Putin has put a first stop to the foolish globalist agenda with the Ukrainian move


Putin has put a first stop to the foolish globalist agenda with the Ukrainian move. It’s not only a Moscow-Kiev issue or a Biden-Putin war. It is more than that. It is a stop to Davos agenda that sees Russia as a precious raw material coffer that cannot stay in Russian hands. For two main reasons. First of all because the US dollar is now trash-paper due to the bad influence of derivative finance; financial lords need “things” like minerals, gas and gold, for instance, to avoid the death of their system.

Pierre Chiartano is an eminent war correspondent and the Editor of Risk – Quaderni di Geopolitica. He is Contributing Editor to Blitz and is also a member of the scientific committee of the Master in International Journalism at the Institute of Global Studies in Rome (Italy).

Recently Pierre Chiartano accorded an exclusive interview to internationally acclaimed multi-award-winning anti-militancy journalist and Editor of Blitz, Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury discussing untold facts about the Ukraine war, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and his neo-Nazi cohorts. Here are the excerpts:

Shoaib: Russia, at the directives of President Vladimir Putin, is currently continuing a special operation in Ukraine, which the Kremlin claims is an effort to de-Nazifying the country. Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden and his European allies are claiming Moscow’s actions in Ukraine as “war crimes”. Do you think President Vladimir Putin’s special operation in Ukraine was necessary?

Chiartano: We have to consider a wide perspective. Putin has put a first stop to the foolish globalist agenda with the Ukrainian move. It’s not only a Moscow-Kiev issue or a Biden-Putin war. It is more than that. It is a stop to Davos agenda that sees Russia as a precious raw material coffer that cannot stay in Russian hands. For two main reasons. First of all because the US dollar is now trash-paper due to the bad influence of derivative finance; financial lords need “things” like minerals, gas and gold, for instance, to avoid the death of their system. Secondly, both the US and the UK are sea-powers – they need to have global control, especially in Europe. They have to avoid that Russia could link to Europe through Germany. A Euroasiatic continent is not affordable for US and UK interests. Washington would like to set back the situation as it was in the Eltsin’s age, when US corporations were raiding Russian assets. A complex plan that nerds many accomplishes. Actually, the financial lords have enrolled the global left especially in Europe, while in the US the wind has already changed and even a part of the Dems are concerned about Biden’s policy. However, these European servants of financial wizards count only no more than 20 percent of voters. The trade with them is the promise of “ruling forever” thanks to electoral fraud or canceling the right to vote.

Shoaib: The US authorities and their allies are portraying Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky as a “hero” and rejecting the existence of Nazis in Ukraine. We are aware of Azov Battalion and other neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine, which are currently fighting alongside Ukrainian army against Russian forces. In your opinion, why the United States and several Western nations are making frantic bids of hiding the fact about existence of neo-Nazis in Ukraine?

Chiartano: The history of World War II helps us understand the US policy. Western Ukraine has always been anti-communist and anti-Russian; furthermore, the main religion was Uniate, a merger between Orthodox and Catholic faith. When the Third Reich invaded the Soviet Union and defeated the Red Army, Western Ukrainians welcomed Germans as liberators and many joined SS units like the Galatia division. At the end of war the OSS (Office of Strategic Service), the then CIA, helped Ukrainian anti-communists – even war criminals – to escape through “ratlines” in the US. The US intelligence kept strong bonds with former members of Ukrainian SS units and Abwehr to build a spy-net inside the Soviet country. That was a lasting relation. After the 2014 coup d’état in Kiev, Ukrainian army soldiers didn’t like to implement ethnic cleansing in Donbass. Often, they smuggled weapons to Russian speaking people. So Zelensky, or better his US advisors, decided to involve and strengthen Nazi militia as Azov, Adar or Pryvat Sektor, that played a key role even during the Odessa slaughter and Kiev riots to topple the former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich. Nazis are helping Biden do the dirty job in Ukraine. Zelensky is just a puppet linked to another “oligarch” and media tycoon. Igor Kolomoisky has his own militia and met Biden (at that time serving as Obama’s Vice President) in Odessa along with Nazi leaders and criminal bosses just the day before the Chamber of Labour arson. Zelensky is depicted as a “hero” thanks to Western propaganda in the media. It is a spin doctor’s job. David Brock or Tim Dixon are masters in these kinds of “psy-ops”. The Ukrainian job is a piece of Davos agenda that needs to destabilize Moscow and to weaken the EU. Of course, all the accomplices involved in such an evil project need to hide the actual situation from their respective public opinions.

Shoaib: Washington and several capitals in the West have already imposed sanctions on Russia and a large number of Russian individuals. In response to such sanctions, Russian company Gazprom has stopped supplying gas to those countries. Do you think Western sanctions can weaken Russia, and what would be the consequence of suspension of supplying Russian gas to the Western countries?

Chiartano: I guess, in the short term, those sanctions are basically failing. We don’t know the outcome in the future – economic restrictions could hurt badly. For now, they have been hurting the EU! There are nine European energy companies that joined Gazprom Bank to pay gas with a swap between euros and rubles. The ruble has gained back what it had lost at the beginning of this special military operation. A few EU governments have been spreading the news about alternative gas contracts, without telling the truth. It will take years to replace the Russian supply chain, and the price European actors have to pay is indeed high. Liquefied gas is expensive and suffers 30 percent of leaks during its several industrial and delivering processes. The only easy chance is the shrinking supply-demand factor, but it could spread discontent and revolt among people and drive a political cost that European governments may not be able to afford. I guess that the EU will use Covid-19 restrictions, like lockdowns, to control people’s rage over the economic crackdown next Fall and justify further shrinking.

Shoaib: How will you assess Vladimir Zelensky? What type of person is he?

Chiartano: Zelensky was close to Igor Kolomoisky, an industrial and media magnate worth an estimated US$1.1 billion, who used his broadcasting empire to drive Zelensky’s former career as a TV comic and paved his way to become an artificial politician. The oligarchy has its own private militia that along with Pryvat Sektor members played a role in the Odessa massacre in 2014. Zelensky is a classic intelligence product for political outreach. He has no room for political attitude or maneuverability. He got a “screenplay” that needs to be followed strictly. His behavior just pretended to negotiate, in reality he prevented any real attempt to build a truce because of Biden’s will to bog down Putin in a “bleeding operation” in Ukraine and drive a regime change in Moscow. As simply as that.

Shoaib: Some Western analysts are saying Vladimir Putin will lose the ongoing Ukraine war, which would result in his ouster. What is your opinion?

Chiartano: It Is not easy to answer, there are too many unknowns. Putin has to resist till the next US midterm election, when Dems will likely lose Congress majority that could mark the beginning of the end of the Globalists power over the US and Western world. There is, in fact, much evidence of a globalist twilight. All the people of goodwill have to hope that the Russian attempt to stop the project of international financial usury succeeds and could cancel this dystopia that started, in recent time, with the Covid-19 scam. On the other hand, the Russian army has suffered many losses so far, more than expected, that could crack the home front. But even a re-launch of war, to scare Europeans, could be a Kremlin’s choice. NATO enlargement gave Moscow few alternatives.

Shoaib: During the ongoing Ukraine, the majority of the global media are enthusiastically extending support to Zelensky and Ukraine, while there is practically no international media that supports Russia. At the same time, Russian news outlets such as RT, Ria Novosti, TASS etcetera are already blocked by a large number of nations and major search engines. Accounts of Russian news outlets are suspended from social media platforms, such as Twitter. Considering this, do you think Moscow is in a bid for disadvantage in its soft war or media and social media war against Ukraine?

Chiartano: Yes, Russia lacks Western media support, but has some Western public opinion support that the media don’t like to show. It is an issue about a loss of freedom of information in the West. Among other people’s rights shrinking, even due to the Covid-19 crisis, we suffer from a huge propaganda delivered by 90 percent of media and web sources. It is a big problem even in the US, so big that Elon Musk’s acquisition over Twitter is trying to rebalance a cornerstone of the sick US democracy: the right to freedom of speech. The pressure exerted by “Big Money” (Black Rock, Vanguard, State Street, among others) over their media assets is destroying even a formal democracy. It Is not a problem only for Putin, it is a great issue for the future of our world. At the same time a new balance of power is shaping. China, India, many African and South American countries and even Japan are impatient with globalist domination. Putin has a chance to show Russia as the champion of a global revolt against Davos’ agenda, basically an anti-human project. He could open Russia to all independent media that are fighting against this heinous plan all around the world. And start a backlash.

Shoaib: In your opinion, how long will the current Ukraine war continue?

Chiartano: I have some information from Ukraine that stresses the weariness of the people for the conflict. A growing number of Ukrainians do not understand Zelensky, unyielding to any negotiated solution. It could bring to a truce if the US and EU weapons supply will not change battlefield momentum. Biden wants a winning goal before midterm. Globalists will use any kind of dirty tricks against Russia and any kind of people rights restrictions to support allied governments, for instance new lockdowns.

Shoaib: We have very recently seen the abrupt withdrawal of the United States and its allies from the Afghan front thus leaving Afghans at the mercy of Taliban jihadists. Do you think, in Ukraine, it may be repeated?

Chiartano: The Central Asia issue, as in Afghanistan or in the Middle East, is a different file. The Biden’s administration wanted to spread instability in the region with that “abrupt withdrawal” notably in Iran and Pakistan to avoid the rise of any local main actor. It was the US foreign policy handbook in the last decades. Of course the “Afghanistan escape” could be not intended as a huge failure, or intended but with some major failures during implementation. Anyway, it was a big loss of trust and credibility for the US, as well as for Washington’s allied countries. It could be hard to deal with the continuing inconsistencies of US policy in Ukraine. We can summarize Biden’s attitude in one sentence: “We will fight till the last Ukrainians and the last Europeans”.

Shoaib: As we know, in November this year, Americans will vote for Congress and Senate in the midterm elections, where Democrats may lose the majority, which may even result in impeachment of President Joe Biden. If such speculations turn true, what will be Washington’s policy in Ukraine?

Chiartano: Even Democrat strategists now admit midterms elections will be disastrous. The question is how big will the storm be and how long will financial lords rely on them to implement their obscure projects. That could bring to a lasting stop to regroup and then move again, but it is hard to forecast. That gives Putin a timetable to do his move and to decide his minimum goals. There are too many variables and we can just speculate. Does the war in Ukraine create a rally-round-the-flag effect for the president’s party like John F. Kennedy got after the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis? It seems not the case. Even a Republican Congress will probably still support weapons supply to Ukraine, but the key-point will be the relation with EU partners. Inside EU governments discontent is rising. Many, inside parliamentary majorities, like in Italy or France are fed up to be the sacrificial lamb for Biden’s “strategy”. That could really bring the Ukrainian file to a change.


  1. The interview seems to be a very accurate picture of the whole situation. Unfortunately, the European leaders follow suit as their backup Biden. And the masses are mesmerized by the agitprop delivered daily by the corrupt mainstream media. This includes the total negligence of the fact that the EU and NATO since the collapse of communist Russia continuously have encircled Russia to a degree of intolerable conditions for the Russian Federal Republic.


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