However, on October 29 he was one of ten Conservative MPs to have the whip restored.

Hammond first stood for Parliament for North Warwickshire at the 1997 general election, being comfortably defeated by Labour’s Mike O’Brien. Contesting Wimbledon in 2001 general election, he failed to regain what had been a safe seat for the Conservatives before Labour’s 1997 landslide and was defeated by the Labour incumbent, Roger Casale. He was elected a councillor for the Village ward in the London Borough of Merton election in 2002 and subsequently became Deputy Leader of the Conservative Group on Merton Council.

In 2012, Hammond was the subject of a parliamentary investigation after it was revealed that he had failed to disclose investments in Harwood Film partnership, a legal investment scheme which permitted the deferral of tax payments, in the Register of Members’ Interests. He subsequently apologized for the “oversight” in not registering the financial interest but was cleared of any wrongdoing.

In 2013, Hammond consistently voted in favor of allowing same-sex couples to marry. Following the confidence and supply arrangement between the Conservatives and the DUP after 2017 general election, Hammond promised to stand up and protect LGBT+ and women’s rights from any potential dilution. In 2019, he voted to extend abortion and same-sex marriage to Northern Ireland.

In December 2014, Hammond assumed a second job as an adviser to Inmarsat; he was cleared to do so by the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments. He had been criticized earlier that year for having been the fourth most frequent user of ministerial chauffeur-driven “top up” cars, at 138 uses per year, during his time in office as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport. Hammond had previously criticized Ken Livingstone in the House of Commons for setting up companies to reduce his tax bill. The Daily Telegraph subsequently alleged that Hammond had sought to avoid tax by registering the ownership of his Portuguese villa through an offshore-registered company, which his lawyers described as a “normal” arrangement that “did not result in tax benefits for him or his wife”.

The article about Stephen Hammond on Wikipedia was one of a number edited in May 2015 by computers owned by Parliament in what The Daily Telegraph described as “a deliberate attempt to hide embarrassing information from the electorate”. The deleted information concerned his frequent use of chauffeur-driven cars while in government.

Hammond announced in early 2016 that he would wait until Cameron’s renegotiations before endorsing either a Remain vote or a Leave vote in the 2016 referendum on the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union. On 14 June 2016, he endorsed a vote to remain in the European Union. On 13 December 2017, Hammond was involved in a rebellion against the government of Theresa May in which the government suffered a defeat on a key Brexit vote about granting MPs a ‘meaningful vote’ in Parliament. He was subsequently dismissed as the Conservative party vice-chairman over the incident.

In the 2019 Conservative leadership election, Hammond endorsed Matt Hancock’s bid for the party leadership. Hammond lost the party whip during the September 2019 suspension of rebel Conservative MPs. Despite this, he was selected as the Conservative candidate for the next general election. Hammond was reelected at the 2019 general election with a much-reduced majority.

In 2021 Hammond was censured by the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments (ACOBA) for an “unacceptable” breach of the ministerial code for failing to seek their advice before taking a second job with the Public Policy Projects thinktank.

Following the publication of the Sue Gray report, Hammond revealed he had submitted a letter of no confidence in Prime Minister Johnson.

According to the Business Insider:

A second former health minister in the UK government has been censured by the UK’s anti-corruption watchdog for an “unacceptable” breach of the ministerial code, which is designed to prevent corruption in public life.

The Advisory Committee on Business Appointments (ACOBA) found that Conservative Member of Parliament and former Health Minister Stephen Hammond had failed to seek their advice before taking a £100-an-hour job with the think-tank Public Policy Projects (PPP) last year.

PPP, which has hired several other former Conservative ministers, including the former Home Secretary Amber Rudd, describes itself as a “subscription-based global policy institute”.

Hammond failed to declare the role, which initially involved giving advice on his former ministerial responsibilities of infrastructure, but which was later expanded to include healthcare policy, despite clear rules requiring him to first seek ACOBA’s advice.

Under UK government rules designed to prevent corruption in public office, former ministers must seek advice from ACOBA prior to taking up any appointments or employment within two years of leaving office.


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