Ukrainian sex workers pretend as refugee, take shelter in EU homes


Taking advantage of the ongoing situation in Ukraine, hundreds of Ukrainian sex workers are entering EU countries under pretense of refugee and later privately engaging into escort service or are hunting customers through social media. A female house owner in Ireland, who took in what she believed to be a Ukrainian refugee and her daughter is urging people not to make accommodation arrangements privately after her new guest turned out to be an escort.

The woman spoke on TippFM radio of her experience after opening up her home in an effort to help a family fleeing war in Ukraine.

Helen, whose full name was not given, had been corresponding with a woman on a Facebook group who had sought accommodation for herself and her daughter.

The mother and daughter arrived in Ireland on March 14, 2022 and were picked up from the airport by Helen, who then took them to buy new clothes.

Within a week, Helen became uneasy about the presence of the woman in her home as she began talking within a few days of meeting different men for “dates”.

She arranged to meet one man during St Patrick’s weekend and was planning to leave her young daughter in the house on her own.

Helen discovered from neighbors that the woman was being picked by different men while she was out at work.

She had no recourse through any agency because the accommodation arrangement had been made privately.

However, she was able to get the woman and the child into emergency accommodation.

She told TippFM: “I had opened my home. It is a beautiful home. It got thrown back in my face.

“If I had not had the resources that I personally had, I would not have been able to get this woman out of my house and that is my fear for other families who are opening their homes. They may find themselves in my position and may not be able to move them on”.

She urged people to go through the Irish Red Cross rather than making private arrangements.

“Make sure you are protected. There are a lot more complexities than just bringing someone into your home and opening your heart to them. There will be issues. It is bringing two different families together”.

There also are allegations against Ukrainian girls and women taking shelter in EU homes and later starting selling drugs in the locality. Some of these females even are working on behalf of neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine and offering weapons to private buyers in the EU countries at a “discount price”. It is also alleged that these Ukrainian females are offering weapons in exchange for drugs and later selling drugs through social media or through sex rackets operated by Ukrainian nationals.

“Giving shelter to Ukrainian females is a matter of great risk, as many of them either are escorts or sex workers or involved in serious crimes such as dealing in drugs and even illegal weapons”, a resident of Ireland told this correspondent.



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