Russian embassy employees in Washington face hostility


Employees of the Russian Embassy in Washington receive threats, including threats of physical violence, and the operation of the embassy currently resembles a besieged fortress, Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov said, speaking on Soloviev Live.

“It’s a good comparison, I would rather agree with it – it’s like a besieged fortress. In principle, our embassy is working in a hostile environment,” he said, answering a question. “Every day, anti-Russian rallies take place near our mission, acts of hooliganism and vandalism take place. My comrades, embassy employees receive threats, including threats of physical violence”.

US representative seek to push Russian diplomats and military into betrayal by making certain statements, Antonov said.

“The horror here is that renowned politicians, whom I used to rather respect in the past, whose knowledge I held in high regard, now publish calls to Russian diplomats and military in the US media to switch to the side of the so-called democracy. Effectively, my comrades are being pushed into betrayal, which any country views as a despicable action,” the envoy said.

US authorities completely ceased in-person contacts with employees of Russian Embassy in Washington, he noted. Russian Embassy in Washington continues normal diplomatic operation.

He said, “Agents from US security services are hanging around outside the Russian embassy, handing out CIA and FBI phone numbers, which can be called to establish contact”.


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