Muslims push-forward Islamist conquest in the West


Despite the fact of the size of Muslim population in Germany being one-eighth of the total 83.24 [as per statistics of 2020] populace of the country, Germans already are feeling threatened as Muslims are pushing-forward their wild ambition of Islamist conquest, thus expanding the flag of Islam in the country.

According to a representative survey, it is estimated that in 2019, there were 5.3-5.6 million Muslims with a migrant background in Germany (around 6.4-6.7 percent of the total population, in addition to an unknown number of Muslim without a migrant background or legal status. A similar survey in 2016 estimated a number of 4.4-4.7 million Muslims with a migrant background (5.4-5.7 percent of the total population) at that time. Meaning, every year, the size of Muslim population in Germany is growing by over one million. An older survey in 2009 estimated a total number of up to 4,3 Muslims in Germany at that time. There also are higher estimated: according to German Islam Conference, Muslims represented 7 percent of the population in Germany in 2012. In a 2014 academic publication it was estimated that some 100,000 Germans converted to Islam, numbers which are comparable to that in France and in the United Kingdom.

Currently Islam is the largest minority religion in Germany, with the Protestant and Roman Catholic confessions being the majority religions. Most Muslims in Germany have roots in Turkey, followed by Arab nations, former Yugoslavia (mostly of Kosovo, Albania or Bosnian origin), Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran. There also are significant minorities that originated from Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asian nations. The large majority of Muslim live in former West Germany, including West Berlin.

From the mid-2000s to 2016 there has been a surge in migrants to Germany from outside Europe. Of the 680,000 regular migrants, 270,000 were Muslim. Additionally, of the 1,210,000 asylum seekers, 900,000 were Muslim (around 74 percent). Of the asylum seekers, 580,000 applicants were approved and 320,000 were denied or expected to be denied. According to the Pew Research Center, similar patterns of Muslim migration to Germany should be expected in the future and the Muslim population share is expected to grow.

Rise and spread of Islam in France

Islam has already emerged into the second most widely professed religion in France (behind Christianity). France has the largest number of Muslims in the Western world, primarily due to migrants from Maghreb, West African and Middle Eastern nations. These numbers also correspond to the CIA estimates for the number of Muslims in France. French polling company IFOP estimated in 2018 that French Muslims number between 3 and 4 million, and claimed that Muslims make up 5.6 percent of French people older than 15 and 10 percent of those younger than 25.

The majority of Muslims in France belong to the Sunni denomination and are of foreign origins. The French overseas region of Mayotte has a majority Muslim population.

According to a survey in which 536 people of Muslim origin participated, 39 percent of Muslims in France surveyed by the polling group IFOP said they observed Islam’s five prayers daily in 2008, a steady rise from 31 percent in 1994, according to the study published in the Catholic daily La Croix.

Mosque attendance for Friday prayers has risen to 23 percent in 2008, up from 16 percent in 1994, while Ramadan observance has reached 70 percent in 2008 compared to 60 percent in 1994. Drinking alcohol, which Islam forbids, has also declined to 34 percent from 39 percent. According to another statistics, during the past decade, the number of radical Muslims in France stands at over 63 percent of the total Muslim populace.

Muslim population growing in the United Kingdom

According to statistics, Islam is now the second largest religion in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland with results from the United Kingdom 2011 Census giving the UK Muslim population in 2011 as 2,516,000 or 4.4 percent of the total population, while more recent Office of National Statistics sources have it in 2018 as 3,372,966 in Great Britain alone. The vast majority of Muslims in the United Kingdom, over 4.3 percent live in England while 1.45 percent live in Scotland and Wales. London has already emerged into the city of massive Muslim population, with number of mosques and Islamic centers increasing geometrically. Most disturbing fact in, in London, for example, Muslims have already started imposing sharia law, while Muslim females are forced to put on Islamist attire – burqa and hijab. Even minor girls in London have to cover themselves beneath burqa and hijab.

In Germany, France, the United Kingdom and other European countries, Islam is spreading like bonfire mostly because of massive activities of Tablighi Jamaat, as well as anti-Semitic groups and organizations which are funded by a number of Arab nations, particularly Qatar.

Muslim charities, which are run with donation from Afro-Arab sources also have succeeded in penetrating into politics and media in those Western countries, spending millions of dollars they received from the wealthy Arab nations from Zakat fund.

Islamist charity fund or Zakat, a multi-billion-dollar tool

Islamic charity fund known as zakat is being used in buying voice of secularist and non-Muslim media outlets in the world. Zakat, or charity, is one of the five pillars of Islam. The amount is calculated as 2.5 percent of a family’s annual savings and the donation can be made in cash or kind any time of the year, but most contributions are made during the Ramadan— a period of fasting and prayers — because, according to Islam, it is believed that the “rewards of good deeds” in this month are many folds more than the rest of the year.

Although in 2016, All-India Council of Muslim Economic Upliftment calculated the amount of Zakat collected in India alone stood at US$ 0.5 billion per year – the total amount now has crossed the figure of US$ 1 billion.

Amongst the Gulf countries, Saudi Arabia alone collects more than US$ 35 billion from zakat every year. Saudi Arabia is the only country in the Gulf to both impose a zakat payment, income tax and corporation tax, which it assesses and collects under its Department of Zakat and Income Tax. The kingdom levies zakat on Saudi, GCC nationals and businesses.

In the United Arab Emirates, the amount of zakat collected from the millionaires stood at least US$ 8 billion. On the other hand, Qatar, another oil-rich nation in the Gulf though has not institutionalized zakat payment but it does have a Zakat Fund which is voluntary and as in the UAE, can be paid online. According to statistics, the annual amount of zakat collected in Qatar is also above US$ 5 billion.

According to an assessment, the global collection of zakat per year would be more than US$ 600 billion.

Although zakat fund is supposed to be used for helping the poor and upliftment of their lives, Muslim nations in the Gulf are using such fund in patronizing media houses around the world, especially in the non-Muslim nations. This is being done with the goal of keeping those zakat-receiving media houses silent on various issues such as rise of radical Islam and jihadism. In a Hindu-majority country like India, major segment of the newspapers and television channels are direct or indirect recipients of Zakat fund every year, which compels them in remaining tight-lipped on voicing against the rise of radical Islam, jihadism as well as Muslim atrocities on Hindus, Buddhists, Ahmadiyya, Sikhs, Bahais etc.

In 2017, Indian authorities banned an Islamist broadcast company named Peace TV, which was run with zakat money by a notorious Islamist preacher named Zakir Naik. There are dozens of channels like Peace TV in the Middle East as well as different parts of the world, which are propagating radical Islam, antisemitism and even jihad thus posing a grave threat to the global security.

In the recent past, Turkey’s Islamist dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan also has taken special initiatives in increasing the collection of zakat fund with the ulterior goal of spending it towards his ambition of emerging as the “neo-Sultan” of the Muslim world.

Wave of radical Islam and Caliphate madness in the West

A disturbing wave of Islamization has been continuing in the western nations, including Britain, Canada, Australia and the US. Afro-Arab sources are providing hundreds of millions of dollars to Muslim groups in the west in buying churches and converting those into mosques, while the local authorities and Christian rights groups are maintaining surprising silence. According to information, only in Canada, during the past 20 years, dozens of churches have been converted into mosques, while Canadian Muslims are considering these cases as a “sign of Islamic conquest”.

In Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s notoriety of converting Hagia Sophia church into mosque has already drawn attention of the international community, while such concerns have failed in having any impact on neo-Sultan Erdogan, who still is dreaming of reviving the Ottoman Caliphate and bring the world under its dominance. Hagia Sophia [also known as Hagia Sofia] in Istanbul, Turkey was a church built by the Byzantine empire, which was forcefully turned into a mosque by the Ottomans.

Wembley Central Mosque in Northwest London was a church, which had later been bought by the Muslims and converted into a mosque.

In Canada, a church located at 56 Boustead Ave, Toronto was converted into Jamil Mosque.

Back in 2012, the long-standing Lincoln Road United Church has been sold and the historic building that was erected 100 years ago for Protestant Christians will now serve Windsor’s Muslim community. The church was transformed into a mosque and a madrassa [Koranic school] and named as Masjid Noor Ul Islam Madressa and Cultural Center of Windsor.

The Lincoln Road United Church, constructed in 1915 as a Methodist Church was sold in February 2012 for under US$ 500,000 – significantly less than the United Church’s original asking price of US$ 895,000. Commenting on this sale, Ross Mitton, chair of the finance and property committee of the United Church Essex Presbytery told reporters, “It was very sad when we closed but our resources were dwindling and the congregation was getting older and reducing in size. Unfortunately, there just wasn’t enough of the next generation – and I’m talking about 60 years old – taking the (church director) positions. So, it had to close”.

Prior to buying the church and expanding its area, the Masjid Noor Ul Islam Madressa and Cultural Center of Windsor, which was established in 1983 was a longtime neighbor of the church, and was operating in a cramped house in the 700 block of Lincoln Road for years.

According to statistics, the Muslim population in Windsor and Essex County has been growing fast, similarly to Muslim population in other parts of the country.

The first Windsor mosque opened in a house on Wellington Road in 1960. The mosque at Dominion and Northwood, now the area’s largest, began in 1969 and expanded in 1993.

According to Statistics Canada, in 1991 the Christian population in Windsor was about 167,000, the Muslim population was 3,400, and the number of people who listed no religious affiliation was 15,000. By 2011 (according to the last National Household Survey), Windsor’s Christian population was 144,000, the Muslim population was 14,000, and those who listed no religion was 42,000.

The trend with Christian church closings and turning into mosques is very alarming. In Windsor alone, until 2015, closings include: Assumption, Our Lady of the Rosary, St. Barnabas, St. Rose, St. Anne’s, Christ the King, and others.

According to, about 4,000 churches a year close in the United States, compared to perhaps 1,000 that start up.

Growth of Muslim population in Chatham

Chatham Islamic Centre opened a new building in the former St. James Presbyterian Church in February 2021. According to sources, community leaders had to buy the church and convert into mosque as the size of Muslim community in Chatham is expanding very fast.

Ever since a segment of Muslim population started moving to Chatham from Toronto, the size of the community continued growing from dozens to hundreds and now thousands.

Back in 2019, an old church in Canada’s city of Surrey, in the state of British Columbia, which was established in 1947 was sold and turned into a mosque.

Al Mustafa International University bought the church for 1 million dollars from its board of trustees after they decided to sell the property. They cited a lack of enough churchgoers which had reduced from 200 to hardly dozens. Both Muslims and Indian Sikhs rushed to buy the property and Muslims won the bid.

In 2012, a church in Germany was purchased by Muslims and converted into a mosque. It was purchased by the Islamic Center Al Nour in Hamburg, Germany, and converted into a mosque to accommodate Al Nour’s 2,000 congregants.

According to a 2015 report of the Religious Studies Media and Information Service of Germany, there were roughly four million Muslims in the country, although by some estimates only half were practicing. By now, the size of the Muslim population must have increased significantly. That means, Muslims make up more than 5 percent of the German population.

The number of Christians in Germany has been shrinking since the 1990s, while those professing no religion have grown to over 27 million. On July 17 2015, the assembly of Roman Catholic bishops in Germany announced that almost 218,000 Germans had left their church in 2014 alone, the largest annual loss since at least 1990.

Muslim migrants in the West start showing red-eyes

Muslim migrants in the Western nations consider non-Muslims as “infidels” and “enemies of Allah”. Gradually they are imposing sharia rule in most of the Western countries, including the United Kingdom as part of the dream of bringing those nations under the “flag of Islamic Caliphate”. Meaning, they are advancing with the dangerous agenda of spreading the poisonous seeds of Caliphate and Sharia in the Western nations. As there is no or very little awareness amongst the majority of the populace of these countries, imams in the mosques and Islamic centers are issuing sermons during Friday prayers calling upon the Muslims to wage jihad and cause maximum damage to “infidels”. In Britain, Muslims have been imposing Sharia rule in several parts in London, in particular thus forcing non-Muslim residents of complying with this Islamist practice. There also is a massive rise in Sharia-compliance financial establishments and insurance companies. According to media reports, Sharia finance is gradually becoming a major competitor and challenger to regular banking and insurance sectors.

While radical Islam and jihadism is on rise in the Western countries, recently a controversial fatwa [edict] published on April 12, 2022 by Egypt’s privately-owned Arabic daily newspaper Al-Masry Al-Youm that calls for a ban on serving food before iftar time [sun set] during the Islamic month of Ramadan to “infidels” has sent a shockwaves across the country.

The fatwa was released by preacher Mohamed Saleh El-Munajjid, a Syrian national of Palestinian origin who lives in Saudi Arabia, the hotbed of Wahhabism, an extremist interpretation of Islam.

In Islam, a Muslim is allowed not to fast during Ramadan for several reasons, including if they are travelling long distances, during pregnancy, breastfeeding, chronic illnesses, menstruation and postpartum hemorrhage.

El-Munajid’s fatwa set off an uproar in Egypt where about 10% of its population follows Christianity, and many believe that the extremist preacher was referring to them as “infidel”.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Council for Media Regulation summoned Al-Masry Al-Youm’s legal advisor for questioning over the published fatwa. The council, an independent entity known for being loyal to the current regime, is tasked with monitoring local media performance.

Later in the day, the newspaper published an apology and a retraction on its website. In the statement, the Egyptian newspaper said: “Al-Masry Al-Youm institution owes its readers a sincere apology for the….bizarre fatwa run by one of the journalists…[newspapers] in a clear violation [of the paper’s editorial policy] without checking…The fatwa labelled whoever has a different religion as being an ‘infidel’, a description never used or approved by Al-Masry Al-Youm”.

The public outrage over the published fatwa comes after another controversy during the second week of April 2022 in which a Coptic Christian woman named Selvia Botros posted on her Facebook page about a negative experience she had with her children at a famous local Koshary restaurant in Cairo.

Botos wrote that the waiter reprimanded her after her child ate a small amount of food before iftar time, under the pretext that these were “the rules of the place”, even though they told him that they were not fasting.

“Is fasting an obligation even to us as Christians?”, she wrote.

Although fasting is not an obligation to any non-Muslims, radical Muslims around the world, including the Muslim migrants in the Western nations are already feeling enthusiastic in becoming louder with the demand of banning serving of food in any restaurant or food court during the daytime of Ramadan.

Disturbing news from the United Kingdom

In December last year, a knife-wielding Muslim youth attacked Jewish man, screaming in Arabic and saying “I want to kill my first Jew”.

The incident took place on 2nd December at around 19:20, when the victim was returning from work. He exited West Hampstead Underground Station and walked to the nearby Marks and Spencer supermarket located in West Hampstead Square.

He saw the alleged attacker desecrating a 4-metre high public Chanukiah that was erected on West Hampstead Square to celebrate the Jewish festival of Chanukah, pulling the object down before proceeding to stamp on in and shout antisemitic abuse.

With no prior interaction, the attacker approached the victim and aggressively said: “You look Jewish” and that he was “looking for a Jew to kill” after singling out the victim among other pedestrians, despite there being no visible indication of his Jewish background.

He allegedly asked threateningly: “Are you Jewish?” The victim, understandably wishing to avoid a confrontation, said “No,” to which the man replied: “Good, I want to find a Jew to kill”.

The victim entered a nearby Marks and Spencer supermarket and the man remained outside. The victim was worried for the safety of other Jews and their families in the neighborhood where the man was loitering, which has a sizeable Jewish population. The victim approached a supermarket employee, who said that the man had been in the store earlier.

The victim decided to call the police, explaining the situation to them over the course of about eight minutes.

Officers told the victim that they did not consider the case urgent enough for a priority response and would come within an hour, despite the attacker threatening to kill Jews.

After a short period of time, the victim spotted the man again, outside the shop, pulling down the public Chanukiah which someone had put back up in the intervening time. The victim also said that the man was shouting aggressively at a young woman, aged 18-25 who fled the square. He then returned to pulling the Chanukiah to the ground.

Fearing for the young woman, the victim and the supermarket employee confronted the man from a ten-meter distance. The attacker allegedly shouted at him in response: “I knew you were Jewish, you lied to me” and began walking towards his victim while shouting: “You are Jewish. I am going to kill you”. He said something in Arabic before allegedly declaring: “I want to kill my first Jew”.

The victim ran back into Marks and Spencer and turned to see if the man had followed him, which he had, having put on a facemask in the meantime.

As the assailant walked into the shop, he shouted at the victim again: “You are Jewish”.

The man reached the victim, allegedly squaring up to him aggressively with barely a meter between them. Within seconds, the man allegedly pushed the victim as hard as he could with both hands on the victim’s chest, forcing the victim to take a step backwards, all the while repeating: “You are Jewish. I am going to kill you”.

The attacker then allegedly punched the victim violently with force towards the head around five times, the victim had to guard himself from the attacks using his forearms and elbows.

After the first attack, the victim again told the man to back away and pushed the attacker away. The attacker allegedly replied: “I am not leaving until you are dead”. Taking steps backwards with his coat and heavy bag restricting his movement, the victim found himself cornered at the edge of an aisle with nowhere else to move backwards to.

He turned his head around to see what was blocking him, at which point the attacker took advantage of the victim’s shift in concentration and allegedly threw a strong punch which connected with the victim’s head. The victim tried to move his head backwards in an attempt to limit the impact. Had he not done this, the victim believes that his injuries would have been even more severe and he would have been knocked unconscious onto the floor of the supermarket.

Again, the victim told the man to “back away” to which the attacker repeated “I am not going away until you are dead”.

By this point, the victim began to fear for his life. He had no inclination to fight the man and wanted to defuse the situation. He managed to extricate himself and head towards the self-service checkout machines, with the man following him and allegedly shouting more antisemitic abuse and death threats. He was also heard shouting in Arabic.

The victim dropped his bag and jacket to make it easier to run from the man, but the man kept walking faster and faster, eventually reaching for his right jacket pocket.

He grabbed what was apparently a knife and allegedly said “I will kill you now, you Jew”. The victim ran to the back of the shop before the man had the chance to reveal the weapon fully. He turned to see that the man remained by the checkout machines, still staring at the victim and allegedly performing a slit-throat gesture.

The man then allegedly picked up the victim’s jacket and bag and walked calmly out of the shop. The victim remained where he was, terrified for his life. He did not see the man thereafter. A staff member then approached the victim to tell him that the man had left. The victim called the police for a second time, as did the shop employee, and spoke to operators for an extended period. Another staff member then brought over the victim’s bag, which had been discarded, and he later found his jacket in the shop. None of the contents of the bag or jacket had been taken.

Do the Jews, Christians and “non-Muslims” get any message from this disturbing incident? Aren’t you feeling worried? If not, then ten years from now, Muslims in England will start chasing Jews, Christians and “non-Muslims” everywhere with knives or guns screaming – “I want to kill you”.

Ten years from now, there will be an open jihad proclaimed by Muslims with the notorious agenda of driving-away Jews, Christians and “non-Muslims” from England. To assess the density of dangers posed by radical Islam, anyone may start keeping eyes on the activities within Muslim mosques and community centers. You will discover hundreds of Muslim men and women wearing attire similar to those of Al Qaeda and Islamic State, inhaling the hate-speech from their imams. Muslim immigrants in Britain are seeds of jihad and religious hatred. Unless Britons realize this forthwith, this ticking jihad bomb shall ultimately destroy the whole of England – one day – very soon.

And the wave of Islamization is on an alarming level!

Yes! According to media reports, thousands of Germans are forced to flee the country and take refuge in Paraguay to escape extreme hostilities from Muslim migrants in that country.

Germans are being driven-out from their own country by Muslim migrants.

This is just the tip of an iceberg. Similar things will soon happen in all other countries in Europe, including the United Kingdom as well as Canada, Australia, the United States. Particularly situation will be even worse in the UK as by now Muslim migrants in that country have started enforcing Sharia regulations in many parts of England, while London is becoming the “capital of Islamist Caliphate” with thousands of Muslim migrants openly using Taliban, Al Qaeda or Islamic State like attire such as hijab, burqa, and men’s alkhalla. In every mosque in Britain, Muslims are being heavily indoctrinated with anti-Semitism, jihad and religious hatred. Immigrant Muslim men and women consider “non-Muslim” Britons as “enemies of Allah” and are feeling proud of been successful in openly enforcing Islamist attire such as hijab, burqa and alkhalla and also enforce shariah regulations within their society. Muslim migrants in Britain even have started silently opposing to Christmas, English new year, Halloween and even birthday and wedding celebrations. They also are desperately spreading the culture of Love Jihad thus targeting “non-Muslim” females, especially Jews and Christians and compelling them towards religious conversation through emotional and romantic blackmailing.

Commenting on Germans fleeing their own country, columnist Robert Spencer said: “What recourse do these people have? If they raised any objections to mass Muslim migration at home, they were vilified as Nazis. Even as many Muslim migrants committed random jihad attacks, rape and other crimes, as we have often chronicled here, anyone who raised the slightest negative word was dismissed as “racist.” The political and media establishment refused even to admit the possibility that someone might object to mass Muslim migration on any grounds other than racism”.

BBC investigation has discovered that thousands of German nationals have migrated to Paraguay in the last 12 months – because they are uncomfortable with Muslim immigrants at home.

It may be mentioned here that an average of two women or girls is being gang-raped in Germany per day, with foreigners making up half of all perpetrators, according to data from the nation’s equivalent to the FBI.

Figures released by the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) in Germany showed that in 2020, there were 704 instances of gang rape throughout the country. This is compared to 710 in 2019 and 649 in 2018.

The horrific statistics were revealed by the German daily tabloid Bild-Zeitungwho reported that half of all suspects in the gang-rape cases were not German citizens and that often the perpetrators came from Islamic countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.

Afghani migrants were said to be particularly overrepresented in the gang-rape statistics. While migrants from Afghanistan only make up around 0.3 per cent of the population, they accounted for six per cent of all suspects in 2018. Most of the rapes occurred while the migrants were applying for asylum in the country.

According to Breitbart, Paraguay is seeing a surge in German migrants, fleeing Islamic migrants in their own country and onerous coronavirus restrictions.

“We have a problem in Germany with Muslims”, said one of the exiles, adding: “Islam and vaccinations are big, big problems in this world”.

The German, named as Michael Schwartz and said to have arrived in Paraguay in November 2021, said he also expressed concerns about Islamic migration to Germany.

“I think we should have more regulated migration [to Germany]”, said another German female who fled to Paraguay, suggesting that Berlin should cap the number of migrants allowed into the country and plan accordingly.

“We need to have a say in this!” she continued, perhaps alluding to the fact that notionally conservative former chancellor Angela Merkel, who opened the proverbial floodgates in 2015, did not campaign on a platform of mass migration — indeed, she declared that multiculturalism had “utterly failed” in 2010.

“Paraguay, in our experience, is a very Christian country, and we come from a Christian culture”, added her husband.

“We’ve got to know a great many people here and we’re on the same wavelength. In Germany it can’t happen like this, because in general the Muslims act so provocatively”, he said.

A woman given the pseudonym “Hana” who helps Germans settle in Paraguay was also hesitant to express herself openly, speaking to the BBC only on the condition that they did not show her face or use her real name.

She claimed that the emigrants “want to protect their children”, saying that, in Germany, girls now “get raped, openly harassed in public spaces, because they are not wearing the [Islamic] veil”.

“A German woman is worth nothing to them [Muslim migrants]”, she alleged.

London mosque hosts Islamist and pro-jihadist man

A British MP has demanded to know “how on earth” an Egyptian-born “hate preacher who has previously given sermons about killing Jews” was allowed to enter the UK.

Dr Omar Abdul Kafi had in March 2022 given a lecture at the Finsbury Park mosque in north London as part of a UK wide tour that also saw him give talks in Leeds and Liverpool.

Speaking in the House of Commons, the Tory MP Robert Langan said: “Omar Abdul Kafi has previously given sermons about killing Jews and advanced antisemitic conspiracy theories, and he is known to have directly inspired the Stockholm suicide bomber, Taimour Abdulwahab”.

Reports have previously revealed how Kafi had delivered a sermon that was recorded and posted on YouTube – in which he quoted: “The day of judgment will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews, when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Muslim, O Servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him”.

In 2015 he also told supporters that Muslims were not involved in the 9/11 and Charlie Hebdo terror attacks – calling both massacres “comedy films”.

‘This play to which Muslims are subjected to ad nauseum across the world is the sequel to the comedy film of 9/11’, he said in a video translated from Arabic by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

“The first part took place in New York and the sequel is taking place in Paris”.

His Facebook posts have also been translated by the American Centre for Democracy which show his call to get ‘revenge’ on Jewish people, the publication reported.

‘O Allah, the Jews have gone astray and therefore show us the wonders of your might and ability inflicted upon them,’ he posted on July 21, 2017.

Speaking in the Commons on Thursday, the Tory MP Robert Langan said:”Recently the Egyptian-born hate preacher Omar Abdul Kafi went on a UK tour, giving lectures at Finsbury Park mosque in London and a number of venues in Leeds, Liverpool and Mayfair.

“Abdul Kafi has previously given sermons about killing Jews and advanced antisemitic conspiracy theories, and he is known to have directly inspired the Stockholm suicide bomber, Taimour Abdulwahab.

“Given these facts, can we have a debate on how on earth such an individual was allowed to enter the country and how that is compatible with the Government’s wider Prevent strategy?”

Responding for the government, Mark Spencer, Leader of the House of Commons said: “Antisemitism has absolutely no place in our society. We expect anyone involved in spreading hate to face the full extent of the law, which is why the UK has robust hate crime tools to support the investigation and prosecution of those who incite racial and religious hatred.

“I am aware that the individual has made shocking remarks in the past, and I will raise concerns with the home secretary”.

In a statement, Finsbury Park Mosque said Abdul Kafi had given a talk “on the topic of preparing for Ramadan and how to make the most of this blessed month”.

They added this was a “spiritual talk” that was “not political in nature”.

The mosque said he had received clearance to enter the UK for the Home Office, and that Finsbury Park Mosque had not sponsored his visa to gain entry into the country.

How to stop the spread of radical Islam in the West?

First thing policymakers in the Western nations need to do is impose total ban on activities of Tablighi Jamaat, Hizbut Tahrir and other Islamist groups,

Secondly, there should be surveillance in each of the mosques and Muslim community centers especially during the Friday prayers,

Third, authorities should ban Muslims from occupying roads and public places for their daily or Friday prayers,

Fourth, sale and distribution of burqas in particular should be banned,

Fifth, authorities should monitor Islamist books sold and distributed in the Western nations,

Sixth, to stop the growing trend of ‘Love Jihad’ there should be ban on religious conversions while any Western male of female marries a Muslim,

Seventh, there should be stern punitive measures for Muslim declaring any of the areas in the Western nations as ‘Sharia Zone’,

Eighth, Muslim cable operators in the Western cities should be forbidden from distributing Islamist TV channels or run Islamist and jihadist videos amongst their subscribers,

Ninth, authorities in the Western nation should not step into the Islamist trap of “Islamophobe”. Instead, they need to extend fullest support and patronization to scholars and publications which are dedicatedly exposing the nasty faces of radical Islam, religious hatred and jihad.


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